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Make your Meetings Work


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Everyone of us yearn for Productive Meetings. But most of the times it remains a dream. Here are some ways to get closer!

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Make your Meetings Work

  1. 1. Make Your Meetings Work We all yearn for it… Ashwin Uncopyrighted. Creative Commons 4.0
  2. 2. What’s on today... Some Numbers... The Very Basics : For Attendees The Very Basics : For Organizers Meeting Improvement Ideas Experiment New Meeting Styles
  3. 3. Let’s start with some Numbers…
  4. 4. Mind-boggling stats about Unproductive Meetings Credit:
  5. 5. > 67% are considered failures by executives! Unproductive Meeting Failure Rate
  6. 6. Causes of Unproductive Meetings Credit:
  7. 7. The Very Basics For Attendees
  8. 8. For Attendees - 3 Golden Rules Rule #1 Respect the Speaker Bonus Rule: Arrive on Time Image credit:
  9. 9. For Attendees - 3 Golden Rules Rule #2 Active Listening Image credit:
  10. 10. For Attendees - 3 Golden Rules Rule #3 Speak only when you can improve on the Silence Image credit:
  11. 11. The Very Basics For Organizers
  12. 12. For Organizers - 4 Golden Rules (an extra one…) Rule #1 Prepare for your meeting Make an Agenda
  13. 13. For Organizers - 4 Golden Rules Rule #2 Include only Right Participants
  14. 14. For Organizers - 4 Golden Rules Rule #3 Time it Right
  15. 15. For Organizers - 4 Golden Rules Rule #4 Follow up with Minutes and Action Items
  16. 16. Meeting Improvement Ideas
  17. 17. Keep in mind… Start and End on Time Introduce Participants Prevent Distractions One Voice at any time Avoid monologues, engage the participants Stay Focused
  18. 18. New Meeting Ideas
  19. 19. #1 Open House What For busy individuals to given them the flexibility for idea generation and get together later to discuss them When to Use Idea generation Anonymous feedback generation Personal ideas/preference could get in the way of the team Steps Space where everyone can list down ideas : Sticky notes, whiteboard etc. Setup time windows when the ideas can be posted, participants are free to update at any time during this window Anonymous contributions are allowed Meet with everyone after idea collection to discuss and refine
  20. 20. #2 Stand it Up What Get into a room, stand up, come right to the point and go away with action items When to Use Daily Scrum Updates Any meeting when the time is limited and productivity is required Steps Lose the chairs (at least not sit on them) Use the Whiteboard as needed No laptops allowed Organizer take the responsibility to follow up with action items
  21. 21. #3 Two n’ Out What Speed meeting where everyone gets about 2 minutes to speak followed by a 5 minute wrap up When to Use Need to complete the meeting in short time Updates of any kind Steps 2 minutes per participant to share updates, status or any other relevant information Go round the table, giving everyone a chance to speak Cut-off disturbances right away Either do these back to back or interject a 1- minute Q&A session between Assign a note taker for action items, follow up if necessary
  22. 22. So to summarize… Unproductive meetings waste everybody’s time Respect each other - Come on time, listen actively and offer active participation Severely limit the number of participants to bare minimum If possible, send a representative on team’s behalf Ask yourself these questions before organizing… Is the meeting really needed? Who are definitely required for the meeting? How can I make the meeting short and productive?
  23. 23. Thank you! Speak your mind…