Innovative ctg method


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This is a Innovative method to manufacture spl self adhesive Tapes using thermally weaker substrates.

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Innovative ctg method

  1. 1. By Shrikant AthavalePrathith Consultants Pune –
  2. 2. Here is a Innovative method ofManufacturing Self adhesive Tapes .This method is exclusively developed forhandling Temperature sensitiveFilms, mechanically weaker substrates likenon woven , lower GSM papers , foils, foam etc.
  3. 3. A Innovative method of manufacture of PVC Insulationtape / Non Woven fabric based Surgical tape , which hasmaximum sale , in Indian Market , which is used forDomestic Electrical Insulation purpose. Allmost 70% ofthe total requirement of this tape is Imported from China, because it is viable at very cheaper price as comparedto the Indian manufacturers product. Hence there is a bigscope to manufacture this product , locally , at a very costeffective price , and explore the market m and to put anbreak to the Import of this product.
  4. 4. 1. Very cost effective2. Lot more easy to operate and with faster processing speeds3. Will reduce wastage to a great extent.4. Require much lower Heat energy .5. Retain of Mechanical properties.6. Saving in the Capital cost.7. Flexibility to use , differ kinds of PSA’s.
  5. 5. Very cost effective ?  Faster processing speeds  Lower wastage  Requires much lower Heat energy for processing  No Primer coating  No Chilling  Retain original Mechanical properties  Lower Capital Investment  Require less space , to Install  The flexibility to use , differ kinds of PSA’s.
  6. 6. Lot more easy to operate and with faster processing speedsThe newly designed machine will be lot more easyto operate and with faster processing speeds
  7. 7. Will reduce wastage to a great extent.The invented process will reduce wastage to agreat extent.
  8. 8. Require much lower Heat energy .The new processing method , will required muchlower Heat energy for processing , due to theInnovative design , some existing processes likePrimer coating, Coated Film Chilling etc. will betotally eliminated
  9. 9. Retain of Mechanical properties.The PVC Film/ Non woven Fabric will retain itsoriginal Mechanical properties , because it is neverexposed to the Draying Heat , a most crucialrequirement in the existing Process.
  10. 10. Saving in the Capital cost.There will be a lot of saving in the CapitalInvestment , since the Machine is very muchcompact than the existing one , it will require lessspace , to Install, and the electrical energyconsumption , will be reduced almost to 50% of theexisting Procedure/ process.
  11. 11. Flexibility to use , differ kinds of PSA’s.One more advantage is , the flexibility to use , differkinds of Pressure sensitive Adhesive. At the moment, with the existing technology , only Solvent basedRubber adhesive is permissible to use , due to thelimitations , built in the process itself. With theInvented method , there will be a choice to selectadhesive , which can be , Water Based, SolventBased (Prevailing ) , or Hot melt , Adhesives.
  12. 12. Description of the InventionThe Invented process of manufacturing the PVC Tape / SurgicalNon woven , paper Tape , is very simple.This method is generally termed as transfer Coating method.In this said process The Silicone Release Coated paper / Film iscoated , with adhesive , and then dried , if it’s water base orSolvent base , and the same is laminated with the PVC Film at theLamination station .In case if Hotmelt adhesive is used than there is no question ofdrying at all , since the adhesive do not contain any solvent.Once the film is laminated with the adhesive coated Silicone paper, The laminate moves towards the Rewinding station. Here theSilicone paper is delaminated from the film , and the same isrewound on a separate Shaft. However the Film which is nowadhesive coated and delaminated w, from the silicone paper is, wound on a separate rewind shaft , equipped with 4 station
  13. 13. The PVC / Non woven fabric is carona treated , ( prior tolamination with Silicone Paper) , which is a mechanical processonly , and requires no extra raw materials , like Rubber basedprimer ,( Dissolved in solvent ) , The film is also treated with a releasecoating , for easy unwinding later on , the release coating isentirely based on water based system.The machine sketches for both , the existing process , as well asthe Invented process , are attached for ready reference.
  14. 14. The PVC Tape , mainly used for , low tension , Domestic , ElectricalInsulation , is manufactured as follows.PVC film is coated with , a Rubber based primer in solventsolution form , with approx. 2.5 gm / sq. mtr of coating ( Dry Wt. ), on a Gravure coating machine , then it passes through a dryingtunnel to evaporate the solvent . The Primed Film is then , coated with a Rubber Based ( Solventdissolved ) Adhesive , on a comma coating station, with a coatweight of approx. 90 gm/ sq. mtr ( Dry ) , and then it is passedthrough the drying tunnel , to evaporate the solvent. The dryed fileis then passed through the Freezing Tunnel , to cool down the filmto room temperature , so that the in built stresses are relaxed.
  15. 15. The cooled film is then rewound into rolls on a turrent Rewinder, to make rolls of exact length in meters. The tape log rolls as produced above are method is thenconditioned at elevated temperature of around 48 deg C for aminimum period of 18 hours , for further stress relaxation process.The rolls conditioned as above are then sliced into , required widthslike , 18 / 24 mm as per requirement , and then packed and areready for sales.
  16. 16. PVC Film Primed PVC Film PrimerPrimed PVC Film Adhesive coated PVC Rubber Based Adhesive
  17. 17. Our Invention is so different form the existing process , and thesame is as follows.With the Invented method there is a choice of selection ofAdhesive system . The is substantial saving , if Hotmelt adhesiveis used , as the adhesive coating weight , is reduced from 90 gm/sq. mtr. To mere , 35 gm/ sq. mtr .By using , the specialy compounded Water base adhesive , thecost is reduced considerably , due to the fact that this adhesivewill be atleast 25% cheaper than the Solvent based one.Secondly the Water based adhesive is totally environmentallyfriendly , and hence there are no VOC related issues.
  18. 18. One more major cost reduction is due .Thanks to the NewlyInvented Process , where there No Primer used at all. The primingprocess is done , based on a Electro mechanical method calledCarona Treatment, For this treatment , no raw material isconsumed , and the electrical energy consumption is very muchon lower or is negligibleThe process is very simple and there is another advantage , alsoin built. Since the film is not exposed to Heat , there are No inbuilt stresses , and the film retains it’s original Mechanicalproperties.Since , there are No in built Stresses , the Annealing orconditioning process , is totally eliminated , which is a must forthe existing way of this tape manufacture .
  19. 19. The equipment is far more cost effective , requires much lowercapital Investment , lower Shop floor area formanufacturing, lower electrical energy consumption, much lowercoating of adhesive , no primer coating . All the equipment can beare manufacturerd in India as per our machine design. Thecomplete Machine sketch is attached for ready ref.
  20. 20. PVC Film PVC Film Carona PVC Film CARONA tREATMENTCarona PVC Film Adhesive coated PVC Rubber Based Adhesive
  21. 21. For more details on the machine design, AdhesiveFormulations, especially for Water Borne PSA forthese tapes contact us onEmail : shrikantathavale@psadhesive.comOrMobile : 07588288204OrVisit us on :