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Convert your rubber scrap into value added products


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Rubber Industry
Attention please
Now you can convert your Rubber scrap , into Value added Produts , mainly used in ever growing Construction Industry. We have discovered a Formulation based on Rubber Crumb, Rubber powder ito a New Rubber Product.

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Convert your rubber scrap into value added products

  1. 1. Contact us for more details on : By
  2. 2. Attention Rubber Factory Owners , Product Development In charge , R& D guys • We bring you Innovative Technology , for the first time in India • Convert your Rubber Scrap into value added Products • Now don’t sell your scrap at through away price to Scrap dealers , us it and make use of it to manufacture Products for Construction Industry , such as • Rubber Tiles • Paver Blocks • Speed Breakers
  3. 3. Comparison of Sales Price of Value-added Products vs scrap sale price
  4. 4. • Rubber Tiles • Rubber Speed Breakers • Rubber Paver Block • High Tack Waterproof Membranes
  5. 5. • Rubber Tiles
  6. 6. • Rubber Speed Breakers
  7. 7. • Rubber Paver Block
  8. 8. • High Tack waterproof membrane
  9. 9. • Rubber Sealant • Stop water leakage Patches
  10. 10. • Rubber Sealant
  11. 11. • Rubber Mastics
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