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  1. 1. Personal Brand Equity Presentation
  2. 2. Things I am known for:
  3. 3. Next year, I plan to be known for: I plan to be known for being the most out going person and getting straight A’s.
  4. 4. Some things I've learned in the last year. I have learned a lot mostly from my friends! I learned that you find help in the least likely of ways and everything is different and never the same!
  5. 5. Three English Projects Below Is the start of my story called: Ghosts Of The Past The Two here are poems inspired by my characters from my Story. Word Count!
  6. 6. My current personal project is challenging and exciting to me in the following ways... Is my personal story for English. Its so fun and funny I loved every second of it but it was also challenging to end it.
  7. 7. Three Math projects Population Project Study Guide Line Drawing
  8. 8. What I do to make friends, be visible and "be known":
  9. 9. Three Ag Science or FFA projects My Periodic Table Element Intro into soil notes Scientific Method Lab
  10. 10. Important new people I have met in the last few weeks that will help me in the future: Effie Valasco Cheryl Brost Dave Cicolletti Natalia Travers
  11. 11. Three History or Geography projects Presidents Wiki Page Jacob Riis and Robert La Follette. From unit 5. WWI Podcast
  12. 12. I have gained a lot of friends who have helped me through all my troubles and rough times Relationships
  13. 13. A skill I'm going to work on in the next 90 days to make me more successful: I am going to be more organized and work harder because it will make life so much easier and I’ll have more experience. Figure out other options for my life.
  14. 14. Three Elective projects Floral Final! Victorian Era Presentation Country Gardens. Guitar 1 played this at the showcase! (Me Too)
  15. 15. How are my skills and accomplishments are different than a year ago at this time:
  16. 16. My Top Project of the Year My top project of the year was the Creative writing assignment Mr. Cicoletti gave us. He asked us to write a story and mine was a fiction, vampire, romance novel. My story is about a girl named Alexis, fighting through everything to get free from the shackles of her past.
  17. 17. what do others think about my work? I have been complemented on my work from many of my friends who all think my work is great, especially my Stories.
  18. 18. My 2011 Pro Brochure :
  19. 19. My 2009-2010 Yearbook Page:
  20. 20. Final Personal Comment Live like its you last day. Dream as if you have forever! Life is life, start living it.” "If you fall and feel alone remember there is always someone there willing to help all you have to do is find the courage to ask"
  21. 21. final note/almost finished: