New water Repellent Coating . What is so special ?


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Pl read this article to know more about our Latest water repellent Coating

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New water Repellent Coating . What is so special ?

  1. 1. By Shrikant Athavale Prathith Consultants Pune India 122-08-2013 PromisetoattendyourTechnicalneeds about Our Water Repellent coating
  2. 2. 222-08-2013 PromisetoattendyourTechnicalneeds The Specialties are  Cost effective  Easy to apply  Can cater Smaller requirements  Indigenous Technology  Eco friendly  Suitable for Direct food contact  Flame retardency can be incorporated  New Applications Development for  Packing Industry  Construction Industry
  3. 3. 322-08-2013 PromisetoattendyourTechnicalneeds  Cost effective This is a comparison between prevailing LDPE Coated paper and our WR Coating. Cost Comparion Price/ Kg Processing coat / Kg Net cost Coating wt / sq. mtr Cost / LDPE Coating 115 35 150 15 2.25 WR Coating ( Liquid ) 120 ( for 33 % solids ) Hence effective coat for 100% solids 360 10 370 5 1.85 Net Saving by using WR Coating 0.40 Saving Percentage 17.78
  4. 4. 422-08-2013 PromisetoattendyourTechnicalneeds  Cost effective This is a comparison between prevailing LDPE Coated paper and our WR Coating. Explanation for Lower Processing Cost Equipment Cost in Lakhs Electrical Energy Production Runs LDPE Coating 100 50-55 KW Not suitable for smaller runs. Result in wastage WR Coating ( Liquid ) 25 15 KW Highly suitable for smaller runs. Very low in wastage upto a max. 2 %
  5. 5. 522-08-2013 PromisetoattendyourTechnicalneeds  Cost effective This is a comparison between prevailing Imported WR Coating and our WR Coating. Imported WR coating is costing around INR. 280 / Kg for 28% solids Against Our coating costing INR. 130 / Kg for 33 % solids Thanks to declining INR , against USD ( 1 USD = 63 INR ) Resulting in a lot of Saving in Foreign exchange.
  6. 6. 622-08-2013 PromisetoattendyourTechnicalneeds  Easy to apply Can be coated by o Brush o Brush roller o Gravure / Kiss coating / Myer Bar Or o Spray
  7. 7. 722-08-2013 PromisetoattendyourTechnicalneeds  Can Cater to Smaller requirements For e.g. Ready corrugated boxes Packets can be spray coated
  8. 8. 822-08-2013 PromisetoattendyourTechnicalneeds  Indigenous Technology The Technology is developed Indigenously Using locally available Raw materials Hence no Import Hassle
  9. 9. 922-08-2013 PromisetoattendyourTechnicalneeds  Eco friendly  No Plastic  Biodegradable  Re Cyclable  Re pulp able  Following in line with Govt. of India’s “ go green policy ”
  10. 10. 1022-08-2013 PromisetoattendyourTechnicalneeds  Suitable for Direct food contact Our coating is tested and Approved by NTC ( National Toxicology Centre , Pune ) ( a FDAApproved Lab ) For direct Food Contact application
  11. 11. 1122-08-2013 PromisetoattendyourTechnicalneeds  Flame Retardency can be incorporated Our WR Coating can be suitably compounded to impart flame retardancy
  12. 12. 1222-08-2013 PromisetoattendyourTechnicalneeds  New Applications Development for  Packing Industry This is because this coating is miscible in Pulp directly. Packaging tray’s , Boxes , Pallets can be made out of re cycled Paper Pulp.
  13. 13. 1322-08-2013 PromisetoattendyourTechnicalneeds  New Applications Development for  Construction Industry  Water Repellent Panels made out of Wood Pulp for Partitions , a possible replacement for Gypsum Board  Decorative falls sealing , wall mounting , etc.
  14. 14. 1422-08-2013 PromisetoattendyourTechnicalneeds
  15. 15. By Shrikant Athavale Prathith Consultants Pune India 1522-08-2013 PromisetoattendyourTechnicalneeds A Presentation On Water Repellent Coating ( water borne ) , for Packaging Applications
  16. 16. 1622-08-2013 PromisetoattendyourTechnicalneeds It all started about two and half years ago. The Govt. of India and Govt. of Maharashtra , imposed a Ban on Gutka packaging Pouches , made out of Plastics Film and aluminum foil. The Govt. , notified that , the pouches as mentioned above should be plastic polymer free.
  17. 17. 1722-08-2013 PromisetoattendyourTechnicalneeds I was applying my mind to develop a alternative packaging material . This prompted me to try paper with a suitable coating on it which might be an alternative. Suddenly , I realized that , I had a lot of information stored in my PC , on water repellent / proof coatings.
  18. 18. 1822-08-2013 PromisetoattendyourTechnicalneeds I got in touch with some of these Manufacturers based in USA , and Germany. There response was very quick to my sample requests and I eventually received couple of samples from well renowned companies like Michel man, Nu Coat , Aqua Base Technologies and BASF
  19. 19. 1922-08-2013 PromisetoattendyourTechnicalneeds In order to carry out the coating trials , I then thought of setting up a small Laboratory , in my home itself. The trials were very successful and , I could see a great promise in the emerging Alternative Technology .
  20. 20. 2022-08-2013 PromisetoattendyourTechnicalneeds This was the stage to consider the cost of the product. I realized that the cost was very much on higher side , and although the product quality and performance was good enough , the buyer would be really concerned about the cost. This prompted me to re think on the whole issue.
  21. 21. 2122-08-2013 PromisetoattendyourTechnicalneeds One day , I was on my morning walk as usual . It had just rained . While crossing through a lavish green Garden , I could see Water droplets on some of the leaves , shining like Pearl. I suddenly realized , it was very much similar to the water droplet formed on the coated paper in my Lab.
  22. 22. 2222-08-2013 PromisetoattendyourTechnicalneeds
  23. 23. 2322-08-2013 PromisetoattendyourTechnicalneeds That morning , was like a catalyst in my R&D activity. The nature , prompted me to think on the alternative Natural Resources , available in abundance.
  24. 24. 2422-08-2013 PromisetoattendyourTechnicalneeds And The result of this was , That I could concentrate myself on the possible usage of naturally occurring Waxes , such as Bee’s Wax, Carnauba wax, soya wax etc. The next challenge was , how to emulsify these waxes in Water and how to bind them together . Subsequently , I could develop methods to emulsify them , in my Laboratory , and use of Natural Rubber Latex , and or Styrene Butadiene Latex , as a binder.
  25. 25. 2522-08-2013 PromisetoattendyourTechnicalneeds The results were very promising. I worked on these formulations for nearly six months , and then I could freeze the formulations. The next stage was to protect my R&D work . Hence , I approached a leading consultant for Patent right Protection. That is how , the Manufacturing / compounding Process was Patented on 09/09/2011
  26. 26. 2622-08-2013 PromisetoattendyourTechnicalneeds Here , I must mention a fact . I consider myself just as a compounder. The Doctor / or specialist Doctor is nobody else but the great Nature . Nature has a solution for possibly any task and the same are always available in abundance. The job of a human being is just to Identify the same and make use of it , in the most practical manner. This is what , I have done precisely. The nature has graced us with lot many resources and in return , we have to give it back. I hope this is the real definition of Bio Degradability.
  27. 27. 2722-08-2013 PromisetoattendyourTechnicalneeds Patent Receipt
  28. 28. 2822-08-2013 Product Details This is a Innovative Water Borne Coating , based on Natural Rubber Latex / Synthetic Rubber latex , and Naturally occurring waxes ,with high performance, contains no plastic . It provides superior Water repellency, with very good barrier properties to moisture, oil , grease and fatty acids. This coating is useful on both virgin and recycled paper / fibre board. The coated paper is 100 % recyclable and Bio degradable. Water Repellent coating , is a eco-friendly alternative to LDPE
  29. 29. 2922-08-2013 Application Water Repellent Paper for the Manufacture of 1.Corrugated Boxes 2.Paper bags 3.Soap Wrappers 4.Paper Cores 5.Paper Drums 6.Paper Pallets 7.Pulp molded products 8.Other Packaging Applications.
  30. 30. 3022-08-2013 Application Water Repellent Coating Is useful as a Additive , in paper pulp itself for the Manufacture of 1.Molded Tray’s 2.Molded Pallets 3.Molded Boxes for Industrial, food , Electronics and other packaging applications.
  31. 31. 3122-08-2013 Application Methods Water Repellent , can be easily coated , 1. By Gravure , Gravure &Myer bar , Kiss Coating Method. Very low coat weights like 2-3 gm/ , provide excellent Water repellency 2. By Brush 3. By Spray Gun Or Can be Blended with The paper Pulp itself , to manufacture Molded Pulp products for
  32. 32. 3222-08-2013 Coating Methods
  33. 33. 3322-08-2013 Coating Methods
  34. 34. 3422-08-2013 Pulp Blending The process of paper recycling involves mixing Scrap paper with water and chemicals to break it down. It is then chopped and heated, to break it down into strands of cellulose, which is called pulp, or slurry. It is strained through screens, which remove any glue or plastic that may still be in the mixture then cleaned, de- inked, bleached, and mixed with water.
  35. 35. 3522-08-2013 Pulp Blending It is at this stage , mix our Water Repellent coating , approximately 5-10% of the pulp quantity . Then it can be made into new paper. This paper will exhibit excellent Water Repellent Properties.
  36. 36. 3622-08-2013
  37. 37. 3722-08-2013 Recycling of paper There are three categories of paper that can be used as feed stocks for making recycled paper.  Mill broke  Pre-consumer waste and Post-consumer waste
  38. 38. 3822-08-2013 Paper Recycling Saves 1. Energy It takes approximately 64% less energy to make paper from recycled materials ( used paper ) than from virgin fibre ( trees). Recycling one ton of paper saves the equivalent of 70 gallons of gasoline or 3 barrels of oil. 2. Water It takes 61 % less water to make paper from 100% recycled materials
  39. 39. 3922-08-2013 Paper Recycling Saves 3. Land Every ton of paper recycled saves 100 cubic feet of landfill space 4. Air Making recycled paper results in 70% fewer air pollution than making paper from virgin wood. 5. Natural Resources ( Trees ) for every ton of paper recycled , approximately 17 trees are saved
  40. 40. 4022-08-2013 Water Repellent Chemistry Water repellent or water proofing agents are generally of two forms Elastomeric coatings that adhere to the substrate and cure to form a flexible and protective layer Water repellent chemicals that penetrate deeply into the substrate and they bond with it.
  41. 41. 4122-08-2013 The mechanism of Water Repellency Repelle nt Permea ble The water Repellent coating is formulated in such a way that the surface tension of the same is suitably adjusted for easy wet out on the surface ( paper ) to be coated. This is why the paper exhibits superior water repellency. at the same time it does not penetrate into the pores , and hence it is breathable. Trapped Water vapour’s can easily slip through , however the water molecules are too large to penetrate.
  42. 42. 4222-08-2013 The mechanism of Water Repellency The water repellent additive can be blended with the paper pulp and it wet out paper molecules more effectively and bonds them together hence the moulded pulp is 100% water proof , with very negligible water vapour transfer
  43. 43. 4322-08-2013 Advantages 1. This is ideal Replacement for Plastic coated paper 2. The Coated paper is Recyclable 3. Excellent Coat ability on paper , 4. Good Gloss 5. Very Good Water Resistance 6. High Coating speeds 7. Lower Coating weight ( approx. 5-6 gm dry per sq. Mtr. ) 8. Cost effective by at least 15-20%
  44. 44. 4422-08-2013 Paper Water Repellency & Water Beading with This additive Consumer Grade Premium Grade Initial After 1 hour After 2 hours
  45. 45. 4522-08-2013 The Water Repellent additive imparts greater water repellency and water beading We recommend a dosage of 5-7 % of Pulp for Consumer grade and 7-12% for Premium grade
  46. 46. 4622-08-2013 Technical Information Our Water Repellent Additive is a low VOC, hydrophobic , non silicone water borne emulsion specifically designed to impart water repellency and beading on paper. It is miscible with paper pulp or can be applied on ready paper. Our water repellent produces a clear finish. it imparts pronounced and long lasting water beading. Typical Properties Appearance : White Liquid Solids contant : 30% pH : 7.5 Specific Gravity ( 25 oC) : 0.95 Volatile Organic Content : < 50 gm/L Characteristics Protects paper Excellent additive for pulp Water resistant Finish prevents water staining / Non Yellowing - hence assures colour stability Effective on porous and semi porous papers surface coated paper allows substrate to "Breathe" Recommendations The pH of our Water Repellent additive/ coating should never drop below 7.0 . Below 7.0 the additive could be instable Our additive withstands high shear , high speed mixing, high pressure flow through a small nozzle or filter , and will not precipitate that can cause instability
  47. 47. 4722-08-2013 Physical Properties Of Water Repellent Coating Appearance Milky white % solids 30.0 +/- 1.0 pH at 25 deg c 7.0 to 7.5 Brookfield Viscosity ( CPS ) Spindle 1 , at 12 Rpm at 25 deg C 300 max. Surface Tension ( dynes / cm ) 45 +/- 3 Film characteristics Clear Particle Size 9 Microns ) 0,16
  48. 48. 4822-08-2013 Physical Properties Of WR Coated Paper Appearance Brown Paper Type / Quality Kraft paper for Packaging Paper Weight ( uncoated ) / Gm per sq. Mtr. 98-100 Paper Weight ( coated ) / Gm per sq. Mtr. 103-106 Paper Size A 4 Water repellency Excellent
  49. 49. 4922-08-2013 PromisetoattendyourTechnicalneeds The Next stage was to get the Coatings , as was the Coated paper Tested , in Govt. approved / recognized Laboratories. We approached , Indian Institute of Packaging ( IIP ) Mumbai , and National Toxicology Centre ( NTC ) Pune . We submitted our samples to, IIP for all the relevant Physical Tests , and NTC for Direct Food contact applications.
  50. 50. 5022-08-2013 PromisetoattendyourTechnicalneeds We have received their Test Results and the same are displayed on the following slides for reference.
  51. 51. 5122-08-2013 PromisetoattendyourTechnicalneeds
  52. 52. 5222-08-2013 PromisetoattendyourTechnicalneeds
  53. 53. 5322-08-2013 Coated Paper Product Application Gallery
  54. 54. 5422-08-2013 Museums. Libraries, and archives contain large collections of pigment coated and tracing papers. These papers are produced by specially formulated compositions and manufacturing procedures that make them particularly vulnerable to damage as well as reactive to solvents used in conservative treatments. Our water repellent coating , can be of great help in preservation of such documents. Application
  55. 55. 5522-08-2013 Product Application Gallery Coated Paper for Packaging It’s Technology
  56. 56. 5622-08-2013 Product Application Gallery Water proof Envelopes Kraft paper is brown paper; shopping bags and “cardboard” boxes. It is created by a specific inexpensive process that leaves the paper naturally brown and makes use of the strongest pulp fibers.
  57. 57. 5722-08-2013 Product Application Gallery Food wrapper paper It’s Technology
  58. 58. 5822-08-2013 Product Application Gallery Corrugated Boxes made from water repellent coated paper For Industrial Packing It’s Technology
  59. 59. 5922-08-2013 Product Application Gallery Corrugated Boxes made from water repellent coated paper For Industrial Packing It’s Technology Water Repellency due to Coated Paper Water Absorption due to Un Coated Paper
  60. 60. 6022-08-2013 Product Application Gallery water repellent coated paper For Food Packing It’s Technology Biscuits
  61. 61. 6122-08-2013 Product Application Gallery water repellent coated paper For Food Packing Pop corn Wafers It’s Technology
  62. 62. 6222-08-2013 Product Application Gallery water repellent coated paper For Food Packing It’s Technology Ice Cream Boxes
  63. 63. 6322-08-2013 Product Application Gallery water repellent coated paper For Food Packing It’s Technology Sweet’s Boxes
  64. 64. 6422-08-2013 Product Application Gallery water repellent coated paper For Food Packing Masala Boxes It’s Technology
  65. 65. 6522-08-2013 Pizza Corrugated Boxes Pizza Corrugated Boxes Printed Pizza Boxes, Customized Pizza Boxes, Corrugated Pizza Boxes, White Printed Pizza Boxes
  66. 66. 6622-08-2013 Product Application Gallery water repellent coated paper For Food Packing It’s Technology Pizza Boxes Water / Oil Absorption due to Un Coated Paper Water Repellency due to Coated
  67. 67. 6722-08-2013 Sandwich wedges box, tortilla wrap box, sandwich cards compostable sandwich wedges containers, tortilla wrap box, sandwich cards brown Kraft board grease-proof lining
  68. 68. 6822-08-2013 Product Application Gallery It’s Technology water repellent coated paper For Food Packing Sandwich Packs served in airlines
  69. 69. 6922-08-2013 Product Application Gallery water repellent coated paper For Soap Packing It’s Technology
  70. 70. 7022-08-2013 Product Application Gallery Bio Degradable Paper Tapes For packaging Features Biodegradable , Recycled paper , coated with re moist enable Adhesive or Pressure Sensitive adhesive Easy Hand Tear able No dispenser required Good Tack for carton sealing applications Bio Degradable Paper Tapes For packaging Features Biodegradable , Recycled paper , coated with re moist enable Adhesive or Pressure Sensitive adhesive Easy Hand Tear able No dispenser required Good Tack for carton sealing applications
  71. 71. 7122-08-2013 Product Application Gallery Bio Degradable Paper Tapes For Cold Storage
  72. 72. 7222-08-2013 Product Application Gallery Fruits and Vegetable Packing Boxes
  73. 73. 7322-08-2013 Product Application Gallery These trays with Water repellent coating Should be a very Ideal Packaging Material for Cold Storage applications Corrugated Trays
  74. 74. 7422-08-2013 Product Application Gallery Cardboard is literally the paper from which cards (such as playing or file cards) are made. It is rigid, white paper. Corrugated paper is actually a carefully engineered board material comprised of paper elements. These are usually made with Kraft paper. A “sandwich” is made with two “slices” of smooth Kraft paper cemented to a central layer of corrugated (or wavy, molded) Kraft paper.
  75. 75. 7522-08-2013 Recycled Paper Carrier Bags made from 100% recycled Kraft paper sturdy paper tape handles makes them strong heat-sealable options available available in 3 sizes, small, medium and large Recycled Paper Carrier Bags can be supplied printed
  76. 76. 7622-08-2013 CARRY PACKS Carry Packs are compostable sturdy Kraft board construction With useful carry handle Applications perfect as picnic boxes, or ideal for helping your customers add extra goodies to their takeaway. These are made entirely from environmentally-friendly materials, a greener alternative to other forms of food packaging.
  77. 77. 7722-08-2013 Kraft paper gift wrap. Paper is eco-friendly and made from 100% recycled material.
  78. 78. 7822-08-2013 Compostable Catering Platter Box compostable catering platter box brown kraft board the platter box has a corn starch window grease-proof lining quarter and half box inserts for the compostable catering platter box
  79. 79. 7922-08-2013 Manufacturer of Corrugated Packaging Rolls and Sheets such as Corrugated Packaging Rolls and Packaging Corrugated Sheets
  80. 80. 8022-08-2013 Product Applications for Moulded Pulp Products such as 1.Paper Pallets 2.Pulp molded trays 3.Other Packaging Applications.
  81. 81. 8122-08-2013 Heavy Duty Corrugated Boxes Heavy Duty Corrugated Boxes, Printed Corrugated Boxes, Corrugated Case, Corrugated Carrying Cases, Corrugated Archive Boxes and Electronics Packaging Boxes
  82. 82. 8222-08-2013 Punched Boxes Punched Boxes & Die Punched Packaging Boxes for fruits and Vegetables
  83. 83. 8322-08-2013 Duplex Boxes Duplex Boxes, Corrugated Duplex Boxes, Duplex Printed Boxes
  84. 84. 8422-08-2013 Laminated Corrugated Boxes We are prominent manufacturer of Laminated Corrugated Boxes that are used for various packing purposes. We provide Laminated boxes in various thickness as per customers requirements. These are superior in quality and are available at cost effective prices. Designed and developed as per the client's specific requirements, our customization enabled us to meet with all the demands of our clients. We ensure that the printing on these boxes have clarity of font and colors which gives it a clear view.
  85. 85. 22-08-2013 85 FAQ Shelf life of the product and life in the coating tray ? It is a water Borne coating and Shelf life is not a issue at all. The coatings needs to be circulated , if stored for some time in try ( Just like Printing Inks, to avoid Skin formation ) . It is a , single component system and cures on application of heat upto 70-75 deg C. up the same from our Place.
  86. 86. 22-08-2013 86 FAQ Dilution Procedure , to what extent and with what diluent ( water/ solvent ) ? Diluent is Water. The ready to use coating is approx. 30 % solids and you can dilute it up to 18-20 % solids Curing Temperature , Tunnel temperature /subsequent temperature ? 75-80 Deg C , can coat at around 40-50 mtrs/ min , for a Drying tunnel length of 40 feet , equipped with a Hot air generator as heat energy source of , 2 lakh Kilo cal Capacity.
  87. 87. 22-08-2013 87 Curing time to achieve full water repellency ? This is explained above. How much time coating can with stand if water / Tea is poured in a cup made with coated paper ? This depends on the paper quality as well. But considering that you are using Cup stock Can this Coating Impart water repellency to metalized paper ? We have to check the wettability on metallised side. This is new requirement we have received. i will check it in my Laboratory and inform You , as soon as possible.
  88. 88. 8822-08-2013 For more Information : Contact Details Email : Personal Email : Cell : 00 91 7588288204 PromisetoattendyourTechnicalneeds
  89. 89. 8922-08-2013 PromisetoattendyourTechnicalneeds
  90. 90. 9022-08-2013 PromisetoattendyourTechnicalneeds