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Neo mam infographic process


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The NeoMam Infographic process.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Neo mam infographic process

  2. 2. O ur P roc e s s Results Client Feedback Promotion & Outreach Client Design Feedback Research IdeasClientBrief
  3. 3. C lie n t B r ie fClientBrief
  4. 4. Id e a G e n e r a t io n IdeasClientBrief
  5. 5. Id e a F e e d b a c k P roc e s s Client Feedback IdeasClientBrief
  6. 6. ResearchHere at NeoMam our Our research research is: sources include: •Publically available data sources • Powerful •Data provided by clients • Current •Academic journals • Relevant • Media sources • Unbiased •Published literature •Interviews with field experts Research •Partnership with Industry Ideas associates Client Brief •Patents
  7. 7. Design Design Research IdeasClientBrief
  8. 8. C l i e n t F e e d b a c k - First Draft Client Feedback Design Research Ideas Client Brief
  9. 9. P r o m o t io n & O utre a c h Promotion & Outreach Design Researc h IdeaClien s tBrief
  10. 10. C a s e S tu d y: B a r e fo o t R u n n in g Client Feedback Ideas Client Brief
  11. 11. C a s e S tud y R e s e a rc h• Google Insights O u r r e s e a r c h e r s u t i l i s e d a r a n g e of re s our • Published Literature• Academic Journals and University Studies Research
  12. 12. C a s e S t u d y D e s ig n • Provided first draft to the client. Client Feedback •Amendments to colour pallet based on client feedback. Design
  13. 13. C a s e S tud y P r o m o t io n
  14. 14. C a s e S t u d y R e s u lt s Results •S o c i a l m e d i a • Im p r o v e d a n d fo r u m • L in k s F r o m w e b s it e c o ve ra g e O t h e r S it e s : r a n k in g s • Powerful Link from a c ros s Trusted Web Source G o o g le A c t iv e . c o m