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Power of Positive Thinking by Dr. Ashutosh Karnatak


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Power of Positive Thinking by Dr. Ashutosh Karnatak

  1. 1. Power of Positive Thinking ++ Ashutosh Karnatak Plus Approach Foundation
  2. 2. Plus ApproachFoundation (Spandan)Aims To disseminate Positive and helping attitude among masses as it is the panacea for all the problem . If our thinking is OK , world will be OK A small effort website and book on this subject and distribute the card .
  3. 3. Quote “Life is a contract awarded by GOD to you . Now it is upto you , how you perform and gain out of it .” - Ashutosh Karnatak
  4. 4. My Belief  Khud Hee Ho Kar Buland Itna , Ki Kuda Bande Se Puche Bata Teri Raja Kya Hai .  You are unique , nobody can take your place .  If you want , you can do it and you will get .All the forces conspires to get it .  Instead of controlling others , control your attitude through Positive Measures.
  5. 5. Dream of a Person  Person after attaining adulthood aspires for admission in a good and reputed professional college .  After graduation , he wants a suitable job , drawing a handsome salary with all the parks.  Wants to marry a young and beautiful girl still in her teens .  Must be a caring wife and daughter-in-law and a culinary expert.  Wants to be a father of a son and a daughter.  Wants to be a proud owner of a bungalow and a chauffeur driven luxury car .  But that is not all .  Wants recognition and fame and a fairly good amount of bank balance of a million rupees.  Life spanning upto 75 years , with grandchildren growing and shaping into promising teenagers  With all-round prosperity & happiness is all that he desires and dreams.  It can be achieved by Positive Mental Attitude .
  6. 6. What is Positive (+)Attitude Mental attitude is a mental state and approach of an individual , which is reflected by him in day to day activities , works etc etc .It may be Positive or Negative .
  7. 7. How to identify Plus(+) Attitude person :  Ever smiling  Unruffled with problems  Having helping attitude  Optimistic  Solution seeker  Sees brighter part of the thing  Sees half filled glass
  8. 8. Why it is required  To cope with stress in day to day life  Strength to face challenges in life  Fosters happiness in life  You become more optimistic  Improvement in health  Improvement in mental state
  9. 9. Plus Attitude andActive Life  Our active life is of around 30 years which is equivalent to 262800 hr.  If we work in a day for 12 hr. , then working life shall be 131400 hr.  In case of negative attitude 50% time , the plus active life is reduced to 65700 hr. equivalent to 5475 days or 15 years .  So effectively 30 years are reduced to 15 years  If we try to improve our mental plus attitude to 75% , the span of active life can be increased to 23 years .
  10. 10. Winner Have positive attitude What was that difference: that is Fighting spirit - A spirit to win. The winner has got signal from his mind to go ahead. This signal is on account of plus (+) /positive attitude. Edmond Hillary, Dancer Sudhachandran, Dhiru Bhai Ambani achievers have this. You can also have the same and can achieve whatever you desire, but requirement is + attitude.
  11. 11. Formula to convert “Nosuccess” to “Success”/Winner Success = f ((Objective x Strategy x Action) x (Desire)2) Desire = f ( Positive Attitude )
  12. 12. Advantage of PositiveThinking  Increase in optimism & Happiness  Internal bliss is experienced  Start seeing half glass of water “Half Filled “ instead of “Half Unfilled”  Increase in resilience  Increase in enthusiasm and energy level  Enhancement in leadership skill
  13. 13. … .contd.  Enhancement in determination to succeed.  Improvement in health ,decrease in stress thus less BP and Heart Attack  Increase in popularity and you become different than others .  Tendency to appreciate others increases thus less jealous feeling .
  14. 14. Positive Imaging  Imagine you have succeeded ( Dhiru Bhai Ambani case )  You act accordingly  Fear of failure will not come in mind  You are unique Mind has important role to play .
  15. 15. Mind and itsIntricacies  1 ) Active or conscious  2 ) Passive or subconscious.  Active part plays role in day to day actions , while subconscious mind is helpful in shaping our thinking pattern .  All information are stored in sub conscious mind as a heap paper are kept one over other without any order .  Requirement is to structure these information in right manner so as to utilize the power of mind in optimized manner .. 
  16. 16. Role of sub consciousmind  Forgetting name of persons  Forgetting name in examinations  Dreams  Fear  Negative attitude Requirement is sharpen the capability of sub-conscious mind
  17. 17. Sub-Conscious Mind Subconscious part is like hard disk of the computer , which is to be formatted for use Files to be stored properly and unusable file to be deleted , which will enhance your memory and will relieving load to the hard disk . It will Will lead to clarity of mind , which is essentially required for developing plus attitude .
  18. 18. Contd..  Thus attack is to be made on the negative thoughts and control of active/ conscious mind in your hand and sharpen the capabilities of subconscious mind
  19. 19. What to do Formula-1:  Condition your subconscious mind to not go to negative side  Take control of your mind and virtually stop it going towards negative side .  As soon as the active mind plunges into darkness , the backup supply from subconscious starts to keep conscious mind lightened .  You have powers which you have never dreamt of . Don’t think you cant do it .  Think you can and say “ I can do it” It can be done by formula –2 .
  20. 20. Contd … Formula-2: In case you feel that you are depressed and may go into negative cycle , send a suggestion from subconscious mind to conscious mind come up from the situation and turn back to positive area. Self-suggestion or autosuggestion . By practicing this technique one can direct his subconscious mind for any particular action. While, engaged in some activity , if a negative signal disturbs you in the work , it can be corrected by sending a feedback from conscious mind to subconscious mind . In case subconscious mind acts positively , results are in you favor otherwise contrary results shall be obtain
  21. 21. Contd.. Formula - 3 :  To maintain subconscious mind in a positive state, feed plus thoughts like we recite or chant MANTRAS .  Thoughts are require to be repeated as much as you can.  Better schedule it for morning and evening . Formula – 4 :  Essential to Calibrate the mind , may be on half yearly basis .  Calibration can be done with reference to the ideal mind of a successful person .
  22. 22. Some PositiveThoughtsSome of the plus thoughts are as under: I will think positive only , not negative , because I have the power to do whatever I want to do . If somebody has hurt me, it may be due to his mental state at that moment . I must forgive him i.e. attitude to forgive should also be developed. I can not change individual’s attitude . It is his personality . Let me control my attitude and myself . mIt is difficult to control others actions , however I can control my It emotions and actions as I and only I is the controller of my emotions , thoughts and actions .
  23. 23. Astrological Aspects  Persons having Strong Jupiter  Gemini , Virgo ,Sagittarius ,Pisces  Birth Number 2,3,5,7  Persons writing big letters or large loops .
  24. 24. Plus Meditation  It can be done with “Pranayam”  Now close your eyes  Loose your body  Start relaxing mind  Slowly and slowly whole body and mind getting relaxed  Think – you are changing  Think – getting revitalized ,recharged and renewed
  25. 25. Life Mantra  No Pains ,no Happiness. Happiness can be enjoyed only when you have passed through pains ,otherwise everything is same . Copyright@2001: Ashutosh Karnatak
  26. 26. Take Away I shall think Positive from this time . If anybody wants to be Positive Thinker , spread the concept of positive thinking or wants Therapy from Positive Thinking he may contact me . Visit Website