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Ashoka U Commons Overview


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If you want to design social innovation curriculum, co-curriculum, or make the case for social innovation on your campus then the Commons is for you. This presentation gives an overview of our online professional development program for faculty and administrators working in changemaker education on campus. For more information visit

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Ashoka U Commons Overview

  1. 1. Ready to spread changemaker education on your campus? Commons Overview - July 12th Webinar, 2017
  2. 2. This presentation: ● Our vision for higher ed ● The Commons experience ● Case Studies ● How to apply & participate ● Discussion / questions
  3. 3. “Making Changemaking Education the Norm & Re-envisioning the Role of the University in Society” Our Vision
  4. 4. Changemaker Campuses 42 campuses in 9 countries dedicated to cultures of innovation and changemaking across disciplines, beyond silos, and within leadership.
  5. 5. The Commons is for people who are: ● Time crunched and don’t want to reinvent the wheel ● Looking for a greater sense of community and support with colleagues who are facing similar challenges and opportunities ● Seeking expertise from someone who has done this before ● Ready to take on a leadership role and looking to equip themselves with a strategy and resources
  6. 6. → Delivering leadership and professional development opportunities within Ashoka U’s community → Creating peer spaces for collaboration; working through challenges and opportunities together → Fostering accelerated learning and building environments for leaders at any stage of growing their social innovation ecosystems Our Commitment
  7. 7. → Content and best practices guided by a dedicated cohort Coach and Ashoka U expertise → Working in a collaborative peer environment in a Cohort relevant to your specific goals → Curated connections and communities of practice from Ashoka U’s 9+ years of building networks of campus innovators → A spirited, authentic community of individuals dedicated to each other and their work Experience At-a-Glance
  8. 8. Our platform for bringing content, discussions, and deliverables to life.
  9. 9. Discussions and Deliverables
  10. 10. Cohort and Peer-to-Peer Calls
  11. 11. Spotlight Coach and Community Calls
  12. 12. WHO HAS PARTICIPATED? 130+ individuals from institutions of every shape and size 15 countries represented by participants Faculty, staff, and administrators - Participants can come from any discipline, department, initiative, or cross-collaborative effort on campus
  13. 13. 1 participant - Executive Director of Innovation Practice Institute ● Developed a Strategic Plan for IPI’s Law & Social Innovation Education Program ● Co-created with Dean a Budget and Vision Statement for the Strategic Plan ● Deepened relationships with Pitt’s Vice Chancellor, who is now a primary advocate for partnering across other schools ● Led an Ashoka U Exchange session on SI in Law Making the Case for Changemaking Education University of Pittsburgh - 34,900 students | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania | 4 year institution
  14. 14. 3 participants over 2 sessions: 1 faculty in science, 1 faculty in business, 1 social innovation coordinator ● Developed an international experiential course for the Summer 2017 semester in Cuba ● Currently developing a minor in social innovation ● Created faculty development workshops to embed SE/SI practices in more curriculum ● Completed selection process for Changemaker Campus during second session of the Commons University of St. Thomas - 10,300 students | Saint Paul, Minnesota | 4 year institution “We need to develop interdisciplinary partnerships… breaking down silos and bringing people from different departments together… belonging to the Commons community is a very useful tool for UST.” Designing a Social Innovation Course and Mapping Student Learning Journeys
  15. 15. "The opportunity to regularly study best practices and share stories of our struggles and small victories was truly invaluable. I can’t imagine doing this work without access to colleagues who have been there before. I’m so grateful for the experience and to know that I can continue to learn from my Commons cohort in the future!" - Cynthia Sarver, Assistant Director, Social Innovation Collaboratory, University of St Thomas
  16. 16. 4-person team: 1 faculty in business, 1 faculty in music, 1 leadership director, and 1 Dean ● Collaboration across disciplines with a newly formed “Guiding Coalition for Social Entrepreneurship Education” ● Establishment of a formal SE Coordinator position ● Development of a website to house all information and programming from their initiative ● Hosting a Florida Forum for SE and Innovation this upcoming November Valencia College - 42,600 students | Orlando, FL | 2 year community college Launching Co-curricular Venture Programs
  17. 17. ""The Commons gifted us peer feedback, expert advice, and perhaps most importantly the focused time together as a team to work toward advancing social entrepreneurship education at Valencia College." - Jerrid Kalakay, Social Entrepreneurship Coordinator, Valencia College
  18. 18. CHANGEMAKER TOOLKIT ADVOCACY CIVIC ENGAGEMENT DESIGN THINKING SOCIAL INNOVATION PUBLIC SERVICE PHILANTHROPY A variety of methodologies are supported. You will be welcomed and encouraged to bring your lens to the Commons community.
  19. 19. Cohorts The Commons offers 6 cohort themes, each led by a dedicated Coach. There are a maximum 6 institutions per cohort to ensure a community feel and dedicated time with your Coach. 1. Making the Case for Changemaking Education 2. Designing a Social Innovation Course 3. Building a Social Innovation Course Sequence 4. Mapping Student Learning Journeys 5. Launching Co-Curricular Venture Programs 6. Building Allies and Raising Awareness
  20. 20. Cohorts ideal for 2+ participants Making the Case for Changemaking Education Creating strategies & action plans toward integrated changemaking efforts and increasing buy-in across campus stakeholders Mapping Student Learning Journeys Understanding, communicating and building pathways for student changemaking experiences on campus Building Allies and Raising Awareness Engaging campus stakeholders and community partners in building cross-campus teams, initiatives, and partnerships
  21. 21. Cohorts ideal for advancing ideas and concrete deliverables Designing a Social Innovation Course Creating and integrating curriculum for new or existing courses offered on your campus - any model and timeline of course Building a Social Innovation Course Sequence Best if you have pre-existing offerings around social innovation - designing curriculum for developing a minor, major, certificate, etc. Launching Co-Curricular Venture Programs Bring more student ideas into reality by focusing on programming around social incubators, hubs, initiatives or other spaces on campus
  22. 22. Cohorts to help you build your dream team → Making the Case for Social Innovation → Building Allies and Raising Awareness → Launching Co-Curricular Venture Programs Who would you want to invite to experience the Commons with you?
  23. 23. April 5-7, 2018 Co-hosted by Babson College Additional ways to engage your changemaking team
  24. 24. Next steps! The application deadline is August 1st. Submit via Application takes approx. 15 - 20 minutes to complete. Individuals from the same campus must submit their own application. We can help you choose the best cohort post application.
  25. 25. Let’s continue the conversation! Ali Fraenkel Ashoka U Commons Manager Book a time to speak here on my calendar.