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Arvind kejriwal

  1. 1. Arvind Kejriwal (AK) Management analysis of leadership Dr Ashutosh Karnatak Dt. 01.02.14
  2. 2. Management Analysis SWOTAM Analysis Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat Aspiration Motivation
  3. 3. Strength Individual Behavior  Originality.  Honesty  Commitment  Self- belief  Determination
  4. 4. Contd..    Not deterred by the opponent Simplicity like Gandhi Sacrificing Educational & Professional Background   IIT Graduate Civil Servant
  5. 5. Group Behavior  Communications  Inclusive  Energy Democracy and Passion  Cohesive force
  6. 6. Weakness  Limited ideology  Wild promises  Morality vs Rigidity  No experience of politics  Lack of competencies of elected leaders
  7. 7. Opportunity  Alternative Politics than substitute A paradigm shift in politics – Corruption and governance, emerging as the central issue in the elections  Politics beyond beyond caste, creed and color and which is beyond secular
  8. 8. Threat  Fracture in the party after the euphoria fades away  Infection of corruption in his party leaders  Not everyone can be an AK  Questions by other parties on non fulfillment of promises  More Expectation , Less Execution
  9. 9. Aspiration  Develop leadership with a difference  Establishing leadership - AK wants to establish himself as Massiha In India who led the Movement “Corruption Hatao “ instead of Garibi Hatao
  10. 10. Motivation  To clean the system  Getting  the support of the people Internal satisfaction  Developing “Servitude” a new leadership of
  11. 11. What makes him different Differentiation Factors :  Party with difference in culture  Another difference is engaging with people “Aam Aadmi “ in real sense than superficial  Name of party “Aam Admi” – Direct connecting with people  Educated leadership  Source of energy and passion - They have both these attributes which other parties are trying to get.  The purpose is supreme - Their purpose is supreme in the eyes of the public who are frustrated with the corruption and neglectful approach by the respective government. AK caught it as an opportunity and took it forward and got the result .
  12. 12. Risk Analysis     Lack of experience in governance Real motive of the people joining AAP. Scaling up – AK needs to identify his A team who will help in scaling up the operations in the coming general elections. People Psyche - Everyone expects performance of the government from the very first day. Although for him, purpose has precedence over priority, but he has to make it understand to the public that when systems are in place the performance will automatically follow.
  13. 13. Risk Factors ….  Cohesive Force: The cohesive factor in the party is the purpose i.e. removal of corruption. It will work as an adhesive. But if leaders forget this purpose, the party will tumble down there is no leader to bind it.  Higher moral values – On one side it is the strength of the party but on the other side it is the most risky aspect for the party because people who are joining the party would also have to maintain those values which is a tough task in the present value system  Health and time management of the leader - AK has to keep him hale and hearty as he is the main gluing factor in the party. Further he needs to optimally utilize his time for multi-tasking his roles as party main leader, CM Delhi and Strategist for upcoming general elections
  14. 14. Conclusion  Purpose of the party is very novel, will get popularity.  Has to take care that in the process man should not overpower the Purpose.  Sustainable efforts are required to take the purpose further.  Cohesive factors in the party needs to be intact.  Being a new party scene, it needs to exert itself much more than other established parties “Think Positive & Help Others”
  15. 15.     Needs to consolidate the gains made so far by further strengthening the systems and procedures and plugging the loopholes in the administrative set-up. Speed of change should not affect the quality of change otherwise the effects will be like some bubble, getting bigger and bigger until it collapses out of its own weight and size. AK should always remember the school lesson i.e. slow and steady always win the race and now a days consistency is also required in performance. Attitude, Behavior, Competency and Discipline (ABCD) in the party needs attention .
  16. 16.     Should draw an action plan for next two years. Should not do haste in action. Delegation to be done to a competent person . Report card of the Delhi Government should be published monthly basis to start with and if required third part audit may be done . Take care of his health as people don’t like unhealthy leader.    With this, AK who was a proper noun earlier has become adjective Now he needs to have focus on objective, sound strategy, robust internal process with adequate action plan by a competent team aligned with the objective will lead him success and imbalance in any one of these components will be abortive.