Technical textiles weaves new opportunity to Entrepreneurhip


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This presentation seminar done in Nandha arts and science college Erode & EIT polytechnic college kavindapdi

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Technical textiles weaves new opportunity to Entrepreneurhip

  1. 1. Technical Textiles weaves new opportunity to Entrepreneurship  Introduction ( Starts with Wakeup song)  “Team Work” – Video clip  What is Technical Textiles ???  Non woven = Technical textiles  Scope of Technical textiles , Facts & Figures  SWOT Analyses – Technical Textiles  How Ministry of textiles support to develop Technical textiles  Conclusion  Interaction  Thanks
  2. 2. Technical Textiles weaves new opportunity to Entrepreneurship
  3. 3. Technical Textiles ??? Technical textiles are textiles product manufactured mainly for their technical & Functional properties rather than aesthetic and decorative characteristics. It called as Performance textiles or Functional textiles or Engineered textiles or High tech textiles It can be divided into many categories, depending on their end use
  4. 4. Non Woven = Technical Textiles Fiber -without weaving ----->     Fabric Nonwoven As the name indicates are fabrics are flat not woven fabrics structures Cost effective process as it mainly defined skips intermediary process as sheets or such as spinning, weaving webs made by preparation & Weaving bonding and entangling fibers High speed & productivity or filaments by compared conventional/ mechanical, woven process thermal or All nonwovens are technical chemical means. textiles but all technical textiles are not nonwovens Technical applications Hospital fabrics Surgical gowns Face masks Geo textiles Consumer and industrial wipes Upholstery paddings Military decontamination wipes Inner liners of protective fabrics Automotive headliners Automotive trunkliners Acoustic and thermal insulation materials
  5. 5. Global non woven out look India Russia S. Africa Brazil Emerging Markets South America China Mexico Turkey Early Development Markets Saudi Arabia Malaysia Japan Australia Europe -27 NAFTA Developed Markets Korea Taiwan 0 1 2 3 4 5High export volumes 7 6
  6. 6. "India Rising: Opportunities in Non woven and Technical Textiles", - Source by Texas Tech university
  7. 7. Scope Of Technical Textiles Technical textiles is “ Sunshine sector “ in India Various technical textiles products consumed by different industries automotive, Healthcare, construction, oil & Petroleum, so it will increase the consumption of technical textiles Growth Of Technical Textiles in India Rupees ( Crores) 200000 Data released by DGCI&S, Kolkata 158,540 150000 20% 100000 50000 11% 70,151 41,756 0 2007 - 08 2012 - 13 Year 2016 - 17
  8. 8. FACTS & FIGURES World wide Fibre consumption - Technical Textiles Conso In Tonnes Data released by CIRFS 7,100 8000 6000 4000 3,437 4,111 4,020 3,812 2000 0 EU America China India Rest of Fibre conso (Tonne) 3437 4111 7100 4020 3812 Avg rate % 15% 18% 32% 18% 17% Countries
  9. 9. SWOT Analyses – Technical Textiles 1 Strengths: • • • • An increasing level of R&D and innovation in CoE's Various textiles products are consumed by different industries Higher consumption growing exports Increasing adaptability level/ acceptance of products Control of leading worldwide technical/trade fair 2. Opportunities • Quick growth of technical textiles consumption per capita worldwide EU, China & others • Ministry of Textiles conducting Awareness programme/seminars/ workshop • Supports to business startup Providing fund / Market development
  10. 10. SWOT Analyses – Technical Textiles 3. Weaknesses • Small & Medium sized companies with limited capacity for investment • A high energy intensive industry • Low recyclability of technical textiles compared to traditional materials • Lack of attractiveness of the textile industry for young graduates 4. Threats • Scarcity of raw materials and increasing prices ( Mainly synthetic fibers ) • Increasing energy cost ( Gas& Electricity) • Growing pressures on prices, particularly on mature markets • Increasing competition from emerging countries and increasing market access barriers
  11. 11. Ministry of Textiles support to develop Technical textiles • Scheme for Growth and Development of Technical Textiles (SGDTT) - Baseline Survey, Awareness Campaigns and Creation of Centres of Excellence (CoE) – (Geotech, Agrotech, Protech, Meditech) • Technology Mission on Technical Textiles (TMTT) – standardization, creating common testing facilities with national / international accreditation, indigenous development of prototypes and maintaining a resource centre with I.T. infrastructure. – Setting up four additional Centers of Excellence (CoEs) (Nonwovens, Composites, Indutech and Sportech) – provide, support for the development of domestic & export markets for technical textiles. – Buyer seller meeting, Concession custom duty 5% specific machinaries, Training programme, Technical supports • Indian Technical Textiles Association ( ITTA) – The objective of ITTA is to promote, support, develop and increase productions, consumption and export of technical textile to make India a power house of technical textiles in the days to come.
  12. 12. CONCLUSION Technical textile is more importance to develop our export economy. It brings “HEALTHY INDIAN ECONOMY” Technical textiles is a tool to Motivate & Encourage “ Entrepreneurship “ to over come current situation NEWS Government plans to raise outlay by Rs 700 crore for technical textile sector Government disburses Rs 2,151 crore during 2012-13 under TUFS Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme Customs duty cut likely on technical textiles Technical textiles weave a new story Textiles Ministry asks firms to invest in technical textiles Technical textile market to touch Rs 1.58 lakh crore by FY 2017 Germany keen to partner with Gujarat companies for technical textiles Technical textiles usage in healthcare may touch $ 1 bn