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Sell and recycle my gadgets


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GadgetReclaim is the place on the web to sell and recycle your mobile phones, tablets and gadgets for some of the best prices around. You can trade all of your latest gadgets, including the Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy tab, HTC One, Nokia Lumia, Sony Xperia, iPad and more.

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Sell and recycle my gadgets

  1. 1. Here at we believe that we are the best place on the web to sell and recycle your used and unwanted mobile phones, tablets, iPads and gadgets to earn yourself some great cash. Our simple trade in process will take less than five minutes of your time for you to find your gadget, register your sale and then simply pop your gadget in the post and sit back and wait to get paid the day we receive it. Trade today and get some fast cash on the way!
  2. 2. Why Should I Choose GadgetReclaim? Here at GadgetReclaim we want you to be 100% satisfied when you trade with us. We have put together a list of all of our promises that you can expect from us throughout your full trading experience with us. Same Day Payments Send us your gadget and we will test it and make your payment on the same day we receive it if it all checks out ok. Don't wait upto 5 days to get paid like other recyclers do, get paid fast with GadgetReclaim.
  3. 3. Free Postage We will email you a freepost label to send your gadget to us. Just print it out and attach it to your envelope and post it at your local post office.The label we provide is insured for loss or damage upto £50.You may wish to use your own service if your gadget is worth more than this. We recommend Royal Mail Special Delivery which covers loss or damage up to £500. SMS / Email Updates We will send you updates of your gadgets journey with us. We will let you know when we receive it and whereabouts it is in our office and we will also send you a message letting you know when your payment is on its way.
  4. 4. Fully Secure Website We understand people are always cautious of entering their sensitive details or information online. For this reason our site is fully encrypted with 256bit SSL Security. This means that the information you send is seen by us, and only us. Find out more about SSL Security here. Full Data Delete Advice We will provide free advice and instructions on how to delete all of your data from your device if you need it before you send your gadget to us. That way all of those embarrasing pictures you may have or videos of you doing the hoki koki don't fall into the wrong hands. :-)
  5. 5. Full Price Paid Or Free Return We promise to pay the full value that you were quoted online before you sent your gadget to us as long as it is all OK and passes our quality control checks when we receive it. We honor prices for 14 days, so if the gadget has dropped in value in that time we will still pay the price quoted. if we find any problems with your gadget we will contact you with a revised offer for you to consider, if not then that's fine and we will return your gadget to you free of charge. Extra Cash For Certain Gadgets We occasionly are on the lookout for specific gadgets or run special promotional offers. During this time we will pay more for specific gadgets, so keep a look out for the hot offer logo when trading in. We also pay more for certain gadgets that are unlocked too.
  6. 6. Your Choice Of Payment Methods We offer payment via two options. You can have your cash paid directly into your UK bank account or you can have it paid into your PayPal account. Fast Response Time To Enquiries We have a dedicated support team via email and phone. If you call us you won't be on hold for eternity or have lots of annoying options to navigate through. You will get straight through to someone to help you with your enquiry. For More Information Visit Us :