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Indian festival


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by ashuman chaudhary
dav barmana

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Indian festival

  1. 1. Indian festivals
  2. 2. The Indian festivals India has a wide range of religions which promotes to different festivals. India has the oldest and the richest culture in the world. India land of varied culture & traditions, thus is also called land of festivals.
  3. 3. The Indian festivals are: Diwali (main festival and The festival of lights ) Holi ( Festival of colors) Christmas (Festival of the birth of Jesus Christ) Dusshera (Festival of good over evil) Id ( Festival of Muslims)
  4. 4. Diwal i
  5. 5. • 1.Festival of lights. • 2.It has the most thrilling celebration in the world. • 3.It was the day when lord ram, after 14 years of exile, came home back to Ayodhya. • 4.It is also called the festival of good over evil, light over darkness as well as truth over falsehood. • 5. On this day, people worship the goddess lakshmi (goddess of wealth and prosperity). • 6. People clean and decorate their homes with flowers and lights in the form of deepaks. • 7. It is generally celebrated in the month of October or November.
  6. 6. Holi
  7. 7. 1.Holi festival is the festival of colors. 2.It resembles the starting of the spring season and the end of winters 3.On this day holika was tried to burn but was protected by a fire proof dupatta and thus it is celebrated in her resemblance . 4.On this day people enjoy themselves by applying gulaal on each other and light a fire at night and celebrate. 5. It is generally celebrated in the month of march.
  8. 8. Christ mas
  9. 9. 1. It is celebrated as for the day of the birth of Jesus Christ. 2. On this day, trees are decorated, and milk and cookies are kept for Santa. 3. It is believed that at 12 in midnight Santa comes and leave gifts below the decorated tree. 4.It indicates the starting of winter 5. It is generally celebrated in the month December.
  10. 10. Dusshe ra
  11. 11. 1) Dusshera is celebrated as the day of Rama's victory over king Ravana, the 10headed demon king of Lanka who had abducted Rama’s wife, Sita. 2) It is enacted for 10 days to mark the 10-day battle fought between Rama and Ravana. 3) Dusshera marks the beginning of the pleasant winter season after the searing heat of summer. 4) This is also the day to worship the weapons. 5) Every part of the country has its own specific way of celebrating the victory of good over evil.
  12. 12. ID
  13. 13.  Ei d A A l dha or Ei d ul Zuha or B i I d i s akr one of t he m ost i m t ant f est i val s por i n t he M i m cal endar . usl C ebr at ed f r om t he 10t h t o t he 12t h day el i n t he m h of D ont hul H j j ah, t hi s f est i val i i s si gni f i cant w t h t he sacr i f i ce of t he i goat or bakr i n U du. r For t he m l l i ons at H i n Saudi A abi a, i t i aj r i s an auspi ci ous day. O t hi s f est i val chi l dr en ar e gi ven i di or n gi f t s and m oney. B ng on l unar dat e, Ei d depends on t he ei si ght i ng of t he m oon. Peopl e gr eet each ot her by sayi ng ”I d M ubar ak”
  14. 14. Thank You Made By: ASHUMAN