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  • Discuss rulesCoordinate like phones when going to the bathroom or away – put offline status, so you don’t miss chats
  • Discuss rulesCoordinate like phones when going to the bathroom or away – put offline status, so you don’t miss chats
  • Discuss rulesCoordinate like phones when going to the bathroom or away – put offline status, so you don’t miss chats
  • Web leads process – Inside Sales schedules demos for sales rep and puts on their calendar
  • Sxsw presentation

    1. 1. SxSW<br />Some takeaways from my conference experience<br />Ashley Schofield<br />
    2. 2. The value of social mediaSocial media was definitely a hype at this conference, hence why I took notes via Twitter and will present my experience to you some tweets.Connect with fans and give them a reason to buy = make $ Social shopping-what is it? What can sell a product? Facebook page? Tablet? Day conference on #fashion in #NYC may 4 #sxswProvide value in social media through #information #insights#assistance says #guy #enchantmentIs twitter always the most appropriate platform? Probably not. Decide what content should be aggregated through 140 characters at what timeIf social media is trying to make things simpler, why are making it it's own language? It's like code trying to keep up at #sxsw.<br />
    3. 3. The importance of contentMore content is being created now in 48 hours then before the beginning of time and 2003 via @garyvee #thankyouecon #sxsw #li#fb“If content is king, context is god." #ThankYouEconomy #sxswSBNation blog updates blog in real-time with visual hints throughout content and customize for what you want to read. Becomes more social."Don't cut the writing stuff. Good writing is still so essential.”#newstopia #sxsw"Make technology work for content." #motherjones #sxswI don't think I can run out of quality writing material as long as I'm alive. -- paraphrased from #busy #sxsw #feelingthat <br />
    4. 4. The immediacy of the webLaunch something. If you wait too long for perfect, you'll never find the perfect opportunity. #sxswWeb is constantly revolutionizing … went to talks on CSS3, HTML5, UI/UXHTML5 is awesome. But it's also a buzzword. Don't let it turn into the next savior of journalism. You still gotta do good work.#newsapps@tabatkins loved your focus on layout and making the things easier that you already do. Thanks for apologies about those tech specs#sxswStorytelling in games is the high-end future. #sxsw Putting too many resources on the investment and not the return.#sxsw-influence  <br />
    5. 5. Team building & effective managementWent to a creative leadership panel and meet-up amongst other networking events about the topic here are some takeaways:"Process and talent won't get you anywhere if you don't have a team that shares a vision and trusts and respects each other.” "We're not defined by our org charts, workflows or communication matrices. We're defined by how our people interact." #dilbertoHow do you adequately manage creativity? Time estimates often spin out of control and projects go over deadline #coreconveration#sxswWhen someone says "thank you" don't say "you're welcome". Say "you'd do the same for me." power of reciprocation. #sxsw#enchantment"One of the most powerful things you can do as a creative leader is not give directives, but ask questions." @sarahbeee#creativeleaders<br />
    6. 6. Make it about the end-userA big focus was on getting back to the customers. So often we forget that our jobs come down to caring for them.The end-user is the big picture ... it's not the big guys, the fame, competitionConnect with, communicate with, be loyal to, remember, reward, and commit to customers #sxsw-influence It's about the people, not the technology. #sxsw-influence Give your user information and you'll start to get some in return."when people are out with other people, they need to put down their phones." #feelingthat #busy #sxsw society is way to overconnectedGive people a voice, react in real life, and build #influence in organization #sxswinfluencePeople like control over their environment. The decisions they make and who they are. #sxswinfluence<br />
    7. 7. Remembering to grow yourself every day: Went to a talk on productivity and many panels focused around growing yourself professionally, so that you can always be your best self in the work place.You work all day. What'd you have to show for it at the end of the day? #busy #sxsw #feelingthatA third of the people think e-mail is the most distracting.Mean people ruin productivity...can't stop thinking about their actions#feelingthat #busy #sxsw"no one is going to fight for you, but you." stand up for yourself in the workplace! (in a professional manner) #coreconversation #sxswWhat happened to the notion of actually living and stumbling on new info, people, events? Why do we have to know where everything is?#busyDo you ignore your loved ones the most bc you're so overconnected? #busy #sxsw #feelingthat<br />
    8. 8. Major takeaways:The interactive portion of the conference was, of course, about all things web: design, development, UI/UX, online marketing, branding, content, social media, SEO/SEM, start-ups, apps, business models, management, leadership, innovation, new trends, forward-thinking ideas, growing yourself, contributing to the tech knowledge-base.I went to over 21+ panels, talks, and conversations and over 10+ networking events in the 3+ days I was there. I met with people from big to small companies, including Microsoft, Google, Apple, NYT, Mother Jones, Mashable, FourSquare, Tech Crunch, AOL, the list goes on … it was an amazing event where all the major players contributed.The best conversations and ideas I had were with people on the shuttle bus to-and-from the hotel … just goes to show you that organic meetings are the best way to learn and make connections … always have your eye out for inspiration.<br />