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Published on is a tool to register , monitor and archive your personal spendings.
It also has an social angle where you may choose to see/share what your friends have spent on.
Highly recommended to the youth of today for better money management.

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  1. 1. IBURU – PRESENTATION 1 An overview of – YOUR PERSONAL EXPENSE TRACKING,MONITORING TOOL Sign up Now on NOW ! Appreciate ,criticize ,suggest , feedback , anything – [email_address] ,91 9769688838 - founder
  2. 2. 1 2 3 4 In this Presentation we will see 4 basic and most important features of 1192.00 Rs
  3. 3. Signup Process –
  4. 4. Add Expenses EXAMPLE – Spend amount – 46 Category – Food Note – Lunch with Nancy 1 <ul><li>Enter the expense amount and select category of expense from the drop down </li></ul><ul><li>You may add a Note on specifics of spending (OPTIONAL) </li></ul>Enter your expenses DAILY. Make it a hygiene factor ! Will take you 2 minutes OR Make post dated entries once/twice a week by clicking on the days of the week (see: Top Right of the screen shot)
  5. 5. View Reports : Weekly Reports WEEKLY REPORTS Week Highlights Day wise spending pattern Category wise Spending pattern 2
  6. 6. View Reports : Monthly Reports MONTHLY REPORTS Month Highlights Category wise spending pattern Week wise Spending pattern 2
  7. 7. Calendar Display 2 Complete summary of the month in one View Click on any date for a detail expenses
  8. 8. Sharing Feature 1192.00 Rs 124.00 Rs 412.00 Rs Ruchi Mishra Social Networking – See how much and what did your friends spent today. To add friends by email address Invite users from your GMAIL/YAHOO contacts b a c 4
  9. 9. . “ You can’t improve something you cannot measure/monitor To improve your financial situation , first monitor it – use ” STAY TUNED FOR IBURU PRESENTATION 2 Sign up Now on NOW ! Appreciate ,criticize ,suggest , feedback , anything – [email_address] ,91 9769688838 - founder