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Iif Projects

  1. 1. List of Projects & Working Papers completed at IIF S. No Title 1 A Study On Financial Management Of Public Enterprise India 2 Analysis Of Thomas Cook India Ltd. 3 Euro Issues By Indian Companies Second Stage Of Globalization Success And Failures 4 Funds And Returns 5 Indian Banking Industry 6 Performance Evaluation Of SBI As Per Risk Management Aspects 7 " Mgt Control System" 8 " Control System Of Good Lass Nerolac Paints Ltd." 9 " Dena Bank" 10 " Financial Accounting System & Its Analysis In ONGC " 11 " Financial Analysis (IOCL) 12 " Financial Analysis" 13 " Fundamentals Of Natural Gas" 14 " Mutual Fund Analysis" 15 " Projection Of Prices Of Mentha Oil" 16 " Ratio Analysis" 17 " Risk Mgt Of Mutual Funds" 18 "A Feel Of The Market" About Business Multiplier And Special Savings Account 19 "Asea Brown Boveri" 20 "Best Investment Midcap Funds" Performance Evaluation 21 "ERP & MIS Revisited": A Managerial Prospective 22 "Export Finance" And Determination Of Best Bank 23 "Fianacial Analysis Of Virgo Softech Ltd. 24 "Foreign Exchange Market - An Analysis Of Movement Of USD Against Other Majors And INR" 25 "Funds And Returns" 26 "Insight On Home Loans" 27 "Management Of NPAS In Indian Commercial Banks - With Special Reference To Federal Bank Ltd 28 "Mgt Of Forex Risk" 29 "Mutual Fund Analysis" 30 "Mutual Funds: Risk And Return" 31 "Performance Analysis Of Schemes Of HDFC Mutual Funds" 32 "Pipes Future Ahead" Project Undertaken In Saw Pipes 33 "Receivable Mgt" 34 "Sales Promotion " Proposal( A Trade Mark Of Federal Mogul) 35 "Sap R/3 Financials" A Strategic Solution 36 "Smithkline Beachem" 37 "Working Capital Mgt" 38 (ICICI Bank) Investment Objectives Of High Net Worth Investors & MFS 39 {Project Report On Ratio Analysis Of Sunder Finance 40 100% Export Oriented Potato Flakes Project A Case Study Of Selected Banks In Public & Private Sector Operating In India With Special 41 Reference Of Services 42 A Case Study On Jindals Working Capital Management At Hirakund works 43 A Comparative Analysis Of Commercial Bank With Special Reference To IDBI Bank Ltd. 44 A Comparative Analysis Of Life Insurers &ULIPS In India 45 A Comparative Analysis Of Major Players In Commercial Market At Tata Finance Ltd. 46 A Comparative Of Mutual Fund And Its Equity Linked Saving Scheme A Comparative Study Of Financial Performance Of Selected Indian And Foreign Mutual Funds In 47 India 48 A Comparative Study Of NBFC's & RNBFC's With Special Focus On Peerless General 49 A Comparative Study On Stock Market And Mutual Fund Industry 50 A Comparison Between Mutual Funds & Other Investment Options 51 A Comprehensive Comparative Financial Analysis Of MCL For The Fy 2003-04& 2004-05& MCL Inter 52 Area Comparative Financial Analysis For The Fy 2003-04& 2004-05
  2. 2. 53 A Comprehensive Study Done On The Various Financial Services Provided By Religare Securities A Comprehensive Study Of Operating & Capital Budget & Budgeting, Controlling And Managing 54 Working Capital At Durgapur Steel Plant 55 A Comprehensive Study On Financial Control: Practice 56 A Comprehensive Study On Stock Market And Mutual Fund Industry 57 A Cooperative Analysis Of Major Housing Finance Corporations At Jaipur A Critical Analysis Of Sugar Industry And Performance Analysis Of DSM Vis-a-Vis Bajaj Hindustan 58 Gajalli Sugar 59 A Critical Study And Building Of A Model Portfolio For The Equity Fund Of LIC 60 A Detailed Study Of HSBC Mid-Cap Equity Scheme A Detailed Study Of Indian Carpet Industry With Export Financing &Determination (A Case Study Of 61 M/S Moard Oriental Ruges (P) Ltd.) 62 A Detailed Study Of Merger &Acquisition Aspects 63 A Dissatisfaction Survey Amongst HDFC's Customer A Feasibility Study Of Setting Up A Foundry Unit To Manufacture Iron Castings For Automobile 64 Applications In Pune Region 65 A Feasibility Study For Setting Up A Thermocol Unit In Goa 66 A Fundamental Analysis On Oil Sector With Special Reference On HPCL, BPCL & IOCL 67 A General Study On NPA In India With Special Reference To IDBI Bank Ltd. 68 A General Study On The NPAS With Special Reference To The South India Bank Ltd. 69 A Literature Review On Efficiency Of Indian Capital Market 70 A Paper On Argentina Crisis 71 A Project Accounts & Finance 72 A Project On Accounting & Taxation Of Derivatives In India 73 A Project On Activity Based Costing 74 A Project On Lease And Hire Purchase 75 A Project On The Financial Analysis Of gentury Enka Ltd. 76 A Project On Weather Derivatives 77 A Project Report On Portfolio Evaluation Of Ircon International Ltd. 78 A Project Report On Analysis Of Financial Statements 79 A Project Report On Derivatives "Overview And Strategies" 80 A Project Report On Financial Analysis Of Palar Fans Company Ltd. 81 A Project Report On Financial Performance Of Hindustan Lever Ltd. (1998-2002) 82 A Project Report On Fixed Deposits In DCM Shriram Industries 83 A Project Report On Hudco 84 A Project Report On Insurance Sector (Special Coverage On LIC) 85 A Project Report On Investor Behaviour In Mutual Fund 86 A Project Report On Insurance 87 A Project Report On Mopka Dairy Firm 88 A Project Report On Performance Of Debt Funds Of Franklin Templotens Investment 89 A Project Report On Project Proposalfor Synthetic Sewing Thread Plant Submitted A Project Report On Ratio Analysis & Changes In The Financial Position Of Britannia Industries Ltd. 90 For The Last Five Years 91 A Project Report On Ratio Analysis Of Itc ITC Hotels Ltd. 92 A Project Report On Ratio Analysis Of Larsen And Toubro Ltd. 93 A Project Report On Indian Oil Corporation 94 A Project Report On Valuation Of Financial Firms 95 A Project Report On Wealth Management And Branch Banking ABN 96 Amro 97 A Project Work On Analysis Of Financial Statements Of Berger Paints (India Ltd) 98 A Projected Appraisal: A Detailed Case Study Of Commercial Complex 99 A Report On Critical Appraisal Of Income Fund 100 A Report On Operation In Debt Market By Peerless General Finance And Investment Company Ltd. 101 A Report On Service Quality: Competitive Benchmarking For HDFC Bank 102 A Report On U.P.S.E.B & Anpara Thermal Project
  3. 3. A Research In Development And Proposing Of A Finance And Accounts System In Multi Location 103 Construction Company 104 A Research Study On Kelkar Committee Report 105 A Review Of Basic Schemes Of Tata Mutual Fund & HDFC Mutual Fund 106 A Review Of Financial Management Of Malhotra Group Of Companies, Kuwait 107 A Small Project On The Market Plan Dabur Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 108 A Study Of Business And Financial Impact Of Mergers And Acquisitions 109 A Study Of Commodity Market A Study Of Debt Instrument On NBFC With Special Emphasis On FD With Reference To Market In 110 Patna 111 A Study Of Euro Issues By Indian Corporate 112 A Study Of Financing Of Transmission Project Of Power Grid 113 A Study Of General Insurance Business In India 114 A Study Of Industrial Development Bank Of India With Special Reference To Credit Operations 115 A Study Of Investors Perception &Distributors Evaluation Of Major AMCS 116 A Study Of MCS Of Satyam Computers 117 A Study Of Non-Performing Asset Management With Special Reference To SBI 118 A Study Of NPAS In India &A Particular Case From Syndicate Bank 119 A Study Of Payroll And Its Constituents At Engineers India Ltd. 120 A Study Of Project Appraisal System At Riico 121 A Study Of Textile Industry With Special Focus On Cotton Derivatives 122 A Study On Carpet Industries 123 (Kohinoor Wollen Carpet Industries) 124 A Study On Cellular Market & Investment Scenario 125 A Study On Currency Forecasting 126 A Study On FDI In Smes In India 127 A Study On Foreign Exchange Reserve Management 128 A Study On ICICI Bank Ltd 129 A Study On Indian Exports Scenario 130 A Study On Indian Exports Scenario 131 A Study On Management Of Financial Institutions 132 A Study On Marketing Of Primary Issues 133 A Study On New Issue Management With Emphasis On Pricing Of An Issue 134 A Study On Packaging Strategies Of Fmcg Companies 135 A Study On Project Appraisal Planning And Control Of Dolomite Expansion Project In TRL, Orissa 136 A Study On Strength & Opportunities Of Short Term Cooperative Credit Structure In Orissa 137 A Study On The Financial Position Of BPL For The Year 1998-2002 A Study On The Investment Pattern Of The General Public And Opportunities For Mutual Fund 138 Industry 139 A Study On The Mutual Funds Distribution In Vck & Comparison Of 140 HDFC Mutual Fund Vs Franklin Templet On Mutual Funds 141 A Study On The Performance Of Different Mutual Fund Schemes 142 A Study On The Performance Of Futures And Options Market In The BSE 143 A Study On The Performance Of Mutual Fund In India A Study On Working Capital Finance & Appraisal Of Working Capital Loans Least Cost Of 144 Encashment Of Credits 145 A Study On Working Capital Management 146 A Study On Working Capital Management Of Modi Steel Industries Ltd. 147 Accounting & Taxation Of Derivatives 148 Accounting For Derivatives 149 Accounting For Financial Analysis, Ratio & Funds Flow Analysis Of Benl 150 Accounting Functions At The Oberoi N. Delhi 151 Accounting Of Cost Centres 152 Accounting& Taxation Of Derivatives- Indian Perspective 153 Acquisition Financing 154 Advance Financial Analysis Of Rolta India 155 Advance Financial Analysis: Dabur India Ltd
  4. 4. 156 Agea Brown Boveni Ltd Analysis Of Financial Statements 157 Agriculture Finance In India, WTO Perspective 158 Aharashtra Seamless Ltd 159 Ahmedabad Electricity Company 160 Airline Reservation System 161 All About Gold 162 All Indian Depository Services 163 Allahabad Bank 164 Alternative Methods Of Assessing Working Capital Units 165 An Analysis Of Fringe Benefit Tax 166 An Analysis Of Govt Of India Bond Market 167 An Analysis Of Indian Equity Market With Taking Outlook Of FMCG Sector 168 An Analysis Of Quality Of Assets Of NHB Approved Housing Finance Corporation 169 An Analysis Of Trading Strategies Using Derivatives In Indian Stock Market 170 An Analysis Of Working Capital Management 171 An Analysis On Operational Procedures And Cost Management At Standard Chartered Bank 172 An Analysis: Foreign Exchange Reserve Management In India 173 An Analytical Study Of The Impact Of Dollar Price Movement On Indian Equity Market 174 An Approach To Project Management 175 An Article On Recruitment & Selection Procedure 176 An Empirical Analysis Of Risk Return & Performance Of Various Fund 177 An Ideal Investment Approach For Indian Middle 178 An In-Depth Study Of Car Finance Market 179 An Indepth Study Of Issues & Prospects Of Mutual Fund 180 An Insight Into Indian Auto Mobile Industry 181 An Insight Of Fundamentals & Technical Of PNB In The Light Of Its Forthcoming Public Issue 182 An Insight To Mortgaged Based Securities 183 An Investment Proposal For Bhushan Ltd An Operational Study Of Abn Amro Bank N.V (New Delhi) Branch With Special Reference To Deposit 184 Section 185 An Overview Of The Insurance &Reinsurance Industry In India:Challenges& 186 Prospects&Comparative Analysis Of General Insurance Products Of Icici 187 Lombard With Bajaj Allianz 188 An Project On Capital Markets, Primary Market And Ipo 189 Analysing Financial Aspects Of Gold 190 Analysing Of Working Capital And Its Financing In Ioc 191 Analysing The Price Patterns Of Crude Oil's Soyabean 192 Analysis & Evaluation Of Work's Contract 193 Analysis & Streamlining Work 194 Analysis And Construction Of Equity Diversified Fund 195 Analysis Of Stock Options Of Satyam Computers & Infosys Ltd 196 Analysis Of Zydus Cadila Healthcare Company Ltd. 197 Analysis Of Accounts Payable With Special Reference To Material Procurement 198 Analysis Of Aptech Ltd 199 Analysis Of Arbitrage Opportunity Between NCDEX And NCX In Agri Commodities 200 Analysis Of Bank Of Bahrain And Kuwait Financial Management : Id 201 Analysis Of Banking Reforms After 1947 And A Comparative Analysis Of 202 The Products Of Standard Chartered Bank With Other Foreign Banks 203 Analysis Of Banking Sector With Reference To Bankex 204 Analysis Of Berger Paints Ltd 205 Analysis Of Blue Star Ltd. On The Basis Of Ratio Analysis 206 Analysis Of Capital Structure Of Five Leading Pharmaceutical Companies 207 Analysis Of Change In Financial Positions For Reckitt Benckiser (India) Ltd. 208 Analysis Of Credit Procedure Of UTI Bank Comparing Its Performance 209 Analysis Of Different Products Of Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co. Ltd. 210 Analysis Of Digital India Ltd. 211 Analysis Of Equity IPO With Conslim Approach
  5. 5. 212 Analysis Of Export Procedure Incentive Scheme Under Exim Policy 213 Analysis Of Financial Position Of Bhushan Steel & Strips Ltd. & Jindal Vijaynagar Steel Ltd. 214 Analysis Of Financial Sattements &Management Of Fixed Assets 215 Analysis Of Financial Statement And Valuation Of Company 216 Analysis Of Financial Statement Of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. 217 Analysis Of Financial Statements And Working Capital Finance 218 Analysis Of Financial Statements Of Tata Motors 219 Analysis Of Financial Statements With Projection Performance Of The Company Based On The Study 220 Conducted In BCCL 221 Analysis Of Financial Statements With Projections Regarding Future Etc. 222 Analysis Of Financial Stmt Of Britannia Industries Ltd. 223 Analysis Of Financial Stmt Of SBI 224 Analysis Of Financial Stmt Of Tata Infotech 225 Analysis Of Financial Stmt Of UTI Bank &Centurion Bank 226 Analysis Of Financial Stmt Of Wipro Ltd. 227 Analysis Of Financial Stmt On Mc. Dowell Co. Ltd. 228 Analysis Of Financial Stmt Patni Computers 229 Analysis Of Financial statements Of Tata Motors 230 Analysis Of Foreign Currency Fluctuation 231 Analysis Of Geographic Risk Concentration Among Resolution Vendor Agreement 232 Analysis Of Gold &Silver 233 Analysis Of Gold As An Ideal Investment Avenue In Relation With Banking 234 Analysis Of Growth Of Dow Jones& Sensex 235 Analysis Of Hero Honda Motors Ltd From 2003-05 236 Analysis Of ICICI Bank Ltd. 237 Analysis Of India Agri Commodities And Its Future Trading Prospects 238 Analysis Of Indian Automobile Industry 239 Analysis Of Indian Cement Sector 240 Analysis Of Indian Steel Industry 241 Analysis Of Information Technology Industry 242 Analysis Of Innovative Life Insurance Products Of India Analysis Of Investment Patterns Of Companies In BSE Indo next segment (SMES) Using Financial 243 Statements 244 Analysis Of Jindal Sponge Iron Project In Wide Prospects 245 Analysis Of Larsen & Toubro Ltd. 246 Analysis Of Mahindra And Mahindra Ltd. 247 Analysis Of Marketing Strategies Of Hindustan Lever Ltd. Analysis Of Mc Dowell's Working Capital Position Using Operating Cycle & The Statement Of 248 Financial Ratios 249 Analysis Of MCS Of Sail 250 Analysis Of MCS Of Sail 251 Analysis Of Mutual Fund 252 Analysis Of Mutual Fund As An Investment Option 253 Analysis Of Mutual Funds 254 Analysis Of Mutual Funds NFOS (IPOS) & Their Performance Evaluation 255 Analysis Of Non Performing Assets In The Indian Context & Measures To Overcome Them 256 Analysis Of Non Performing Assets Of Indian Banks With Special Reference To PNB 257 Analysis Of Oriental Bank Of Commerce 258 Analysis Of Performance Of Debt & Gilt Funds With Emphasis On HSBC, Ft,Sundrem & Kotak 259 Analysis Of Real Estate Construction And Retail Sector In India 260 Analysis Of Real Estate Construction & Retail Sectors In India 261 Analysis Of RIL 262 Analysis Of Sarfaesi Act On NPAS Of The Banks/ FIS 263 Analysis Of Specific Stocks In Auto Cement Banking And Steel Sector 264 Analysis Of Specific Stocks In Infrastructure Sector
  6. 6. 265 Analysis Of Steel Industry For SMC Global Securities 266 Analysis Of Stock Market Equities 267 Analysis Of Stock Options Of Satyam Computers & Infosys Ltd. 268 Analysis Of Stock Options Of Satyam Computers & Infosys Technologies 269 Analysis Of Stock Split 270 Analysis Of Structured Finance, Cost Management& Risk Management- 271 Solution Provided To Corporates By ICICI Bank 272 Analysis Of Tata Metaliks Making Growth Sure Secure And Sustainable Analysis Of Textiles Sugar & Fertilizer Industry & Companies Therein, At P.N. Vijay Financial Services 273 (P) Ltd. 274 Analysis Of The Financial Statements Conducted For Escorts Auto Motive Ltd. 275 Analysis Of The Indian Steel Industries At Religare Securities 276 Analysis Of The Mid-Cap Sector 277 Analysis Of The Overall Performance Of The Steel Giant: Sail 278 Analysis Of The Various Balanced And Liquid Funds 279 Analysis Of Under performing Equity Portfolio Of Kotak Mutual Fund 280 Analysis Of Various Investment Avenues 281 Analysis Of Working Capital Management Of Rama Papers Mills Ltd. 282 Analysis Of Working Capital: Gei Godavari Engineering Ltd 283 Analysis On Income Pattern And Saving 284 Analysis On The Performance Of Debt Funds 285 Analysis On Various Parameters Of Stock Holding Corporation Of India Ltd. 286 Analysis Risk And Return In Portfolio Sense 287 Annual Report Analysis Of Tata Iron And Steel Company Ltd. Aplication Of Computers In Mgmt : The Use Of Computers In The Area Of Libraray Mgmt Of Pvt 288 University And Its Allied Computers 289 Apollo Tyres 290 Applicability Of Bankruptcy Prediction Modals Under Indian Conditions- The Case Of Kerele PSE's 291 Application For Loan Of Rs. 1 Crore For The Fine Kays Tyres Ltd. 292 Application Of Computer In Management 293 Application Of Computer In Online Income Tax Return Filing 294 Application Of MIS In Pharmaceutical Sector 295 Appraisal Criteria Adopted By Development Financial Institutions Appraisal Of Long Term Financial Planning And Control Policies Of Grasim Industries Ltd. In The 296 Liberalised Economic Scenario 297 Appraisal Of Term Loan & Working Capital Finance 298 Are You Saving Or Investment 299 Arvind Mills Ltd.: Project Report On Financial Ratio Analysis 300 Aseab Brown Boveni Ltd- Analysis Of Financial Statements 301 Ashok Leyland Ltd. Case Analysis 302 Asian Paints Ltd 303 Aspects In Financial Management Of Smithkline Beecham Pharmaceuticals ( India) Ltd. 304 Assessing The Viability &Risk Analysis Of Xyz Ltd,. 305 Assessment Of Financial Health Of Nafed 306 Assessment Of The Potential Of Trade And Treasury Products Among Smes 307 Assessment Of Working Capital Of Dynamitic 308 Asset Liability Management 309 Asset Liability Management In Banks 310 Associated Cements Company Ltd 311 Atm (Automated Teller Machine) 312 Auto Ancillary And Metal Industry Stocks Performance In Current Scenario 313 Auto Ancillary Industry Analysis & Security Valuation 314 Automation Of Employee Claim 315 Aviation Management System 316 Balaji Telefilms Ltd. 317 Bancassurance
  7. 7. 318 Bank Finance & Risk Rating 319 Bank Restructuring: "Analysis Of Various Banking Issues & Expert Opinions" 320 Banking Operation &Credit Risk Mgt Of SME Banking 321 Banking Operations & Credit Appraisal Of Bhushan Steel 322 Banking Operations & Credit Risk Mgt. Of SME Banking 323 Banking Services And Commodization Of SME Trade Loan 324 Banking System In India- An Overview 325 Banking System Management In National Hydro Coporation Ltd. (NHPC) 326 Basel Ii : Genesis Of New Age Banking 327 Basel Ii Norms With Special Reference To Indian Banking System 328 Basf India Ltd 329 Basic Of Portfolio Management At Anand Rathi Securities 330 Basic Telecom Services In Haryana 331 Basics & Fundamental Operations In Foreign Exchange Banking 332 Basis Of Mutual Funds-A Comparative Analysis 333 Bayer India Ltd 334 Behaviour Of Derivative Market 335 Behavioural Study And Construction Of Investment Portfolio For High Net Worth Individuals 336 Benchmarking Corporate Governance And Financial Aspect For The Fmcg Players 337 Berger Paint India Ltd. :Financial Analysis 338 Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd 339 Bharat Petroleum Corporation 340 Bharat Petroleum Ltd 341 Biocon Ltd. 342 Bombay Dyeing & Manufacturing Co. Ltd 343 Bombay Dyeing & Manufacturing Company Ltd. 344 Bond Valuation- A Detailed Analysis At Punjab& Sind Bank 345 Bonds: Detailed Study In Reference To National Hydroelectric Power Corporation 346 BPL: Financial Management & Profit Ratios 347 Break Even Analysis Of Hr Coil 348 Budget & Budgetary Control 349 Budget & Budgetary Control 350 Budgetary Control 351 Budgetary Framework And Process In DNGC 352 Budgeting And Budgeting Control System 353 Budgeting And Budgeting Control System In National National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd. Budgeting And Budgetory Control System With Reference To Heavy Engineering Corporation Ltd. 354 Ranchi 355 Budgetory And Budgetory Control 356 Budgetory Control 357 Bureau De Change(Foreign Exchange) In ICICI Ltd 358 Business Communication 359 Business Financing 360 Business Management & MIS In Paging Industry 361 Business Plan Aditi Technology, Bangalore 362 Business Plan Of Aditi Technologies, Bangalore 363 Business Process Reengineering 364 Business Strategies Of Standard Chartered Bank 365 Buying Behaviour Of Financial Products Among Individuals 366 Cable And Conductors 367 Cadbury's India Ltd. 368 Cadila Pharma 369 Can NTPC Become A Global Leader In Power Sector 370 Can SBI An International Bank- A Case Study 371 Capital Account Convertibility 372 Capital Budgeting 373 Capital Budgeting Bhillai Steel Plant
  8. 8. 374 Capital Budgeting& Investments In Bhilai Steel Plant 375 Capital Market Development And Control 376 Capital Market Reforms -Designing & Implementation Of Promotional Strategy 377 Capital Structure & Financing Of Bokaro Steel Ltd 378 Capital Structure & Value Of Firm For A Developer's Company 379 Capital Structure And Cost Of Capital And Valuation 380 Capitalisation In Hindalco Muri Plant, Ranchi 381 Car Finance Schemes 382 Case Analysis : Shift Mgmt System & Employees Mgt System 383 Case Analysis: Managerial Application Of Computer 384 Cash Credit Management& Financial Analysis Of Sail 385 Cash Flow & Fund Flow Of Power Grid Corporation Of India Ltd 386 Cash Flow Management 387 Cash Forecasting Of Geo Science Division ONGCL, Calcutta 388 Cash Management & Asset Liability Management At Standard Chartered Bank 389 Cash Management In Ballygemge Br Of Uco Bank And Its Impact On Profit 390 Cash Management Of Goetze ( India) Limited 391 Cash Management System 392 Cash Management& Short Term Financing 393 Cash Mgt. & Short Term Financing Through Letter Of Credit 394 Castrol India Ltd 395 Ceat Ltd. 396 Cement Industry 397 Cement Industry Analysis & Equity Valuation Of Associated Company (Acc) 398 Central Government And Securities 399 Changing Face Of Indian Insurance Industry 400 Changing Faces Of Insurance Sector In 21st Centuary 401 Changing Faces Of Marketing In Marketing Management 402 Channelising Of SBI Mf Throush Branches Of SBI 403 Project Report On Cipla 404 Coal Import Transaction 405 Coasting Of Different Models In Order To Achieve Cost Efficiecy 406 Colgate Palmolive Ltd 407 Colwell & Salmon Communication India Ltd. Analysis Of Mgt Control System 408 Commercial Borrowings And Working Capital Management 409 Commercial Operations 410 Commercial Operations In Nokia Siemens Networks 411 Commercial Paper In Working Capital 412 Commercial Vehicles Funding To The Custom House Agents 413 Commodities(Gold) 414 Commodity Market Analysis Of Gold And Silver 415 Commodity Market And Feasibility Study For Il& Fs Investment 416 Commodity Sport Index 417 Communicating Across Cultures 418 Communication Skills 419 Company Accounts & Financial Analysis 420 Company Analysis On Ansal Buildwell Ltd. 421 Company Life Cycle Based On Cash Flow Analysis 422 Comparative Analysis Of Tariff Structure Of Various Depository Participants 423 Comparative Analysis Cumi Vs Gml And Reduction Of Funds In Transitat Cumi 424 Comparative Analysis Of All The Banks In Retail Banking Feature 425 Comparative Analysis Of Brokerage Firm And Sensitivity Analysis Of 426 BSE And NSE 427 Comparative Analysis Of Depository Services And Tariff Structure Of J&K Depository 428 Comparative Analysis Of Different Diversified Equity Funds 429 Comparative Analysis Of Different Diversified Equity Schemes With Tata Mutual Fund Equity Scheme
  9. 9. 430 Comparative Analysis Of Different Sectoral Funds 431 Comparative Analysis Of Diversified Equity Funds 432 Comparative Analysis Of Equities On The Basis Of Fundamental And Technical Analysis 433 Comparative Analysis Of Equity Mutual Fund 434 Comparative Analysis Of Expense Ratio Of Select Mutual Funds 435 Comparative Analysis Of FDI Inflows To India Comparative Analysis Of Financial Statement Of Nestle India Ltd With Hll, Gsk Healthcare & Colgate 436 Palmolive From The Share Holders Perspective 437 Comparative Analysis Of Financial Stmt Of Bhel & Tata Power 438 Comparative Analysis Of Frnklin Templeton Vis-a-Vis Other Top Performance Mutual Funds 439 Comparative Analysis Of Information Technology Industry 440 Comparative Analysis Of Major Builders And Housing Finance Companies 441 Comparative Analysis Of Mutual Fund As An Investment Option 442 Comparative Analysis Of Mutual Fund Scheme 443 Comparative Analysis Of Mutual Funds As An Investment Option 444 Comparative Analysis Of Performance Of Diversified Equity Funds Comparative Analysis Of Products Os Standard Chartered Bank & ICICI Bank On The Basis Of 445 Features Advantages & Benefits 446 Comparative Analysis Of Sectoral Mutual Funds 447 Comparative Analysis Of Shopping Malls In Hudco 448 Comparative Analysis Of Stock Exchanges Returns Developed And Developing Countries 449 Comparative Analysis Of Textile Automobile And Steel Industry 450 Comparative Analysis Of The Companies Of The Housing Finance Sector In Lucknow Region 451 Comparative Analysis Of Top Five Equity Mutual Fund Scheme 452 Comparative Analysis Of Various Products And Services Issued By Uti Banks And Other Pvt Banks 453 Comparative Analysis On Services Provided By Abhipra Capital Ltd. 454 Comparative Fianacial Study Of Cipla & Drl 455 Comparative Financial Analysis Of Hll's P&G 456 Comparative Financial Analysis On Surface Transport In India 457 Comparative Financial Highlights Of Selected Bank 458 Comparative Performance Analysis Of Dividend Yield Funding Vysya Mutual Fund With Other Comparative Performance Analysis Of Intra Kotak Mutual Fund Schemes&Kotak Mutual Fund 459 Schemes 460 Comparative Performance Analysis Of Mutual Fund Scheme With Franklin Templeton Schemes 461 Comparative Ratio Analysis Of ITC Ltd, VST Industries Ltd. 462 Comparative Study Of Different Companies 463 Comparative Study Of Infosys Ltd. & Wipro Ltd 464 Comparative Study Of Performance Of Selected Indian Mutual Fund (Equities) In India Comparative Study Of Services Offered By Different Dp's & Tariif Structure Of Clearing Members In 465 /Derivatives Segment 466 Comparative Study Of Tariff's Of Dp'scsgl And D Mat Account For Debt Instruments 467 Comparative Study Of Various Banking Products 468 Comparative Study On Working Capital Management Between Tisco & Sail 469 Comparative Techno-Economic Evaluation Of Coal And Gas Based Power Plants 470 Comparing Rating Policies & Process Of Credit Rating Agencies In India 471 Comparison And Analysis Of Financial Statement Of Morgan 472 Comparison Of American & Indian Insurance Sector 473 Comparison Of Different Types Of Schemes In Mutual Funds 474 Comparison Of Insurance Services Provided By Kotak& Others 475 Comparison Of Life Insurance Policies: A Case Study Of Max New York Life Insurance 476 Comparison Of Mutual Fund Industry Between India &Development Countries 477 Comparitive Fianancial Analysis Of Hlls Psg 478 Comparitive Study Of Infosys Ltd & Wipro Ltd 479 Comparitive Study Of Performance Of Oriental Bank Of Commerce And Bank Of India 480 Competitive Marketing Research &Comparative Financial Analysis Of The Oberoi " Udaivilas"'
  10. 10. 481 Comprehensive Analysis Of Lease Financing- Fund/Asset Base Financial Services Comprehensive Project On Commodity Exchange & Future Trading Equity Research Project On 482 Major Players Comprehensive Restructuring Of Farrokhabad Giramin Bank For Sustainable Vaibility And Its Impact 483 On Economic Development Of Farrukhabad 484 Comprehensive Study Of Hotel Industry 485 Computer Administration 486 Computer Application In Hospital Management 487 Computer Application In Banking Management System 488 Computer Application In Budgeting Control 489 Computer Application In Cinema Ticketing 490 Computer Application In Educational Institutes 491 Computer Application In Financial Accounting 492 Computer Application In Hotel Management 493 Computer Application In Logistics Management 494 Computer Application In Project Planning 495 Computer Application In Securities Management & Financial Market 496 Computer Application In Security Forecasting And Risk Mitigation 497 Computer Application In Share Trading 498 Computer Application In Subscription Management 499 Computer Application In Treasury Management 500 Computer Application In financial Accounting 501 Computer Application Of Ratio Analysis 502 Computer Application On : Activity Based Costing 503 Computer Applications In Financial Accounting 504 Computerisation Of Accounts 505 Computerisation Of Financial Management System 506 Computerized Maintenance Mgmt System (Cmms) 507 Computers Application In Finance: Report On Enterprise Resource Planning 508 Concept Of Trade Finance In IDBI Bank Ltd. 509 Consolidation Of Debts 510 Construction Of Optimum Risk Portfolio 511 Construction Of Viable Commodity Indices For Commodity Markets 512 Container Corp.India Ltd. 513 Contarion And Momentum Strategies In Indian Capital Market 514 Control System At Cadila 515 Cooperative Banking As A Source Of Financial Credit Institution ( With Reference To Agra District) 516 Copper As A Speculative Instrument 517 Corporate Dept. Restructuring 518 Corporate Investment Advisory On Debt Funds 519 Corporate Restructuring Corporate Restructuring Of Aiston A Procedural Study Of The Scheme And Process For 520 Amalgamative Of Alston Transportation Ltd. 521 Corporate Tax Management In Spic, A Case Study 522 Corporate Tax Planning 523 Corporate Taxation Southern Leaf Tobacco Company 524 Corporate Treasury Management 525 Corporate Philanthropy With Special Reference To British Scraffolding (India) Ltd.) 526 Cost Control & Outsourcing Policy 527 Cost Control Analysis Of Intermediate Products -In Paints 528 Cost Control And Efficiency In The Collection Process Of Post Paid Customers 529 Cost Effectiveness Of Operations At Shakurbasti Installation 530 Cost Minimisation&Granular Model For Aop 531 Cost Of Transportation Incurred By Indian Oil In The Years 2001-2002 & 2002-2003 532 Courier Service : Application Through Computers 533 Creation Of Risk Management Policy Document For NIIT
  11. 11. 534 Credit Appraisal 535 Credit Appraisal 536 Credit Appraisal By Banks With Specific Reference To PNB 537 Credit Appraisal By Banks With Specific Reference To SBI 538 Credit Appraisal For Export Credit 539 Credit Appraisal For Individual Housing Loans : Birla Home Finance Ltd 540 Credit Appraisal For Working Capital Financiang 541 Credit Appraisal In Home Loan And Sme Banking At Standard Chartered Bank 542 Credit Appraisal Of 50 Companies Based In South India 543 Credit Appraisal Of Centurion Bank Of Punjab Ltd. 544 Credit Appraisal Of Export Credit 545 Credit Appraisal Of Home Loan & Personal Loan 546 Credit Appraisal Of Hydro Power 547 Credit Appraisal Of Lord Krishna Bank& Wealth Management 548 Credit Appraisal Of Trader Loan 549 Credit Appraisal Of Trading Companies Under Icici Bank Ltd. 550 Credit Appraisal Of Working Capital Short Term Loan In Bank 551 Credit Appraisal System Of Home Loans In Standard Chartered Financial Solutions 552 Credit Appraisal To Traders' Credit 553 Credit Control And Financial Analysis Of Crompton Greaves Credit Creation Of Cooperative Banks And Its Utilisation By The Customers Of Kottayam District 554 During 1984-1994 555 Credit Evaluation 556 Credit Management 557 Credit Management Of Tubes Division 558 Credit Mgt. At Tata Steel 559 Credit Portfolio Analysis Agri Business With Special Reference To Financing Poultry Sector 560 Credit Procedure For Self Employed Class 561 Credit Procedure Of Scb For Salaried &Self Employed Class 562 Credit Risk Analysis 563 Credit Risk Management & Modelling In PNB 564 Credit Risk Management & Recoveries Analysis In PNB Credit Risk Management Forecasting Probability Of Delay And Default Of Proposal Using Logistic 565 Regression 566 Credit Risk Management Forecasting Probability Of Delay And Default Of Proposal Using Logistics 567 Credit Risk Management In United Western Bank Ltd. 568 Credit Risk Management Through Prediction Of Corporate Rating 569 Credit Risk Rating 570 Credit Risk Rating Model As A Function Of Credit Risk Mgt 571 Credit Risk Rating System 572 Credit Risk Scoring & Rating Model 573 Credit Risk Mgt. And Modeling In PNB 574 Critical Application Of Oil & Gas Sector In The Per & Post Deregulation Era 575 Critical Appraisal Of Income 576 Critical Appreciation Of Ing Vysya Monthly Income Plan -A,B In The Present Market Context 577 Critical Evaluation Of Equity Fund Liquid Fund Monthly Income Plan During 2003 Critical Study Of Implementation Of Projects For Modernisation Of Stal Plants At Durgapur (Dsp) 578 Rourkela (RSP) & Bokaro (BSL) Cross Selling: A New Mantra & Analysis Of Debt Market & Its Instuments In Various Economic 579 Phases & Performance Of Mutual Funds 580 Cross-Selling Opportunities In Equipment Finance 581 Crude Oil Derivation 582 Current Assets Management: A Corporate Perspective 583 Current Liability Management 584 Database Of College 585 Debt Management
  12. 12. 586 Debt Management At Jojobera Cement Plant Tisco 587 Debt Market In India 588 Debt Re-Engineering Of Stock Industrial Units 589 Debt Restructuring Of Morphen Laboratory Ltd. 590 Debtors Management 591 Debtors Management In Steel Companies 592 Debtors Management In Tata Steel Ltd. And Major World Steel Companies 593 Debtors Management Of Tata Iron & Steel Company Ltd 594 Decision - Making And Strategy In Corporate Foreign Exchange Management 595 Decision Making Criteria For Investment In Deposits 596 Deduction Undre Sec10 A, 10 B 80 HHC, Tax Haven & Probable Tax Planning 597 Deficiencies In Manual System 598 Deficiencies In Manual System 599 Delving Into The Cash Loan Market 600 Demand For Mutual Funds For All Equities 601 Dematerialisation Of Stocks In Escorts 602 Dematerialisation Process Vis-À-Vis Gic Demat Scheme 603 Deposit Products And Loan Products Of Syndicate Bank 604 Depositories 605 Depositories & General Banking Services-Centurion Bank 606 Depositories &Their Role In E-Trading 607 Depositories And General Banking Services 608 Depositories And Their Role In E- Trading 609 Depository System In The Indian Capital Market 610 Depository System: Evolutionary Phases In India 611 Depreciation Policy And Product Costing 612 Depth Analysis Of Citi Bank With Special Reference To Credit Cards 613 Derivation Role On Cash Market Volatility 614 Derivative &Price Risk Management 615 Derivative As Prime Componentes Of Trading Strategy For Hnis & Corporate 616 Derivative Markets, Instruments And Strategies 617 Derivative Products And Its Prospects In India 618 Derivative Trading 619 Derivative Trading In Indian Perspective Conducted At Fortis Securities Ltd. 620 Derivatives As Savings Instruments 621 Derivatives Market, Instrument & Strategies 622 Derivatives: A Naw Age Ammunisatiobn 623 Derivatives: Minimizing Risk And Maximizing Returns 624 Design A Portfolio Of Equities With The Perspective Of Five Year-A Case Study Of Share Khan Ltd. 625 Design Of Commercial Application System 626 Designing Marketing Strategies For Trusts, Association, Societies And Clubs(Tasc) 627 Detail Project Report For Horticulture (India) Pvt. Ltd 628 Detail Study Of Mutual Fund 629 Detail Study On Stock Valuation 630 Detailed Study Of Hsbc Mid-Cap 631 Detailed Study Of Marketing Strategy Of Indian Shaving Products(Gillete) 632 Detailed Study On Tata Tea 633 Determinants Of Capital Structure And Effects Of Capital Structure On Cost Of Capital 634 Determination & Study Of Undervalued Stocks 635 Determination Of The Real Worth Of A Stock 636 Determining The Compititive Edge Of Alcon Meditech (E) Ltd. 637 Developing & Marketing Strategy Tv. Av Ltd. 638 Development Of A Model For Dealer Appraisal 639 Development Of Leasing Finance In India 640 Development Of Securitisartion In India 641 Development Of The Subsystem Of Material Requirement Planning (Mrp)
  13. 13. 642 Different Aspects Of Banking In Abn Amro Bank 643 Different Financial Function Of Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. 644 Different Investment Avenues & Fianacial Planning : Emerging Trends 645 Different Types Of Trading At Fortis Securities Ltd 646 Direct Equity Vs Mutual Funds 647 Discount & Finance House Of India 648 Disinvestment - An Overview 649 Disinvestment Of NTPC- An Analysis 650 Disinvestment Of Psu With Special Reference To Balco Disinvestments 651 Distributions To Mutual Funds Through Channels 652 Diving Into The Cash Loan Market 653 Do Momentum Strategies Earn Abnormal Returns? 654 Does Figures Speak? (BPCL, IOCL) 655 Door Delivery Services 656 Double Taxation 657 Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement 658 Dr Reddy's Labs 659 Due Diligence And Risk &Finance Analysis Of Baira Railway System 660 DVC Thermal Power Station: As A Profit Centre 661 E-Commerce 662 Economic Analysis Of Food Corporation Of India 663 Economic Crisis Potential On China In Future 664 Economic Reforms In India: Performance And Trends Of Indian Industries 665 Effect On News On Stock Prices 666 Effective Inventory Management- A Case Study In Creating Synergy 667 Efficient Management Good Control System 668 Efficient Market Hypothesis At Fortis Securities Ltd. 669 Electronic Contractors Construction Project Management & Administration 670 Electronic Filing Of Tax (E-Tds) 671 Emerging Aluminium Scenario: Indal A Case Study 672 Emerging Role Of Index Funds 673 Emerging Trends In Indian Mutual Fund Industry 674 Equity Analysis & Portfolio Of Stocks 675 Equity Analysis Across Sector 676 Equity Analysis Based On Fundamental & Technical Analysis 677 Equity Analysis Of Infrastructure Industry Valuationof Stock Of Ivrcl 678 Equity Analysis Of Sugar Industry- A Case Study Of Indian Sucrase Ltd. Equity Analysis With Fortis Equity Research Of Basf India Ltd. , Simplex Concrete Tiles Ltd, Mazda 679 Ltd. & Nocil Ltd. 680 Equity Broking 681 Equity Fund Analysis An Indepth Study' 682 Equity Future- An Insight 683 Equity Portfolio Management 684 Equity Research 685 Equity Research In Power Transmission Towers 686 Equity Research Of Hospitality Industries 687 Equity Research Of Nirma Ltd. With Personal Care & Chemical Good Companies 688 Equity Research On ITC Ltd 689 Equity Research Report On Cigarette Industry 690 Equity Research Report On Hindal Co. Industries Ltd. 691 Equity Research: Fundamental & Technical Analysis 692 Equity Research 693 Equity Valuation 694 Equity Valuation And Portfolio Management Service Of Religare Securities 695 Equity Valuation And Portfolio Management Services 696 Equity Valuation Of Andhra Cement Ltd 697 Equity Valuation Of Banque Ai Saudi Ai Fransi
  14. 14. 698 Equity Valuation Of Hero Honda Motors Ltd 699 Equity Valuation Of Infotech Sector 700 Equity Valuation Of Jammu & Kashmir Bank Ltd 701 Equity Valuation Services Of Religare Securities 702 Equity's Common Trading Mechanism With Special Reference To Indusinvest (P) Ltd. 703 Escorts Ltd. 704 Esops Plan Of NIIT Ltd. 705 Essar Oil 706 Essel Propack Ltd 707 Estimation Of Value At Risk Of A Portfolio 708 Euro History & Implications Of The New Currency 709 Eva : The Real Wealth Creator 710 Evaluating Possibility Of Outsourcing Credit And Debit Card Industry Processes To India 711 Evaluation Of Citibank N.A. Auto Loan Portfolio Performance 712 Evaluation Of Credit Risk And Process-Auto 713 Evaluation Of Debt Funds In Mutual Fund 714 Evaluation Of Mutual Funds Research On Distribution Strategy Evaluation Of Non Performing Assets Of ICICI Bank And A Comparative Analysis Of The 715 Performance Of 716 Icici Bank With Other Sector Banks 717 Evaluation Of The Asset Reconstruction Business In India And Study Of Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd. As 718 Evaluation Of The Asset Reconstruction Business In India And Study Of Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd. As 719 One Of The Leading Player In The Business 720 Evaluation Of Various Mf's Schemes In Relation To HDFC Mf And Time For Introspecting Strategies Evaluation On Collection Proposal & Standard Operating Procedures On Promotion Of Purchase 721 Materials 722 Eve- Real Measure Of Performance 723 Evolution Of Credit Process 724 Evolution Of Hedge Funds In India And Its Impact On Capital Market 725 Exchange Rate Management And Forecasting 726 Exchange Traded Debt Instruments 727 Exide Industries Ltd 728 Exide Industries Ltd. 6a Hatti Bagan Road Extension 729 Expansion Strategies Of Srei Forex Ltd. 730 Expense Budgeting For Indo Rama Synthetic Limited 731 Export Finance & Documents 732 Export Finance &Foreign Exchange Management Export Import Finance With Special Reference On Import Of Wheat On Government Account Along 733 With Ratio Analysis 734 Export Import Financing And Financial Statement Analysis 735 Exports Management 736 Facor Alloys Ltd. 737 Factoring: An Overview 738 Factors Affecting Stock Market 739 Facts And Figure Of Delhi Stock Market 740 FDI In India 741 Feasibility Analysis Of Expansion 742 Feasibility Of Account For Future Trading 743 Feasibility Of Coconut Complex For Developing Crush Spread Option 744 Feasibility Report Of Surveys Proposed Steel Pipe Plant Feasibility Study Of Amount Of Awareness Regarding Commodities Future Trading And To Know The 745 Past 746 Present And Future Scenario Of Bullions Energy& Metal
  15. 15. Feasibility Study Of Amount Of Awareness Regarding Mutual Fund& To Know The Past,Present& 747 Future Scenario Of Working Of Mutual Fund Market 748 Feasibility Study Of Amounts Of Awareness Regarding Commodities 749 Feasibility Study Of Amounts Of Awareness Regarding Commodities Future Trading Etc. 750 Feasibility Study Of Coconut Complex For Futures Trading 751 Feasibility Study Of Overseas Office Location 752 Feasibility Study Of The Performance And Prospects Of Export Oriented Units In India 753 Feasibility Study On Setting Up A New Cement Plant 754 Fertilizer Industry -Its Past ,Present & Future 755 Financial Analysis Of Grasim Industries Ltd. 756 Financial Analysis Of Tvs Motors 757 Financial Mgt. 758 Financial Performance Of LML Ltd. 759 Financial Ratio Analysis Of Godrej And Boyle Manufacturing Company Ltd. 760 Financial Ratio Analysis Of IOC, BPCL, HPCL 761 Financial Ratio Analysis Of Hindustan Motors Ltd. 762 Financial Performance Analysis Of Hindustan Lever Ltd. 763 Financial Analysis And Foreign Exchange Risk Management 764 Fidelity Finance Ltd 765 FII Inflows In To Indian Commodity Market- A Feasibility Study 766 Filing Of E-Tds Returns Working Capital Mgt. 767 Financial Analysis I.T.C Ltd 768 Financial Analysis Of Grasim Industies Ltd. 769 Financial Analysis Of Indian Hotel Company Ltd 770 Financial Analysis Of Nicholas Piramal India Ltd 771 Financial Analysis Of Tata Finance 772 Financial Management Of Essar Steel Ltd 773 Financial Planning 774 Financial Sector Reforms In Indian Banking ( Retrospect And Prospect 0 775 Finance Is Changing Are You 776 Financial Patterns Of Indian Financial Institutions 777 Financial Analysis 778 Financial Analysis & Implementation In Oracle 779 Financial Analysis Atlas Cycles Industries 780 Financial Analysis- Hero Honda 781 Financial Analysis I.T.C Ltd 782 Financial Analysis Implementation In Oracle 783 Financial Analysis Of : Bata India Ltd 784 Financial Analysis Of Abb 785 Financial Analysis Of Apollo Hospitals Learning For A New Entrant 786 Financial Analysis Of Aurobindo Pharma 787 Financial Analysis Of Bajaj Auto Ltd. 788 Financial Analysis Of Balaji Telefilms 789 Financial Analysis Of Banswara Syntex Ltd. 790 Financial Analysis Of Bharat Forge Ltd From 2003-05 791 Financial Analysis Of Bharti Televentures Ltd. And Tata Teleservices Ltd. 792 Financial Analysis Of Bhushan Steel & Strips Ltd 793 Financial Analysis Of Bilt 794 Financial Analysis Of Biocon Ltd. 795 Financial Analysis Of Ceat Tyres Ltd. 796 Financial Analysis Of Central Warehousing Corporation 797 Financial Analysis Of Cipla 798 Financial Analysis Of Cipla Ltd. 799 Financial Analysis Of Cipla Ltd. 800 Financial Analysis Of Citibank 801 Financial Analysis Of Corporation Bank 802 Financial Analysis Of Dabur India Ltd
  16. 16. 803 Financial Analysis Of Dabur Ltd. 804 Financial Analysis Of Dena Bank 805 Financial Analysis Of Dr. Reddy's Laboratory 806 Financial Analysis Of Eth Ltd. 807 Financial Analysis Of Federal Bank 808 Financial Analysis Of Gail (India) Ltd. 809 Financial Analysis Of Gillette India Ltd. 810 Financial Analysis Of Godrej 811 Financial Analysis Of Goetre India Ltd 812 Financial Analysis Of Grasim Industries Ltd 813 Financial Analysis Of Grasim Industries Ltd. 814 Financial Analysis Of Hdfc Bank 815 Financial Analysis Of High Tech Gears Ltd. 816 Financial Analysis Of Hindustan Corporation Ltd. 817 Financial Analysis Of Hindustan Ltd. 818 Financial Analysis Of Hll 819 Financial Analysis Of Honda Motor Company Ltd. 820 Financial Analysis Of ICICI Bank 821 Financial Analysis Of Indian Hotel Company 822 Financial Analysis Of Indian Sugar Industry With A Special Reference To Indian Sucrase Ltd. 823 Financial Analysis Of ITC Ltd. 824 Financial Analysis Of Jammu And Kashmir Bank Ltd 825 Financial Analysis Of Jindal Iron & Steel Company Ltd 826 Financial Analysis Of Jindal Vijaynagar Steels Ltd. 827 Financial Analysis Of Larson & Tourbo Ltd. 828 Financial Analysis Of LML Ltd. 829 Financial Analysis Of Marico Industries 830 Financial Analysis Of Moser Baer 831 Financial Analysis Of Mother Dairy India Ltd. 832 Financial Analysis Of Nicholas Piramal India Ltd. 833 Financial Analysis Of Novarts 834 Financial Analysis Of Polar Industries Ltd., Noida 835 Financial Analysis Of Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd. 836 Financial Analysis Of Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals 837 Financial Analysis Of Relaince Capital Ltd. 838 Financial Analysis Of Reliance Industries Ltd. 839 Financial Analysis Of Sail 840 Financial Analysis Of Sandoz(P) Ltd. 841 Financial Analysis Of SBI Financial Analysis Of Standard Chartered Bank & A Comparative Analysis Of The Performance & 842 Products Of Standard Chartered Bank With Other Foreign Banks 843 Financial Analysis Of Steel Authority India Ltd 844 Financial Analysis Of Tata Finance 845 Financial Analysis Of Tata Motors 846 Financial Analysis Of Tata Power Ltd 847 Financial Analysis Of Telco 848 Financial Analysis Of The Company Wock Hardt Ltd 849 Financial Analysis Of The Company-Wockhardt Ltd. 850 Financial Analysis Of The Hero Honda 851 Financial Analysis Of Vardhaman Spg. And Gfiv Mills Ld. 852 Financial Analysis Of Wipro Ltd. 853 Financial Analysis Of Zee Telefilms 854 Financial Analysis On SBI 855 Financial Analysisof Grasim Industries & Raymond Textiles 856 Financial And Market Analysis Of All The Channels Working 857 Financial Appraisal : Oil And Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. 858 Financial Appraisal Of Gas Pipeline Project From City X To City Y
  17. 17. 859 Financial Appraisal ONGC Ltd. With Special Reference To Oil India Ltd. ONGCL (Erbc) Financial Cum Statistical Analysis Of Hindalco Industries Ltd. With Special Reference To Its Dividend 860 Policy & Cash Flow Statement 861 Financial Derivatives Market & Its Development In India 862 Financial Engineering/Financial Analysis Of SREI International Finance Ltd 863 Financial Investment Portfolio Analysis 864 Financial Management 865 Financial Management : A Report On Punjab And Sindh Bank 866 Financial Management : Federal Bank 867 Financial Management Abn Amro Bank 868 Financial Management And Analysis Of Dabur India Ltd. 869 Financial Management In Public Sector Enterprise -A Case Study On Coal India Ltd. 870 Financial Management Of Escorts Ltd. 871 Financial Management Of IDBI Bank Ltd 872 Financial Management Of Nargavjuna Fertilizers And Chemicals 873 Financial Management Of Public Sector Enterprises 874 Financial Management: ( Hero Honda) 875 Financial Marketing Of Morarjee Textile Ltd. 876 Financial Mgmt Of Public Sector Enterprises 877 Financial Performance Analysis Of ICICI Home Finance Co. Ltd. 878 Financial Performance Analysis Of Selected Power Sector Company 879 Financial Performance Analysis Of State Bank Of India And ICICI Bank 880 Financial Performance Analysis Through Ratios: A Case Study Of South Eastern Coal Fields Ltd. 881 Financial Performance Evaluation 882 Financial Performance Of Nagarjuna Chemecals Fertilizers Ltd. Kakinada 883 Financial Planning And Analysis Of Jindal Saw Ltd. Based On Management Information System 884 Financial Planning For Individuals 885 Financial Planning& Risk Control Via Insurance 886 Financial Process Across The Taj West End 887 Financial Process Across The Taj West End 888 Financial Products Of Way To Health 889 Financial Ratio Analysis Of Appolo Tyres Ltd. 890 Financial Ratio Analysis Of Maruti Udyog Ltd. 891 Financial Ratio Analysis On Grasim Industries Private Limited 892 Financial Restructuring Of LML Ltd For Acquiring Bank Loan 893 Financial Role Of Punjab National Bank After Economic Liberalisation 894 Financial Role Punjab National Bank After Financial Liberlisation 895 Financial Services ( Corporate Banking) Of The J&K Bank Ltd. 896 Financial Services Directions & Dimensions 897 Financial Services Of Jammu And Kashmir Bank Ltd. 898 Financial Statement Analysis & Equity Research Analysis 899 Financial Statement Analysis Of ITC Ltd. 900 Financial Statement Royal Philips Electronics 901 Financial Stmt Analysis Of Birla Corporation 902 Financial Stmt Analysis Of Cadila Healthcare ltd., & Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 903 Financial Stmt Analysis Of Crompton Greeves Ltd. 904 Financial Stmt Analysis Of Infosys Technologies Ltd. Vs. Polaris Software Lab Ltd. 905 Financial Stmt Analysis Of LML Ltd. 906 Financial Stmt Analysis Of NTPC 907 Financial Stmt Analysis Of RIL 908 Financial Stmt Analysis Of Tata Steel 909 Financial Stmt Analysis Of Welspun India Ltd. 910 Financial Stmt Of Maruti Udyog Ltd. 911 Financial Stmt Of Raymonds India Ltd, Arvind Mill Ltd. 912 Financial Valuation Of JK Lakshmi Cement With Respect To Acc GACL And Grasim
  18. 18. 913 Financial Valuation& Forecast Of Ceat Tyres 914 Financial Viability Of Motor Spirit Quality Upgradation- At Alpha Refinery 915 Financial Viability Study Of Merger And Acquisition With Respect To J.K. Corp. Ltd. 916 Financial Working &Process Of Inventory Control At Ntpc- Dadri 917 Financiang Of Private Power Projects In Seimens Ltd. 918 Financing For Exports With Special Reference For Forfaiting 919 Financing Of Equipments Construction Company 920 Financing Of Five Star Hotel At Hudco 921 Financing Of Investment Projects 922 Financing Of Working Capital 923 Financing The Companies Project 924 Financing Working Capital Needs:Working Capital Management At Ochoa Labs Ltd. 925 Finolex Cables Ltd. 926 Fiscal Deficit And Real Interest Rate 927 Five Year Financial Analysis Of Nestle Indian Ltd. 928 Fixed Income Securities 929 Flattering Of Yield Curve In Us 930 Flattering Of Yield Curve In Us 931 Forcasting The Future Trends Of NSE Index 932 Forecasting Individual Stock Volatility Of NSE CNX 200 Midcap A Garch (1,1) Approach 933 Forecasting Of Debt Mutual Funds 934 Forecasting Of Share Price Of Majoe Indian Steel Companies 935 Foreign Currency Ruppee Options 936 Foreign Direct Investment And Foreign Institutional Investors 937 Foreign Direct Investment For India Globalisation 938 Foreign Exchage Management 939 Foreign Exchange Industry In UAE & Modes Of Foreign Investments In India 940 Foreign Exchange Management 941 Foreign Exchange Ratel: Indian Scenario 942 Foreign Exchange Reserves Mgt 943 Foreign Exchange Risk Management 944 Foreign Exchange Risk Management 945 Foreign Institution At Investment And India Stock Market Behaviour 946 Foreign Trade & Import Procedure 947 Foreign Trade And Import Procedure 948 Forex Risk Management 949 Forfaiting: An Alternate Funding Source For Exports 950 Fortis Securities Limited: Analysis Of Capital; And Debt Market 951 Fortis Services "The Winning Edge" Forward Integration By Setting Up Texturising Plant Alongwith Modification Of Existing Poy Facility Of 952 Abc Ltd. 953 Franklin Templeton Investment: Critical Analysis Of Expansion Of Distribution Set Up 954 Fraud Management In Kotak Mahindra Bank 955 Free Pricing Of Equity Issues 956 Fringe Benefit Tax 957 Full Analysis Of Financial Position Of HDFC Bank 958 Functioning Of Depository At Indus Bank Ltd Chandigarh 959 Functioning Of Finance Department Of BHEL 960 Fund Management 961 Fund Management Style & Performance Measurement Of Equity Diversified Schemes 962 Fund Mobilisation Of Power Grid 963 Fund Mobilization & Ratio Analysis For NHPC Ltd. 964 Fund Raising Through IPO 965 Fundamental & Technical Analysis Of Crude Oil Future 966 Fundamental & Technical Analysis Of Sugar In Commodity Market 967 Fundamental Analysis & IPO Valuation 968 Fundamental Analysis For Future Trading
  19. 19. 969 Fundamental Analysis Of Cement Sector 970 Fundamental Analysis Of Crude Oil 971 Fundamental Analysis Of Escorts Ltd. 972 Fundamental Analysis Of FMCG Industry 973 Fundamental Analysis Of Hindalco In Aluminum Industry 974 Fundamental Analysis Of ICICI Bank& Comparison With SBI 975 Fundamental Analysis Of Indian Oil Companies 976 Fundamental Analysis Of Indian Pharnaceutical Companies In Joha Securities-Chennai Fundamental Analysis Of Top Seven Commodity Traded In Commodity Market &Comparative 977 Analysis Of Broking Firm In Commodity Market 978 Fundamental Of Crude Oil And Future Forecasting 979 Fundamental Of Mantur Gas Funds Flow Analysis , Cash Flow Analysis & Ratio Analysis For The Pharmaceuticals Majors For 980 Two Years : Ranbaxy And Glanosmith 981 Future And Option Of Derivative Trading In India 982 Future Of Arabica Coffee In The Commodities Market 983 Future Plan For Alcon Meditech India (P) Ltd. Study Of Past Trends 984 Game Theory History 985 Ge Shipping 986 General Study On Fixed Income Securities & Its Analysis 987 Generation Of Selected Sensex And Growth Stocks 988 Genesis Of Oil Bond 989 Gilt Funds Analysis 990 GKW Ltd. : Howrah 991 Glano Smithkline Consumer Healthcare Ltd. 992 Glaxo Smithkline Consumer Healthcare Ltd 993 Global Trust Bank 994 Globalisation :Its Impact 995 Gold And Silver : Price Forecasting &Investment Avenues 996 Gold As A Hedging Tool 997 Gold As A Portfolio Diversification 998 Gold Bullion Trade& Related Products In India 999 Gold Derivatives 1000 Gold Mutual Fund- An Exchange Traded Fund 1001 Gold& Silver 1002 Gold: As A Portfolio Diversification Tool 1003 Gold: Volatility, Price Forecasting And Investment Avenues 1004 Gold: Volatility, Price Forecasting And Investment Avenues 1005 Good Morning India 1006 Governance & Morality In Business World 1007 Grasim Industries Ltd 1008 Gross Profit Margin Analysis Of Sierra Atlantic Projects 1009 Gross Profit Margin Analysis Of Sierra Atlantic Projects 1010 Group Discussion & Interview In Business Communication 1011 Growth Of Mutual Funds 1012 Growth Of Power Sector In India- An Analysis 1013 Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd 1014 Havell's India Ltd. 1015 HCL Technologies Ltd 1016 HDFC Bank's Retail Banking Products 1017 Heading And Arbitrage Through Derivatives 1018 Heading Through Commodities Health Insurance A Study Of The Role Of BAMC Assurance An I.T. In Promoting Health Insurance In 1019 India 1020 Health Insurance And Bancassurance: An Indian Perspective 1021 Hedging Strategies In Derivatives 1022 Hedging Through Agro Commodities
  20. 20. 1023 Hedging Through Commodities 1024 Hedging With Derivatives 1025 Hero Honda Motors Ltd. 1026 Hindalco Industries Ltd. 1027 Hindustan Copper Ltd 1028 Hindustan Lever Ltd 1029 Hindustan Motors Ltd. 1030 Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. 1031 Hire Purchase Operations Tata Finance Limited Lucknow 1032 History Of Operations Research 1033 History, Growth, Development & Performance Evaluation Of Indian Mutual Funds 1034 Home Loan & Credit Appraisal In SME Banking 1035 Home Loan Products-A Comparative Analysis 1036 Loan On Phone Process Mapping And Comparative Analysis 1037 Hotel Management 1038 Housing Development Finance Corporation Ltd.( HDFC) 1039 Housing Finance In India Strategies And Practices 1040 Housing Problems And Prospects In Assam In SBI Home Finance Ltd. 1041 How Influential Factors Are On IPO Initial Price 1042 How To Acquire Clients-Perspective To ICICI Bank's Private Banking Group 1043 How To Acquire In Perspective To ICICI Bank 1044 How To Bring Dymanism Among Students Of Indian Institute Of Finance 1045 How To Prepare Portfolio Statement HSFC Bank: Awareness Among HDFC Bank Customer With Third Party Investment With Focusing 1046 On Mutual Fund And Relationship Banking 1047 Hughes Software Systems Ltd 1048 Human Resource Management 1049 ICICI Bank Ltd 1050 ICICI Bank Ltd 1051 ICICI Bank: Current Account Offerings 1052 ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co. Ltd. 1053 ICICI Prudential-Going Beyond Brand 1054 IDBI 1055 Impact Of Credit Rating On Small And Special Reference 1056 Impact Of Credit Rating On Small And Special Reference 1057 Impact Of FII Investment Of BSE Sensex From The Year 1993 To 2006 1058 Impact Of FII Investment On Indian Capital Market 1059 Impact Of FII On BSE Sensex From The Year 1993 To 2004 1060 Impact Of Monsoon On The Sales Of The Automobile Industry And The FMCG Industry 1061 Impact Of Monsoon On The Sales Of The Automobile Industry And The FMCG Industry 1062 Impact Of Narsimhan Committee On Banking Sector-An Analysis 1063 Implementation Of Enterprise Resource Planning & Auditing In Data Migration In HCL Info systems Implementation Of MIS At Cdr Cell & Overview Of Fertilizer Units Under Debt Restructuring At IDBL 1064 Ltd. 1065 Implementation Of Six Sigma DMAIC 1066 Implication Of Basel Accord On Indian Banking System 1067 Implication Of Derivative Instruments In Indian Securities Market 1068 Implication Of Derivative Instruments In Indian Securities Market 1069 Implication Of Derivatives On The Performance Of The Company 1070 Implications Of Derivative Instruments In Indian Securities Market 1071 Importers And Exporters Business Analysis 1072 Importers And Exporters Business Analysis 1073 Improving Efficiency Through Domestic & International Funding Of Working Capital Of FCI 1074 Indain Oil Corp. 1075 Independent Power Reducer 1076 Index Funds As Investment Avenues
  21. 21. 1077 India Cement Industry Insight With Special Reference To Six Major Players 1078 Indian Banking Reforms& Comparative Analysis Of Banking 1079 Services 1080 Indian Capital Market "Merchant Banking" 1081 Indian Capital Market With Special Analysis On Reliance Capital 1082 Indian Capital Markets 1083 Indian Debt Market In Indian Scenario 1084 Indian Debt Market Reform & Provident Fund Participation In Govt. Securities 1085 Indian Financial Statement 1086 Indian Financial System 1087 Indian Hotel Company Ltd. 1088 Indian Insurance Industry In New Millennium 1089 Indian Largest Private Sector Banks Portfolio Mgt Analysis 1090 Indian Market At Retrospective 1091 Indian Oil Corporation Ltd 1092 Indian Overseas Bank 1093 Indian Rayon & Industries Ltd. 1094 Indian Reinsurance Industry In Analysis 1095 Indian Second Largest Public Sectors Banks Risk Mgt Analysis 1096 Indian Securities Market In Context Of Lifex And Brandex 1097 Indian Steel Sector- An Analysis 1098 Indian Steel Sector- An Analysis 1099 Indian Textile Industry - Ocean Of Investment 1100 Indian Textile Industry In The Post Quota Regime 1101 Indian Walmart On Its Way-Pantaloon Retail India Ltd 1102 India's Forex Reserve- A Problem Of Plenty 1103 India's Innovations In Building An Interest Rate Derivatives Market 1104 India's Innovations In Building An Interest Rate Derivatives Market 1105 India's Role In International Finance 1106 Induce Efficiency And Effectiveness Through New Source Of Capital Mobilisation 1107 Industrial Analysis And Working Capital Control 1108 Industrial Analysis And Working Capital Control 1109 Industrial Analysis Of The Sponge Iron Refractories Pig Iron's Tin Plate Sector 1110 Industrial Summer Training : Working Capital Management In LML Ltd 1111 Industry Analysis And Working Capital Control 1112 Industry Analysis And Working Capital Control 1113 Industry Analysis Of Auto Sector 1114 Inflation & Stock Prices 1115 Inflation And Its Effect On Capital 1116 Information Technology And MIS 1117 Information Technology Newspaper Agencies 1118 Infosys 1119 Infosys Technologies Ltd.- Valuation& Ratio Analysis 1120 Infosys Technology Ltd. 1121 Infosys: A Detail Company Analysis 1122 Infosys: A Detail Company Analysis 1123 Infrasructure Development & Financiang Patterns 1124 Infrastructure Funding With Private Participation 1125 Infrastructure On Indian Capital Market 1126 Ing Vysya Bank Ltd 1127 Ingersoll Rand ( India) Ltd. 1128 Initial Public Offering Analysis Of Bank Of Baroda & Comparison Of Different Banking Stocks 1129 Initial Public Offering Analysis Of Bank Of Baroda & Comparison Of Different Banking Stocks 1130 Insecured Lending- Abn Amro Bank M.V. 1131 Insight Into Insurance Industry In India 1132 Insight Of Mutual Fund With Special Reference To Prudential ICICI Mutual Fund 1133 Institutional Summer Training Underwent At Brakes India Ltd. CTVS
  22. 22. 1134 Instrument In Mutual Funds 1135 Insurance 1136 Insurance And The Role Of Wealth Managers 1137 Insurance And The Role Of Wealth Managers 1138 Insurance As A Mode Of Investment With Ref To Tax Planning, Introduction Of Advance Ruling 1139 Insurance Of Indian Grounds 1140 Interactive Voice Response System 1141 Interest Rate Derivatives In India 1142 International Leasing: A Case Study 1143 International Leasing: Case Study 1144 Interpretation & Analysis Of Financial Statements Of Novratis Ltd. 1145 Interpreting & Analysing The Control System Of Asea Brown Boveri Ltd. 1146 Intetnational Banking Operations International Banking Division State Bank Of India Luckhnow Introduction To Commodities Futures Trading In India-A Study On Gold & Crude Oil Trading In 1147 &Relationship Between Their Future Prices 1148 Introduction To Costing 1149 Introduction To Indian Capital Market 1150 Introduction To Investment Banking &Investment Opportunities 1151 Introduction To Ulip Plans Of SBI 1152 Inventory Assets Linkage, Valuation And Decision Making 1153 Inventory Management 1154 Inventory Management & Evaluation Of Financial Position Of Akon Meditech Pvt. Ltd. 1155 Inventory Management And ERP Implementation 1156 Inventory Management At Panasonic Ave Networks India Co. Ltd. 1157 Inventory Management For Tata Steels,Tubes Division 1158 Inventory Management Of Modi Mundipharma Private Ltd. 1159 Inventory Management Of Tata Steel 1160 Inventory Mgt Control Valuation And Ratio Analysis 1161 Investment Management Of Salora International Ltd. 1162 Investment Accouting- A Study Vis-a-Vis India & Abroad 1163 Investment Advisory Services Offered By SCG Banks 1164 Investment Analysis 1165 Investment Analysis Hindalco Industries Ltd. 1166 Investment Analysis- Life Insurance Vs Mutual Funds 1167 Investment Analysis Of Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund 1168 Investment Analysis Of BPL Ltd 1169 Investment Analysis Of BPL Ltd 1170 Investment Analysis Of DSP Merryl Lynch India Tiger Funds 1171 Investment Analysis Of Investor Of Way To Wealth 1172 Investment Analysis Of Kotak Mahindra Technology Fund 1173 Investment Analysis Of NTPC 1174 Investment And Financial Planning 1175 Investment And Performance Analysis Of Fixed Income Securities 1176 Investment And Performance Analysis Of Fixed Income Securities Investment And Services Desk, Fourth Dimension, ICICI Bank Ltd. Special Reference To Punjab 1177 National Bank 1178 Investment Appraisal & Cost Benefit Analysis Of Kawas-2 Investment Apttern Of Individual Falling Under Different Income Groups And Analysis Of Systematic 1179 Investment Plan : A Lunortime Investment Opportunity In Mutual Funds 1180 Investment Avenue Analysis: Mutual Fund Vs Ulips 1181 Investment Avenues For Tata Power 1182 Investment Avenues In Debt Market 1183 Investment Avenues In Indian Financial Market 1184 Investment Avenues In Indian Financial Market 1185 Investment Banking And Special Economic Zones 1186 Investment Banking And Special Economic Zones 1187 Investment Behaviour Of Corporate Houses
  23. 23. 1188 Investment Behaviour Of Corporate Houses 1189 Investment Decision And Risk Analysis Of Project Expansion Phase- Ii Nalco 1190 Investment Decision And Risk Analysis Of Project Expansion Phase- Ii Nalco 1191 Investment In Equity Based On Sectoral Analysis (Banking Sector& 1192 Metal Sector 1193 Investment In Fixed Income Security And Their Analysis With Bajaj Capital 1194 Investment Management Maharashtra Seamless Ltd. 1195 Investment Management Of Excel Industries Ltd. 1196 Investment Management Of Morepen Laboratory ltd 1197 Investment Management Of Nestle Ltd. 1198 Investment Management, Analysis Of Investment Opportunities Of Maruti Udyog Ltd. 1199 Investment Of Short Term Surplus Funds 1200 Investment On E-Cinema 1201 Investment Opportunities For Customers 1202 Investment Opportunities In Today's Scenario. A Project Report On ICICI Bank 1203 Investment Opportunities Knocking The Doors Of Grasim 1204 Investment Option Available To Investor 1205 Investment Pattern & Portfolio Analysis Of SBI Magnum: Equity Funds 1206 Investment Pattern And Performance Analysis Of SBI Magnum Equity Fund 1207 Investment Policies & Strategies Of Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd. 1208 Investment Portfolio Creation For The Segmented Customers Of ICICI Bank 1209 Investment Problems Of Dabur India Ltd. 1210 Investment Prospects In Stock Of Majopr Steel Companies In India 1211 Investment Prospects In Stock Of Major Steel Companies In India 1212 Investment Prospects In Stock Of Major Steel Companies In India 1213 Investment Risk And Return From Indian Market 1214 Investment Scenario & Swot Analysis Of Unitech Industries Ltd. 1215 Investment Strategies Of Nestle Ltd. 1216 Investment Strategy Analysis Of Dalmia Consumer Care P Ltd. 1217 Investment Strategy Of People And Mutual Fund 1218 Investment& Wealth Management 1219 Investment& Wealth Management 1220 Investors Awareness Towards Mutual Fund 1221 Investor's Behaviour On Stock Market : At Fortis Securities Ltd. 1222 Investors' Perception Towards Derivatives 1223 Investors Perceptions About Karvy's Services 1224 IPO Financing And Refund Process Of IDBI Ltd. 1225 IPO Of M/S Advance Detchem Ltd. 1226 Issues In Pension System Reforms 1227 It Industry 1228 ITC Ltd 1229 ITC Ltd New Business Group Accounting Policies & Procedures 1230 Item Processing Unit And Credit Procedure (Home Loan) 1231 Jaypee Vasant Continental New Hotel In NCR 1232 Just In Time Management 1233 Karvy Securities Ltd: Equity Mf -Perfect Balance Between Risk & Return 1234 Kelkar Committee Reforms Report On Direct & Indirect Taxes 1235 Kelkar Committee Report 1236 Krishna Boysen Exhauts Ltd. 1237 Larsen & Toubro 1238 Leadership 1239 Lease Financiing And Hire Purchase 1240 Leasing Evaluation Strategies And Analysis 1241 Leasing For Infrastructure: Railways 1242 Least Cost Of Encashment Of Credit 1243 Leela Regency 1244 Lessons From Indian Banking And Comparative Study Of Public
  24. 24. 1245 Sector Bank Liberalisation Of Life Insurance Industry In India And Growth Of Private Players With Emphasis On 1246 Om Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance Co. Ltd. 1247 Lic Housing Finance 1248 Live Project On Insurance A Sector With A Difference (ICICI Prudential) 1249 Llyods Steel Group 1250 Llyods Steel Group 1251 LML Vespa 1252 Loan Restructuring And Suggestions To Improve The Quality Of Assets And Investment 1253 Loan, SBI Bhagalpur 1254 Loans Against Securities 1255 Logistics Management & Corporate Fixed Deposits At Goetze India Ltd 1256 Logistics Management & Corporate Fixed Deposits At Goetze India Ltd 1257 Madras Cements 1258 Maharashtra Seamless Ltd. 1259 Mahindra & Mahindra 1260 Mahindra & Mahindra 1261 Mahindra And Mahindra Ltd 1262 Making Investment Decision And Finding Cost Of Capital 1263 Making The Management Information System Work 1264 Management Of Funds In Farrukhabad Gramin Bank 1265 Management & Effective Cost Control 1266 Management Information System 1267 Management Information System 1268 Management Information System Designed For Satyam Ge Software Solutions Ltd 1269 Management Of A New Issue- A Case Study Of Birla Ericsson Optical Ltd. 1270 Management Of Business Finance 1271 Management Of Capital Issue And Pricing Of An Issue 1272 Management Of Computer 1273 Management Of Finance& Payment 1274 Management Of Financial Institutions 1275 Management Of Non Performing Assets By Ford Credit Ltd. 1276 Management Of Non Performing Assets By Ford Credit Ltd. 1277 Management Of Reckit & Coleman Of India 1278 Managerial Application In Supply Chain Management 1279 Managerial Application Of Computers : The Fixed Assets Management 1280 Managerial Application Of Computers In Machine Maintenance & Repairs 1281 Managerial Application Of Information Technology 1282 Managing For Profit 1283 Marico Industries 1284 Mark To Market Of Investment 1285 Markating Strategy Of Nescafe 1286 Market Overview Of Office Equipments And Credit Policy ( ICICI Bank) 1287 Market Research On Housing Finance 1288 Market Research & Analysis Of BPO Industry 1289 Market Risk Management 1290 Market Risk Management 1291 Marketing Mix Strategy Of Nestle India Ltd. 1292 Marketing Of American Express Personal Loans 1293 Marketing Of Mutual Funds 1294 Marketing Of Short Term Plan 1295 Marketing Project On FMCG Product Coffee 1296 Marketing Project On Tata Tele Service 1297 Marketing Project Report On Sunsilk Pro Colour 1298 Marketing Startegy Of Marico Ind. Ltd. 1299 Marketing Strategies And System Followed In Bhilai Steel Plant Including Excise Compliance 1300 Marketing Strategies And System Followed In Bhilai Steel Plant Including Excise Compliance
  25. 25. 1301 Marketing Strategies Of Amul 1302 Marketing Strategies Of Cadbury India Ltd. 1303 Marketing Strategies Of Mutual Fund Distribution Of MSFL 1304 Marketing Strategies Of SBI Mf To Retail Customers 1305 Marketing Strategy And Financial Analysis Of Mukta Arts Ltd. 1306 Marketing Strategy Of Ceat 1307 Marketing Strategy Of Marketing Strategy Of Inc. 1308 Marketing Strategy Of RPG Transmission Ltd. 1309 Marketing Strategy To Get Loan For Loss Making Co. 1310 Maruti Udyog Company 1311 Max India Ltd 1312 Maximize E-CRM(Customer Relationship Management) 1313 Mcs 1314 Mcs 1315 Mcs 1316 Mcs 1317 Mcs 1318 Mcs & Financial Analysis Of Laparge India Ltd. 1319 Mcs At Abb India Ltd. 1320 Mcs At Alok Textile Ltd. 1321 Mcs At Essel Propack Ltd. 1322 Mcs At Laxmi Vilas Bank 1323 Mcs At Nicholas Piramal India Ltd. 1324 Mcs At Treasury Division PNB 1325 Mcs Building Mcs Model Interpreting & Analysing The Control System Of Exide Industries 1326 Mcs Building Mcs Model Interpreting & Analysing The Control System Of Royal Philips Electronics 1327 Mcs Financial Technology India Ltd. 1328 Mcs For Bharti Televenture 1329 Mcs Hindustan Lever 1330 Mcs Home Stores India Ltd. 1331 Mcs In Godrej Consumer Ltd 1332 Mcs In ICICI Bank 1333 Mcs In OBC (Head Office) 1334 Mcs In Surya Rashmi Ltd. 1335 Mcs Interpreting And Analysing Control System Of Nuclear Power Corporation Of India Ltd 1336 Mcs Interpreting And Analysiscontrol System Of Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd 1337 Mcs Maruti Udyog Ltd. 1338 Mcs Of Adam Export Ltd. 1339 Mcs Of Bajaj Auto Ltd. 1340 Mcs Of Bajaj Capital 1341 Mcs Of Balaji Telefilms Ltd. 1342 Mcs Of Balaji Telefilms Ltd. 1343 Mcs Of Bhushan Steel & Strip Ltd. 1344 Mcs Of BPL Ltd. 1345 Mcs Of Cipla 1346 Mcs Of Deepak Fertilizera And Petrochemicals Corporation Ltd. 1347 Mcs Of Dhan Lakshmi Bank 1348 Mcs Of Durga Commodities Ltd. 1349 Mcs Of Durga Commodities Ltd. 1350 Mcs Of Ernst & Young 1351 Mcs Of Escorts Construction & Equipment Ltd. 1352 Mcs Of Fortis Securities Ltd. 1353 Mcs Of General Electric 1354 Mcs Of Glaxo Smithkline 1355 Mcs Of Gujarat State Fertiliser Corp Ltd. 1356 Mcs Of HDFC Bank
  26. 26. 1357 Mcs Of Hindalco 1358 Mcs Of Hindalco Industries Ltd 1359 Mcs Of Hindustan Lever Ltd. 1360 Mcs Of Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. 1361 Mcs Of Humax Industries Ltd. 1362 Mcs Of ICICI Bank 1363 Mcs Of IDBI Ltd. 1364 Mcs Of Indian Hotels Co. 1365 Mcs Of Infosys 1366 Mcs Of Infosys Technology 1367 Mcs Of Infosys Technology Ltd. 1368 Mcs Of Jindal Stainless Steel 1369 Mcs Of Jindal Stainless Steel And Power Ltd. 1370 Mcs Of JK Corporation Ltd., 1371 Mcs Of JK Paper Ltd. 1372 Mcs Of Karvy Consultancy 1373 Mcs Of Lumax Industries 1374 Mcs Of Marico Industries Ltd. 1375 Mcs Of Maruti Udyog Ltd. 1376 Mcs Of Novartis India Ltd. 1377 Mcs Of Novartis India Ltd. 1378 Mcs Of NTPC 1379 Mcs Of NTPC 1380 Mcs Of Oberoi Udaivilas 1381 Mcs Of ONGC 1382 Mcs Of Oriental Bank Of Commerce 1383 Mcs Of Oswal Chemical Fertilizers Ltd. 1384 Mcs Of PNB 1385 Mcs Of PNB 1386 Mcs Of Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd 1387 Mcs Of RIL 1388 Mcs Of Sail 1389 Mcs Of Satyam Computers Ltd. 1390 Mcs Of SBI 1391 Mcs Of Southern Petro Chemical Industries Corp Ltd. 1392 Mcs Of Standard Chartered Bank 1393 Mcs Of Surya Roshni Ltd. 1394 Mcs Of Tata Motors 1395 Mcs Of Tata Motors 1396 Mcs Of Tata Mutual Funds 1397 Mcs Of Tata Power Ltd. 1398 Mcs Of Tata Steel 1399 Mcs Of United India Insurance Company 1400 Mcs Of Vardhman Group 1401 Mcs On Indian Airline Ltd. 1402 Mcs On Punjab Tractors Ltd. 1403 Mcs On Tata Motors 1404 Mcs On Wockhardt Ltd. 1405 Mcs Surya Roshni Ltd. 1406 Mcs, Building Mcs Model Interpreting & Analysis The Control System Of TCS 1407 Medical Equipment Loan: Present Market Scenario And Credit Policy For ICICI Bank 1408 Medical Transcription 1409 Merchant Banking 1410 Merchant Banking Activities Of Karvy Consultants Ltd 1411 Merger And Aqcuisition-Global And Indian Experience 1412 Merger Of Mcload Russel India Ltd. With Everyday Industries Ltd. 1413 Merger& Acquisition Indian Perspective- A Case Study Post Merger Analysis
  27. 27. 1414 Merger& Acquisition Indian Perspective- A Case Study Post Merger Analysis 1415 Mergers And Acquisitions : A Frame Work For Valuation Of Companies 1416 Mergers, Acquisitions & Takeover 1417 Methodology And Cost Control Measure For Rail Wheel Factory 1418 Methodology And Cost Control Measure For Rail Wheel Factory 1419 Mexican Crisis 1420 Mgmt Information System 1421 Mgt Control System 1422 Mgt Control System Of Mahindra & Mahindra 1423 Mgt Control System Of Delphi Packed Electric System Pvt. Ltd. 1424 Mgt Of Forex Risk 1425 Micro Finance And Micro Credit In Punjab 1426 Micro Project On Ratio Analysis Of ICICI & SBI 1427 Minimum Alternate Tax Comparison Of New And Old Provisions Under Corporate Tax Planning 1428 Mirror Image Of Grasim 1429 Mirror Image Of Havells India Ltd. 1430 Mirror Image Of Hovell's Ind. Ltd. 1431 Mirror Image Of Hovell's Ind. Ltd. 1432 MIS & Finance Of Consumer Electronics Organisation Using Computer Application 1433 MIS And Finance 1434 MIS And Finance Computer Applications 1435 MIS In Treasury Operations 1436 MIS In Treasury Operations 1437 Modus Operandi Hire Purchase 1438 Money Laundering : A Global Menace 1439 Money Market Instruments 1440 Monitoring Of Sectoral Stocks & Its Impact On The Indian Economy 1441 Mortage Loans-Risk & Comparative Analysis Of The Industry 1442 Mortage Loans-Risk & Comparative Analysis Of The Industry 1443 MRF Tyres 1444 Mutual Fund : As An Investment Instrument 1445 Mutual Fund- A Long Way To Go 1446 Mutual Fund Analysis 1447 Mutual Fund Analysis- Financial Planning& Stock Markets 1448 Mutual Fund And Its Comparison With Other Investment Avenues 1449 Mutual Fund In Real Estate Investment Trusts 1450 Mutual Fund IPOS 1451 Mutual Fund IPOS 1452 Mutual Fund Loads & Expense Ratios-The Cost Drama 1453 Mutual Fund Managers Performance Evaluation 1454 Mutual Fund Managers Performance Evaluation 1455 Mutual Fund Monitoring & Yield Evaluation 1456 Mutual Fund Section Of Scheme And Analyzing Of Scheme 1457 Mutual Fund With Reference To Standard Chartered Bank 1458 Mutual Fund With Reference To Standard Chartered Bank 1459 Mutual Fund: A Study Of Investor's Perception And Distributor's Evaluation Of Amcs Ltd. 1460 Mutual Fund: A Study Of Investor's Perception And Distributor's Evaluation Of Amcs Ltd. 1461 Mutual Funds 1462 Mutual Funds - A Long Way To Go 1463 Mutual Funds - A Panaromic View 1464 Mutual Funds : Risk And Return 1465 Mutual Funds- An Investment Avenue 1466 Mutual Funds And Its Comparison With Other Investment Avenues 1467 Mutual Funds As Investment Avenue 1468 Mutual Funds As Investment Option -Evaluation Of Performance Of Some Common Funds 1469 Mutual Funds In India 1470 Mutual Funds Investment &Analysis
  28. 28. 1471 Mutual Funds The Paradox Of Performance 1472 Mutual Funds The Paradox Of Performance 1473 Mutual Funds,A Long Way To Go 1474 Mutual Funds-A Preview 1475 National Housing Bank 1476 National Stock Exchange 1477 Nature Of Organisation Behaviour Prepared And Submitted 1478 NBFC Industry :An Analysis Need For Effective Regulatory Framework For Proper Functioning Of Non-Banking Financial 1479 Companies 1480 Nestle India Ltd 1481 New Rules Regarding Valuation Of Perquisites 1482 NGOS In India With Special Focus On Rural Development 1483 NIIT Ltd 1484 Non Banking Financial Companies 1485 Non Branch Delivery Migration 1486 Non- Branch Delivery Migration 1487 Non Performing Assets- A Sample Study Of Different Branches Of Allahabad Bank In Western U.P 1488 Novartis India Ltd 1489 NPA In Indian Banks With Special Reference To ICICI Bank And HDFC Bank 1490 NPA In Indian Banks With Special Reference To ICICI Bank And HDFC Bank 1491 NPA Management A SBI Rcmp Branch 1492 NPA Management Of SBI 1493 NPA Management & Introduction To Ulip Plans Of SBI 1494 Npa Solutions To The Building Industry With Special Reference To SBI 1495 Npa Solutions To The Building Industry With Special Reference To SBI 1496 NSDL: An Insight 1497 NTPC 1498 NTPC-Its Decision To Go For An IPO 1499 Nuclear Power Corporation Of India 1500 Nuclear Power Corp. Of India 1501 Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd 1502 Oil Accounting And Pricing Mechanism At Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. Bavauri Refinery 1503 Oil Exploration Business Industry Analysis 1504 Oil Price Shock 1505 On Implementation Of Six Sigma- Dmaic Methodology In Accounts Services 1506 On Implementation Of Six Sigma- Dmaic Methodology In Accounts Services 1507 ONGC Ltd. : Project Report On Ratio Analysis Fund Flow Statement & Cash Flow Statement 1508 Online Cinema Ticketing 1509 Online Security Trading 1510 Online Shopping Through Managerial Application Of Computers 1511 Online Trading& Comparative Analysis Of Brokerage Firms 1512 Online Trading& Comparative Analysis Of Indian Capital 1513 OPEC & Oil Decisions 1514 Operation Budget And Management Accounting Of Bhilai Steel Plant 1515 Operation Risk Management In Financial Service Industry 1516 Opportunities In Infrastructure Development Of Roads In U.P 1517 Optimum Capital Structure Of Indian Steel Industry 1518 Optional Trading Strategies In Bullion Market With SPE 1519 Options Strategy 1520 Options Strategy Guide 1521 Organisation Behaviour 1522 Organisation Behaviour On Communication 1523 Organisational Control 1524 Over The Counter Exchange Of India 1525 Overview Of Indian Automobile Industry- Bajaj Auto Vs Hero Honda Motors
  29. 29. 1526 Overview Of Indian Banking Industry And Possible Target Bank For PNB’s Inorganic Growth 1527 Overview Of Peer Group Financial Analysis 1528 Overview Of Treasury And Investment Operations In Commercial Bank 1529 Paper On Oil Price Shocks Economics Of Scarcity 1530 Payroll 1531 Payroll Management System 1532 Payroll System 1533 Peak,Pits & Future Of I.T Stocks At Kotak 1534 Perceptions Of Clients And Distributors On The Performance Of Mutual Funds Schemes 1535 Performance Analysis For Bata Nagar 1536 Performance Analysis Of Equity NFOS 1537 Performance Analysis Of Equity NFU 1538 Performance Analysis Of Equity NFU Performance Analysis Of Godavari Fertilisers And Chemicals Ltd. In Pre And Post Doctoral Era Of 1539 Fertiliser Industry 1540 Performance Analysis Of Reclamation Division 1541 Performance Analysis Of Scheme Of HDFC Mutual Fund 1542 Performance Analysis Of Ushajone In Bihar At At Koshika Telecom Ltd. 1543 Performance Analysis Of Various Mutual Funds 1544 Performance Analysis Of Various Mutual Funds 1545 Performance And Profitability Of The United Western Bank Ltd. 1546 Performance And Profitability Of The United Western Bank Ltd. 1547 Performance Evaluation & Sector Analysis Of Equity Mutual Funds 1548 Performance Evaluation Of Debt Funds : An Empirical Study In India 1549 Performance Evaluation Of Equity And Debt Mutual Fund Scheme 1550 Performance Evaluation Of Equity And Debt Mutual Fund Scheme 1551 Performance Evaluation Of Tricolite (Ratio Analysis & Budgeting) & Role Of Erp In Budgeting 1552 Performance Of Equity Diversified ( Mid-Cap) Funds 1553 Performance Of Mid Cap Funds 1554 Performance Of Mutual Fund In India 1555 Performance Study Of Major Mutual Fund Operating In India 1556 Performance Valuation Of Managed Portfolio Personal Banking: A Study Of The Personal Banking Features At Standard Chartered Bamk Naw 1557 Delhi 1558 Personal Investment & Tax Planning Personal Investment An Art To Maximise Gains, Tax Planning An Effective Tool To Minimise The Tax 1559 Capital Market Development And Control 1560 Personal Investment And Tax Planning 1561 Personal Loans 1562 Personal Loans 1563 Pfizer Ltd 1564 Philips India Ltd 1565 Planning And Control Of Working Capital 1566 Planning For Capital Adequacy 1567 Planning For Capital Adequacy In Public Sector Banks 1568 PNB Housing Finance Market Positioning And Comparative Analysis 1569 Policy Comparison Of Aviva With Other Investment Instruments 1570 Pooled Investment Of Equity And Commodity 1571 Pooled Investment Vehicle Of Equity &Commodity 1572 Portfolio Barra Analysis Of Mutual Fund Schemes 1573 Portfolio Construction & Investors Across Sectors Perspective On Mutual Fund 1574 Portfolio Management 1575 Portfolio Management & Investment Behaviour In International Market 1576 Portfolio Management & Investment Decisions 1577 Portfolio Management By Kotak Life Insurance 1578 Portfolio Management By Kotak Life Insurance 1579 Portfolio Management Service For Bries Securities Ltd.
  30. 30. 1580 Portfolio Management Services 1581 Portfolio Management Services For Smes 1582 Portfolio Management & Fund Management 1583 Portfolio Mgt & Investment Behaviour In The International Market 1584 Portfolio Mgt Services For Smes 1585 Portfolio Of Blue Chip Firms 1586 Potential Of Ethanol In Indian Sugar Industry- Case Study Brazil 1587 Potential Of Power Sector In The Indian Sugar Industries 1588 Potential Of Private Sector Banks 1589 Power Sector Scenario & Appraisal Of Power Transmission Network 1590 Power Sector Scenario And Appraisal Of Power Transmission Network 1591 Predicting Milk Prices- Using Multivariate Data Analysis 1592 Prersonal Investment : An Art To Maximise Gains 1593 Price Risk Mgt. Through Hedging In Commodities Market 1594 Pricing Of Advertising In The Business Newspaper Industry 1595 Pricing Of Initial Public Offers In The Indian Market 1596 Pricing Of IPO In The Indian Market 1597 Pricing Of Optical Spice Closure For Ridhi Telecom Pvt. Ltd. 1598 Pricing Of Optical Splice Closure For Riddhi Telecom Pvt. Ltd. 1599 Project On Equity Research 1600 Private Banking Group Of ICICI Bank 1601 Private Placement Of Bonds A Case Study- NFL 1602 Private Sector Mutual Funds 1603 Privatization Of Telecommunication In India 1604 Procedures& Operations Of Home Loans 1605 Process Costing Variable Cost Production At Tata Ryerson Ltd. 1606 Process Costing Variable Cost Production At Tata Ryerson Ltd. 1607 Process Mapping Of Capital Planning 1608 Process Of Merger In Hospitality Industry 1609 Process Of Purchase Mgt. & Other Financial Working At Ntpc – Dadri 1610 Processed Food 1611 Processing On Sap In Reliance Infocomm 1612 Product Mix: A Priject For Jct Electronics Ltd. 1613 Production Management 1614 Productivity & Performance Of Corporate Capital : Approaches Towards Its Measurements 1615 Profitability Analysis Of Indian Airlines Ltd 1616 Profitability In Banks 1617 Profitability Of Garment Project Profits Cost In Networks Increasing Mis Efficiency Minimising Losses Caused By Data 1618 Inconsistencioes In The Phonegen And Adc Billing Software 1619 Project Analysis Of Income Fund 1620 Project Advisory And Loan Syndication 1621 Project Advisory And Loan Syndication 1622 Project Appraisal & Term Loan By MPFC 1623 Project Appraisal Abc. Ltd. Done At IDBI 1624 Project Appraisal And Network Planning 1625 Project Appraisal For Inland Water Transport Industry Emphasizing On Financial Appraisal 1626 Project Appraisal In Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (New Delhi) 1627 Project Appraisal In Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (New Delhi) 1628 Project Appraisal Of Abc Pvt Ltd At Indusland Bank 1629 Project Appraisal Of Royal Hotels Ltd Done At Indusland Bank 1630 Project Appraisal Of Royal Hotels Pvt. Ltd Done At Indusland Bank 1631 Project Appraisal Of Sugar Industry 1632 Project Appraisal, Planning And Control 1633 Project Cost Estimate Of Hfc Barauni Ltd. 1634 Project Financiang With Special Reference To The Industrial Cooperatives 1635 Project Financing For Escorts
  31. 31. 1636 Project Financing For Private Builders 1637 Project Financing Settlement Home Store India Ltd. 1638 Project Management 1639 Project Management And Cost Control 1640 Project Management And Investment Decision 1641 Project Management Decisions 1642 Project Mgmt. Implementation At HPL Cogeneration Ltd, Haldia 1643 Project Of Financial Accounting Ratio Analysis Of Cadila Healthcare 1644 Project Of Fiscal Deficit Of India 1645 Project On "Presentation Skills" In Business Communication 1646 Project On Commodity Trading 1647 Project On Commodity Trading 1648 Project On Feasibility Of Future Trading In Egg. 1649 Project On Financial Analysis Of G.P Electronics 1650 Project On Financial Analysis Of Hero Honda 1651 Project On Financial Analysis Of Pentamedia 1652 Project On Financial Management (Novaratis) 1653 Project On Financial Management : Id 1654 Project On Financial Sector Reforms 1655 Project On Glaxosmithkline Pharmaseuticals Ltd. 1656 Project On Indian Capital Market ( Debt And Equity Instruments) 1657 Project On Indian Oil Corporation 1658 Project On Market Strategies Of Kwality Walls 1659 Project On Marketing Of Mutual Fund 1660 Project On Marketing Strategies Of Cadbury Choclate 1661 Project On Marketing Strategies Of Quality Icecreams 1662 Project On Marketing Strategy Of Nirma Ltd 1663 Project On NBFC With Special Reference To Financial Markets 1664 Project On Organisation B 1665 Project On Organisation Behaviour : Utilising Human Beahaviour 1666 Project On Organisation Behaviour: Leadership 1667 Project On Purchase Procedure, Policies And Functions In Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. 1668 Project On Ratio Analyis Of Surya Roshni Ltd 1669 Project On Ratio Analysis Of Britannia Industries Ltd. 1670 Project On Ratio Analysis Of Il And Fs 1671 Project On Ratio Analysis Of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Comp-Any 1672 Project On Ratio Analysis Of Surya Roshni Ltd. 1673 Project On Steel Authority On Steel Authority Of India Ltd. 1674 Project On Tax Deducted At Jourse 1675 Project On Working Capital Management At Triveni Engineering& Industries Ltd. 1676 Project Planning And Appraisal & Control By State Financial Corporation 1677 Project Planning And Control By States 1678 Project Report On Scope When Hni's Are Investors 1679 Project Report :Hindustan Motors Ltd. 1680 Project Report Of Financial Analysis Of Reliance Capital 1681 Project Report Of Financial Appraisal Of Project At MPFC 1682 Project Report Of Financial Statement And Ratio Analysis On Asian Paints Company Td 1683 Project Report Of M/S Xyz Ltd 1684 Project Report Of Thomas Cook Project Report Of Vam Organic Chemicals Limited On Analysis Of Company Performance With 1685 Working Capital Management Project Report Of Vam Organic Chemicals Ltd. On Working Capital Management With Analysis Of 1686 Company's Performance 1687 Project Report On Budgeting And Budget Control 1688 Project Report On Capital Gains 1689 Project Report On Commodity Trading 1690 Project Report On Derivatives
  32. 32. 1691 Project Report On Development 7 Growth Of Financial Institutions In India 1692 Project Report On Efficiency And Efficacy Of Options 1693 Project Report On Feasibility Options And Design Of Commodity Option 1694 Contract For Indian Commodities Market Project Report On Financial Analysis : Analysis Of Financial Performance Of Tata Motors And Ashok 1695 Leyland In The Year 2002 And 2003 1696 Project Report On Financial Analysis Of Bajaj Electricals 1697 Project Report On Financial Analysis Of Dabur India Ltd. (2001-2003) 1698 Project Report On Financial Analysis Of Hindalco Industries Ltd 1699 Project Report On Financial Analysis Of Indian Oil Corporation 1700 Project Report On Financial Analysis Of Satyam Computers Services Ltd. 1701 Project Report On Financial Analysis Of Tarrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 1702 Project Report On Financial Ratio Analysis 1703 Project Report On Financial Statement Analysis 1704 Project Report On Gail 1705 Project Report On Globalisation Of Finance-Its Impact 1706 Project Report On Industry Analysis -Paints 1707 Project Report On Inventory Management 1708 Project Report On Kelkar Committee 1709 Project Report On Kelkar Committee 1710 Project Report On Loan Disbursement By Bharat Overseas Bank At Bob Gorakhpur 1711 Project Report On Measuring Tendency Of Exogeneous Factors In Forward Contract 1712 Project Report On Measuring Tendency Of Exogenous Factors In Forward Contracts 1713 Project Report On Medical Transcription 1714 Project Report On Mis & Finance - Computer Application 1715 Project Report On New Manufacturing Facility 1716 Project Report On Philips India Limited Project Report On Ratio Analysis And Changes In The Financial Position Of Apollo Tyres Ltd For Last 1717 5 Year 1718 Project Report On Ratio Analysis Of ICICI & SBI 1719 Project Report On Ratio Analysis Of Micro Industries Ltd. 1720 Project Report On Ratio Analysis Of Tata Metallics Ltd. 1721 Project Report On Ratio Analysis: Eicher Ltd. 1722 Project Report On Ratio Analysis: Ranbaxy Project Report On Role Of Quality Circle In Improving Plant Performance Using Latest & Best Ways 1723 Considering Cost & Benefits 1724 Project Report On Services And Sales Standard : A Fact Finding Study Project Report On Statement And Annuakl Report Of Kotak Mahindra Investment Company And 1725 Merril Lynch Investment Company 1726 Project Report On Stock Invest 1727 Project Report On Tata Iron & Steel Co. Ltd. 1728 Project Report On Working Capital Management At Oberoi Grand 1729 Project Report On Working Capital Management With Reference To Indian Airlines Ltd. 1730 Project Report Tata Chemicals Ltd. 1731 Project Report On Detailed Study Of Phulpur Expansion Project At IFFCO 1732 Project With Icici Bank 1733 Projection & Analysis Of Working Capital Requirement Of Systopic Laboratories Ltd. 1734 Projects Preparations Appraisal Budgeting And Implementation 1735 Project Report On Ratio Analysis Of Oil And Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. Proposal For Gabriel India Ltd Regarding Facilities Of Fund Based Working Capital Under 1736 Consortium Arrangement From Indusland Bank Proposal For Gabriel India Ltd Regarding Facilities Of Fund Based Working Capital Under 1737 Consortium Arrangement From Indusland Bank 1738 Pros& Cons Of Disinvestments In India 1739 Prospects Of Acquisition Of Lafarge Cement Plant In India 1740 Prospects Of Acquisition Of Lafarge Cement Plant In India 1741 Prospects Of Indian Auto Components Industry And The Steel Industry
  33. 33. 1742 Prospects Procedure &Costing For Exports& Mgt. Control 1743 Prospects Procedure &Costing For Exports& Mgt. Control 1744 Psa Peugot Citroeon 1745 Punctuality On Economy 1746 Punjab Alkalies &Chemical Ltd. Etc. 1747 Punjab National Bank 1748 Qualitative And Quantitative Analysis Of Indian Oil Corporation 1749 Quantitative Analysis Of Retail Investors Behaviours Towards Mutual Fund 1750 Ratio Analysis Of Key Distributions (Pepsi) 1751 Raising Money From International Capital Markets 1752 Rajasthan Based Nri's 1753 Rajasthan State Mines& Mineral Ltd. 1754 Ramco 1755 Ramco System Ltd. 1756 Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd. 1757 Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd. ( Allied Business) 1758 Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd-Investment Proposal Analysis 1759 Ranbaxy Laboratory Ltd. 1760 Ratiio Analysis Of Tata Tea 1761 Ratio Analyis Of Stayam Computer Ltd. 1762 Ratio Analysis 1763 Ratio Analysis Of Novartis Ind.Ltd 1764 Ratio Analysis Of Cadila Health Care 1765 Ratio Analysis Of Cadila Health Care 1766 Ratio Analysis " Nestle India Ltd." 1767 Ratio Analysis & Fund Flow Statement Of Glaxosmithkline 1768 Ratio Analysis & Indraprastha Gas Ltd 1769 Ratio Analysis , Cash Flow Analysis & Fund Flow Analysis Of Wipro Ltd.