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Flagship models television_2012


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Flagship models television_2012

  1. 1. Flagship Television Models (2012)Badyal 1
  2. 2. Agenda Overview of Consumer Electronics Industry•Target Market size of Flagship TV Models 2012 turbopropsnext aircrafts in Customers •Positioning  Samsung- Features, Strengths and Weaknesses 5 years of Passengers and Bombardier  LG- Features, Strengths and Weaknesses Q400 Fleet data analysis NextGen  Sony- Features, Strengths ProjectWeaknesses and ions for year •Summary  Comparison Chart 2017 Consumer Insights Drivers for Recommendations growth Summary 2
  3. 3. Overview of Consumer ElectronicsIndustry 3
  4. 4. Overview of Consumer Electronics Industry( Audio Video Equipments /Game Consoles) Industry Size( Billion $) Segment Share(2010) 300 253.7 257.4 250.2 250 239.4 8.70% 219.2 200.4 200 Audio Visual Equipment 150 Game Consoles 100 50 91.30% 0 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010• The compounded annual Growth rate of Market (2005- 2010) is 6.1%•Audio Video Equipments accounted for 91.3% of Market Value in 2010•Global Market consists of North & South America; Eastern and Western Europe; Asia Pacific 4*Source: Data Monitor
  5. 5. Market Segmentation and Market Share Revenues(Billion $) Market Share(2010) 140 Samsung, 1 LG, 14.80% 120 7.20% 100 Samsung 80 LG 60 Others, 48. Panasonic 60% TCL Electronics 40 Sony 20 Others Panasonic, TCL 0 6.90% Sony, 5.90 Electronics, Asia Pacific Europe Americas % 6.60%•America Accounts for 47.7% of total Market Value in 2010 followed by Europe &Asia Pacific•Market Share Q3 (2010) 5* Source: Data Monitor
  6. 6. Major Trends Shaping the Television Industry• TV embraces the Internet and prospers• Rise of 3D technology• LCD and Flat- Panel Screens Dominate• TV is going Social• Advertising is more targetedBest of TV technology is yet to come*Source : Deloitte Survey; TV Guide 6
  7. 7. Flagship Television ModelsSamsung, LG and Sony ( 2012) 7
  8. 8. Samsung- Smart TV ES 8000Smart Content, Smart Interaction & Smart Evolution- A brand new era of FamilyEntertainment. 8*Source: Samsung Website
  9. 9. Key Features- Smart TV ES 8000 • Full HD Audio/Video • Micro Dimming Ultimate • Clear Motion rate • Smart Hub Smart TV • Smart Content & Samsung Apps • Web Browser • Face Recognition Smart Interaction • Voice and Motion Control • Active integration with digital devices • Smart Connectivity Performance • Dual Core Processor • Energy Efficient Class APrice:- 12999/- AED; Launch Date:- April 2012 9*Source: Samsung Website
  10. 10. Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths • Smart Evolution • Integrated Social Media Experience • Pioneer in Clear Motion Rate (800 Hz) • Smart Interaction • Embedded Signature Content • Fast Processing Capabilities Weaknesses • Heavier • Lack of full array local dimming • Lack of local languages in Voice recognition feature • ExpensiveOverall, Samsung is a pioneer in the Smart TV Category 10
  11. 11. LG- OLED SMART TV 55EM9600Recreate Reality with perfection using OLED Display Technology 11*Source: LG Website
  12. 12. Key Features - OLED SMART TV 55EM9600 • Full HD Audio/Video • Four Color OLED Technology • Home Dashboard Smart TV • Web Browser • LG Applications • Voice and Motion Control Smart Interaction • Limited integration with digital devices • Smart Connectivity Performance • Dual Core Processor • Smart Energy Saving PlusPrice:- Not available; Launch Date:- Second Half 2012 12*Source: LG Website
  13. 13. Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths • Sleek & Bezel Less Design • High Contrast Ratio • Minimal Space Requirements • Full Array Local Dimming • Light weight & battery free 3D Glasses Weaknesses • Two piece design • Limited Smart Interaction • Passive 3D Technology • Limited Social Media Support • Lack of Smart ContentLG Smart TV can act as a benchmark on design for future Smart TVs 13
  14. 14. Sony Bravia HX Series - KDL55HX850As real as life itself 14*Source: Sony Website
  15. 15. Key Features - KDL55HX850 Internet TV • Full HD Audio/Video • X- Reality™ Pro Engine • Motion flow™ XR 960 Technology • Sony Entertainment Network Smart TV • Web Browser • Sony Applications Smart Interaction • Limited integration with digital devices • Smart Connectivity Performance • Dual Core Processor • Eco Drive TechnologyPrice/- 9999 AED and Launch Date:- March 2012 15*Source: Sony Website; Sony Showroom Dubai Mall
  16. 16. Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths • Excellent Picture Quality • Corning’s exclusive gorilla glass • Google TV is ready • Full Array local dimming light Weaknesses • No Webcam and Microphone • Lower Refresh rate • Angular View • Limited Social Media Support • No Smart Interaction • 3D Glasses needs to be rechargedSony Internet TV lacks features and enhancements to compete with Samsung and LGFlagship Products 16
  17. 17. Snapshot- Feature ComparisonFeature Samsung LG Sony Active Shutter Active Shutter1. 3D Technology Glasses(Full HD 3D) Passive Type( Full HD) Glasses(Full HD 3D)2. Apps Support Available Available Available HTML+ Flash+ Multiple3. Full Web Browser Tab Support HTML+ Flash HTML4. Smart Interaction Fully Capable Limited Not Available5. 2D to 3D Convertor Available Available Available6. Social Media Active Limited Limited7. DNLA(All Share) Active Limited Limited8. Embedded Content Available Not Available Not Available9. Upgradable Available Not Available Not AvailableSamsung Flagship Model defines the interaction with TV in a completely different way 17*Source: Sony Website; LG Website; Samsung Website; CNET
  18. 18. Relative Performance Evaluation Audio/Video Smart TV Performance Functionality Samsung LG Sony Design Smart InteractionRadar Chart for comparing performance of various features of Flagship Products 18*Source: Sony Website; LG Website; Samsung Website; CNET
  19. 19. Consumer Insights- Samsung Smart TV 19
  20. 20. Consumer Insights Q:- Which feature in Smart TV do you Consumer Profile:- like the most? Housewife; Age:- 40-45; “ I really like Smart Content feature Nationality:- Lebanese especially “Your Fitness Trainer”. It’ll help me to keep myself fit.” Q:- Which feature would you like to see in Consumer Profile:- your Samsung Smart TV? Professional; Age:- 30-35; Ans:- It is a brilliant Smart TV but I would Nationality:- Indian like to see Artificial Intelligence Applications such as Siri in my Future TVVisited Samsung Promotional Event at Dubai Mall- 20th April, 2012 20
  21. 21. Consumer Insights Q:- Would you like to purchase Samsung Consumer Profile:- Smart TV? Businessman; Age:- 30-35; “ It is a brilliant technology and I would Nationality:- Arab love to have one. I really like Face Recognition and “ Hi TV” features. I am thinking of replacing my LG 3D TV with Samsung Smart TV” Consumer Profile:- Q:- Did you like Samsung Smart TV? Professional; Age:- 50 “Absolutely. I am impressed with Smart Nationality:- Canadian TV features and the way Smart TV has been displayed and explained by the staff in the event”Visited Samsung Promotional Event at Dubai Mall- 20th April, 2012 21
  22. 22. Recommendations- Samsung Smart TV 22
  23. 23. Recommendations- Short term Sleeker Design and Lighter Equipment Adoption of Full Array Local Dimming Technology Lighter 3D Glasses( Titanium ) for Comfortable Viewing OLED Technology for better image quality, video quality and contrast ratio Proliferation in the Signature Services- Visual Thesaurus, Cooking kits etc.Scope of Short term recommendations- Subsequent Models in the same series. 23
  24. 24. Recommendations- Long term Artificial Intelligence Augmented Reality Adoption of Crystal LEDScope of Long term Recommendations:- Future Series 24
  25. 25. Summary Consumer Electronics Market is forecasted to have a value of $289.5 Billion in 2014 Samsung is a leader in the Smart TV Category Convergence of Technologies Smart TV can redefine the Television CategoryConsumer Electronics Market includes only Audio/Video Equipments & Game ConsolesSegment in America, Asia, Europe Market 25*Source: Data Monitor
  26. 26. Thank You! 26