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Slideshare Role Play

  1. 1. Welcome to our studio’s OH&S induction presentation Going through this presentation today with you will be: Tom
  2. 2. What we will be covering today: • Current Safety Procedures • Equipment safety checks • Our safety representative • Hazards in the studio • Controlling risks • Reporting risks • Inspection and consultative process’s • Emergency procedures • Responsibilities of employers and employees • Hazard signs and safety symbols • OH&S national policies
  3. 3. Our Current Safety Procedures• Employees are required to take a 5 minute break for every 30 minutes of constant computer work.• We make sure your posture is correct, your desk is adjusted to the right height, and that your monitor is adjusted to be just below your eye level and at a viewing distance of 35 – 70cm.• Everyone’s computer chair must be set to the appropriate height to avoid problems with their back and posture.• Large desks with enough room to easily reach the items around you.• We allow you to get up at anytime and stretch, to relieve any built up stresses or strains.• We make sure that the lighting levels are adjusted to reduce glare.
  4. 4. Equipment Safety ChecksWe ask our employees to do daily checks on theequipment such as:• Ensuring no faults with the computer chairs, desks, or any furniture and also making sure they do not have too many appliances plugged into one power board.
  5. 5. Our designated Safety Representative is Dan• If you have any questions or problems about safety or risks ask Dan, he’ll be happy to help you out.Common Hazard Signs and safety symbols:
  6. 6. Important existing & potential hazards in the studio1. RSI: Repetitive Strain Injury2. Back injury due to poor posture3. Eye injury4. Stress5. Handling Heavy items6. Poor air quality7. Lack of training in correct safety procedures8. Catching virus off another employee9. Electrocution due to liquid spilling on electronics10. Overworking - working for too long in one session
  7. 7. Controlling These Risks and taking on responsibilities in the workplace• Ensuring 5 minute breaks every half an hour.• Checking your posture is correct every time you start.• Stretching or getting up and walking in your 5 minute breaks.• Listening to your training, make sure you understand what you are doing.• Avoid placing liquids near electronics.• Don’t come to work sick.• Keeping the room ventilated and cooled/heated.
  8. 8. Reporting Risks and IncidentsAt all times if you see a risk, or an incidentoccurs, you must report it immediately.If you see a risk or an incident occurring, youmust immediately get a “Report a risk orincident” forum from the office and fill it ourthoroughly, then get it to your manager straightaway.
  9. 9. Our OH&S inspection and consultative process• The process we go through is to take the inspector or consultant throughout our workplace, going through each of our OH&S setups, showing what we have in place and that everything is being maintained.• If we have an issue that needs to be resolved, we talk to them about how we are working on fixing the issue.
  10. 10. Fire, Injury, assault and power-outs• Fire directions are available next to the door in every room, head to the exit nearest to you in case of a fire.• In case of a Injury in the workplace, call an ambulance if necessary, if not, contact a manager and get the closest medical kit.• If you see assault in the workplace, tell your manager and they will talk to the assaulted. Police will become involved.• In the case of a power-out, head towards the nearest exit, wait for instructions there from your manager.
  11. 11. Images• Some information from the document: 03_OHS.pdf• safety5.jpg••• sign.gif