Foam Bonding Techniques Part 1


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Now you can use Water Borne adhesives for variety of Foam bonding , laminating Adhesives. These adhesives can be applied by brush, roller , spray or similar techniques.
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Foam Bonding Techniques Part 1

  1. 1. ByShrikant AthavalePrathith ConsultantsPune India08 Feb 2013118-04-2013
  2. 2. 218-04-2013is extensively used in ModernManufacturing techniques , invarious Industries , for avariety of Application
  3. 3. 318-04-2013Mounting , HoldingSealing gaps, Joints, CladdingDampingSoundVibrationDust
  4. 4. 418-04-2013AutomobilesElectronicsConsumer ElectronicsPrinting-Plate mountingInsulation- Heat/Cold/Sound
  5. 5. 518-04-2013NOISE ABSORBINGAcoustical foam will absorb the activity of airborne or fluid-bornenoise, causing a loss in energy by weakening reflected vibrations.The sound vibration pulses are literally "tired out" by their effortto force the foam strands to vibrate…and the noise reflected levelis immediately reduced. Acoustical foam for sound absorptionprovides foam that has high efficiency, is consistent throughout,and is predictable from installation to installation.Typical Applications are ,commercial aircraft ventilation ducts; headliners and back panelsfor tractor cabs and off-road vehicles; data-processing equipment;portable air compressors and power units; appliances; automobilepanels and headliners, office equipment, industrial machinery,marine applications.
  6. 6. 618-04-2013CUSHIONINGFoams are designed to absorb levels of shock energy. The specificproperties of foams are low compression set and a range offirmnesses to meet specific requirements.Therefore, properties can be modified to produce a material thatcan be easily compressed under pressure yet effectively absorbenergy for protection against sudden impacts.The material properties are flexible and can be tailored andcontrolled based on the shock absorption requirement.Polyurethane foams designed to perform a variety of specificallyengineered cushioning functions when fabricated into parts, aswell as other cushioning-related functions including gasketing,sealing, positioning and spacing applications.Typical Applications arestereo earphones, speaker surrounds, goggles, ortho pedic softgoods, and cycle seats; automotive gaskets and seals, sealing andinterior trim; carpet anti-skid cushioning and supermarketmeat/produce display pads.
  7. 7. 718-04-2013FILTERINGEngineered high-performance, flexible polyurethane foams meetmany design criteria for a variety of filtration functions. Theseinclude removing dust and contaminating particles from air,gases, and liquids (filtration); collecting vaporized oils fromindustrial equipment (de-misting); acting as an evaporativesurface (humidification), and cleaning up oil spills (oil/waterseparation).Typical applications are ,Air filters for small engines, air conditioners, data processingequipment, electronic air cleaners, humidifiers, furnaces,condenser coils, refrigerators, cold drink dispensers, and otherappliances where moving air is required either by force orconvection.
  8. 8. 818-04-2013GASKETINGA gasket in many cases is key to a filters success. There are manymaterials used for gaskets. Non-reticulated polyurethane foam canbe unique in this area due to its designed low permeability,adjustable firmness, ease of fabrication and ability to be laminatedto the filter media itself. Foam can be specifically designed toyield very efficient air and/-or liquid sealsTypical Applications areOur die-cut foam gaskets and foam seals are used in industrialpumps, piping, and marine products, as well as HVAC andappliance industries. Foam gaskets are also used as insulators forautomotive applications, or for equipment access panels.
  9. 9. 918-04-2013PUEVAX Link PENatural RubberSynthetic RubberNeopreneEPDMSiliconeAcrylic
  10. 10. 1018-04-2013
  11. 11. 1118-04-2013These machines allow to horizontallysplit polyurethane, polyethylene andrubber materials from their originalblock size into sheets with a thicknessfrom 1mm and upwards with atolerance of +/- 0.5mm.These machines vertically cut sheets offoam into finished part form. They aresuitable for high volume productionand have a cutting tolerance of +/-1mm maximum.
  12. 12. 1218-04-2013This is Slicing machine for Elastomeric Foams in roll form ,Open or Close Cell . Slicing is possible in thickness as low as 3mm , in continuous length for roll form.We have the source for this machine. Pl contact us for moredetails.
  13. 13. 1318-04-2013This machine allows us tomanufactureplain or self-adhesivebacked rolls,from any type of foam,rubber and PVC.
  14. 14. 1418-04-2013Die CuttingThis is a very traditional andeffective methodof cutting parts from sheets.
  15. 15. 1518-04-2013Water-Jet CuttingWater Jet Cutting is a process of machining utilizing water &abrasives that are pressurized to create a “beam” of fluid that willcut through almost any material. The water is pressurized at up to4000 bar (60,000 psi) and then forced througha directional nozzle. Abrasives within the solution ensure that thecut is swift and smooth with minimal edge burring and nomaterial deformation.
  16. 16. 1618-04-2013Kiss CuttingThis machine is designed to produce smaller parts with a self-adhesive backing, such as gasket, seals etc., at a very high rate.The cutting depth of the tool can be set extremely accurately,which means the tool can cut through the foam or rubber, but notthrough the self-adhesive backing paper. The end result is a roll ofcut parts, which can be quickly and easily removed by yourproduction operator, an ideal method of supply for high volume,automated customers.
  17. 17. 1718-04-2013MethodsApplication of :Heat / FlameAdhesive
  18. 18. 1818-04-2013MethodsApplication of :Heat / FlameAdhesive
  19. 19. 1918-04-2013MethodsApplication of :Heat / FlameAdhesive
  20. 20. 2018-04-2013In this Presentation we are going todiscuss more aboutAdhesive Bonding / Joining /Lamination Techniques
  21. 21. 2118-04-2013AdhesiveBonding / Joining / LaminationTechniques
  22. 22. 2218-04-2013About the Foam LaminationProcessThe lamination of foam todifferent substrates is eitherachieved using adhesivelaminationAdhesives are used to attach /Bond the foam to the substrate.
  23. 23. 2318-04-2013AdhesiveTypesPSAWater BaseSolvent baseHot MeltCONTACTWater BaseSolvent baseHot Melt
  24. 24. 2418-04-2013Adhesive TypesPSAWater BaseSolvent baseHot Melt Synthetic Rubber ( PolyChloroprene ) Acrylic Nat / Syn. Rubber ( PC ) AcrylicSIS / SBS / EVA / PU / Acrylic
  25. 25. 2518-04-2013Adhesive TypesCONTACTWater BaseSolvent baseAcrylicPoly ChloropreneAcrylicPoly ChloropreneSilicone
  26. 26. 2618-04-2013Generally speakingPSA’s are more commonly used forHolding or mounting and similarapplications
  27. 27. 2718-04-2013Contact Adhesives are usedFor bonding and laminationapplications , of Similar or dissimilarmaterials
  28. 28. 2818-04-2013ApplicationMethodsSprayingManually ( accepting Coatingvariations )OrWith Specialy designed machines.( with coating variation of 2% +/-across the width of 1300 mm )
  29. 29. 2918-04-20131. We offer you a suitable Adhesive and the source forthe same2. We offer you a suitable Machine design for Foamconversion1. For Slicing2. For die punching3. For adhesive spray coating and lamination
  30. 30. 3018-04-2013Photo GalleryAdhesive Coatingby Brush
  31. 31. 3118-04-2013Coated AdhesiveDryingwith Hot air Gun
  32. 32. 3218-04-2013Bonding Coatedsurfaces by gentlehand pressure
  33. 33. 3318-04-2013Nitrile Rubber Foam Laminatedwith Aluminium Foil , FSKNitrile Rubber Foam withReinforced PSA
  34. 34. 3418-04-2013Nitrile Rubber Foam withReinforced PSANitrile Rubber Foam Laminatedwith Aluminium Foil , FSK
  35. 35. 3518-04-2013PU Foam laminated withEVA Foam
  36. 36. 3618-04-2013PU Foam laminated withCotton reinforced PE Cloth
  37. 37. 3718-04-2013PU Foam laminated withPE coatedFibre Glass Cloth
  38. 38. 3818-04-2013PU Foam laminated with FSK( Film + scrim + Kraft Paper )
  39. 39. 3918-04-2013PU Foam laminated withAlu Glass( Aluminium Foil + Fiber GlassCloth laminate )
  40. 40. 4018-04-2013PU Foam laminated with FSK( Foil + scrim + Kraft Paper )
  41. 41. 4118-04-2013PU Foam laminated withCross linked PE Foam
  42. 42. 4218-04-2013Nitrile Rubber ElastomericFoam , Pipe laminated withFSK , Alu Glass , Fibre Glasscloth ( PR Coated )
  43. 43. 4318-04-2013PU to PU Foam Joint
  44. 44. 4418-04-2013Cross Linked PE Foamlaminated with Alu Foil
  45. 45. 4518-04-2013EVA Foam laminatedwith Alu Foil , Alu Glass
  46. 46. For more Information : www.psadhesive.comContact DetailsEmail : shrikantathavale@psadhesive.comPersonal Email : psatechno@gmail.comCell : 00 91 75882882044618-04-2013
  47. 47. 4718-04-2013Tell me moreThe heart of a meaningful conversationDesigned to share knowledge andUnderstanding for mutual benefit