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Logicaworks brochure


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A complete collaboration and workflow solution for small to large enterprises, educational institutes and government/ non-profit organizations.

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Logicaworks brochure

  1. 1. About Logicaworks Logicaworks enables any organization, be it small or large, to manage information and workflows easily and effectively. It provides a robust software ecosystems to build, deploy, customize and upgrade an Information System, or simply a System. A System is the software that customer uses to manage their information and workflows. ADII (and also its Channel Partners with specific access rights) manage building, deployment, customization and upgrades all Systems through Logicaworks Management Centre (LMC). The customer can also access a tool at LMC, called Systemforge, to customize a System to their specific requirements after deployment. The Systemforge is only available by signing into ADII Cloud (even for onsite Systems). Logicaworks is modular by design, and a System is always built with the System Core (that is the essential part of any System) and one or more Modules. System Core provides a platform for other Modules to function, and includes user management, user roles and profile management, resources definition, files (or System assets) management, emailing and calendaring function.
  2. 2. Logicaworks Features • Full-featured Information and Workflows Management Logicaworks enforces discipline into the work process in organization and brings efficiency and productivity in the team. The product provides data discovery through extensive search and browse tools and customizable reports. Logicaworks provides inbuilt tools to import and export of data from a particular Module thus enabling porting data to and from other software for data analysis or further processing. Full-featured collaboration happens through share and workflow tools. The workflow will be role-based. An official replacing other will not impact functioning of System. Workflow can span different departments in the organization. • Modules for various scenarios and customizability for specific requirements The product avails different Modules like Customer Relationship Management, Knowledge Management, Resource Planning, HR Management, Academic Program Management, etc. to serve various scenarios for deployment and usage. The System is accompanied by a powerful tool called Systemforge, which can be used to customize many aspects of the System like data input mechanism, workflows, reports, user interface look-and-feel. This enables the product to adapt to specific organizational requirements. • Choice for onsite deployment of the product or for using it on ADII Cloud in SaaS (Software- as-a-Service) model Logicaworks can be used in two ways depending on the customer’s infrastructure availability and cost limitations. The product can be installed onsite at customer location (at server managed at customer end) or can be used directly on ADII Cloud in SaaS model.
  3. 3. Logicaworks Features – Continued • Regular Upgrades and Software Assurance Logicaworks is being continually being upgraded for new features, security updates, and bug fixes. With a minimal fee, customers can avail software Assurance (right to obtain all upgrades of the product). For customers using the product in SaaS model, software assurance comes without any additional cost. • Robust and scalable architecture The architecture addresses high-traffic and intense usage situations and weird accessibility to application due to open nature of web. While availing highly customizable and robust features for users, the product conceals all complexities. • Security scheme deeply engaged into the architecture The product provides a number of pre-built guards against breach of security. This includes schemes for role-based access control for users, spam protection of public forms, detailed implementation to prevent unauthorized access, schemes against cross-site and sql-injection attacks. • Developers API Logicaworks provided developers API to develop custom software applications around Logicaworks and to port data from and to the System through secured access. • Support and Training You get prompt and personalized support from skilled consultants and engineers from ADII. Adequate documentation and training materials are available to use the product to its fullest. Moreover, regular group training and on-demand onsite training is organised by ADII.
  4. 4. Logicaworks System Logicaworks Management Center System (LMC) User Deployed as Server Systemforge Onsite System 1 Logicaworks Developers Logicaworks Central Data Storage System Loader API Deployed as Service Onsite System 2 Multi-customer System Developers API Module 1 Onsite System 3 System Core Module 2 Master Customers Data Storage … Customer Data Storage 1 … Module N Customer Data Storage 2 Onsite System … N Customer Data Storage N System Data Systems in ADII Cloud Storage Systems as the part of Logicaworks Software Ecosystem
  5. 5. Logicaworks – Modules Logicaworks is modular by design, and a System is always built with the System Core (that is the essential part of any System) and one or more Modules. Logicaworks avails different Modules for various deployment and usage scenarios. Each Module has common features like search, browse, import/export and print functionalities. Currently the following Modules are available: • Organization Knowledge Management (OKM) • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) • HR Management (HRM) • Academic Program Management (APM) Each Module can be chosen and be purchased during System deployment or later.
  6. 6. Logicaworks – As Server Logicaworks Systems can be deployed standalone at customer locations. This ensures running of the System independently without connecting to any resource at ADII. Of course, the deployed System at any customer location will need contact with Logicaworks Management Center (LMC) for upgrading the System, updating for security and performance fixes, and accessing Systemforge for customizing the System as per specific requirements of the customer. Software Ownership Customer owns the copyright for using the software at the particular location (as licensed), and to develop new applications and integrate 3rd party software using developers API. The data ownership will entirely be with the customer. Additionally, general terms of service and usage policy will be applicable. Installation and Minimum Requirements The entire installation will be done by ADII or one of our Channel Partner. The customers server location should meet minimum criteria before the installation of the System proceeds: • Windows or Linux Server • PHP5 with PDO enabled • Database supported by PDO (MySQL5, Oracle, etc.) • Internet connectivity and access to the customer server during installation, while using Systemforge and during System upgrades
  7. 7. As Server – Software Assurance Software Assurance provides right to the customer for receiving the following: the customer to of the following rights that: • Backup of the copy of System at Logicaworks Management Center (LMC) for future reinstallation requirements (NOTE: the license cannot be reassigned) • Security and performance updates • All feature upgrades to the System Core and to the Modules purchased • Technical support from ADII through telephone and online customer portal • One hour training (online or at Channel Partner location) after deployment of System • Updated User Guide in PDF Software Assurance needs to be purchased separately while purchasing the System, and can be obtained up to three years at a time (should be renewed before the expiry period). NOTE: The access to the Systemforge must be purchased separately, and does not come with Software Assurance.
  8. 8. Logicaworks – As Service Logicaworks Systems can be used as a subscription at ADII Cloud. The Systems are deployed and upgraded from Logicaworks Management Center (LMC), and customers can use Systemforge for customizing the System as per specific requirements (access rights to be purchased separately). The customer gets the following benefits while using a System as service: • To use all features of Logicaworks without an upfront cost of software ownership. • No need to invest in hardware and software deployment and their maintenance. • Use the System without any long contract except committing for a month. The customer can export all their data and can stop using the System at any moment. • Get all upgrades and updates to the System at no additional cost. Subscriptions and Rights Customer gets rights to use the System along with purchased Modules and do not obtain any ownership of the software. However, the data ownership will entirely be with the customer apart from rights to develop new applications and integrate 3rd party software using Logicaworks Developers API. Additionally, general terms of service and usage policy will be applicable. The customer gets right to receive the following: • 99% uptime guarantee of the System • Data recovery against server crashes • Regular security and performance updates • All feature upgrades to the System Core and to the Modules purchased • Technical support from ADII through telephone and online customer portal • Online help guides for using the System and to develop applications using Developers API.
  9. 9. Logicaworks – How to Order Choice of Modules The customer must choose at least one Logicaworks Module apart from the System Core while deploying the System for the first time. Of course, the customer can purchase any other Module(s) later. Each Module comes with its own software cost, Software Assurance Cost. However, access to Systemforge will ensure access to all Modules for customization with a blanket fee. Custom Requirements and Ordering The customer can place their custom requirements while purchasing a System. The customization to the System can be done by us or by our Channel Partners or even by customer through Systemforge. This customization will entail additional fee as required. Custom Development and 3rd Party Integration The customer can develop new applications and/ integrate 3rd party applications with Logicaworks using the Developers API that accompanies every System. NOTE: The access to the Systemforge must be purchased separately.
  10. 10. Contact ADII Research & Applications (P) Limited 421, Saheed Nagar, Bhubaneswar 751 007 (INDIA) • Tel: (0) 674 – 2542753, 3267474 • Fax: (0) 674 – 2542754 • Email: • You can also chat with us online on our website.