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Recent devp

  1. 1. ColourIn Clothing
  2. 2. AcknowledgementI would like to thank my mentor Mrs. Vaibhavi Ranavde, for her guidance through thisproject.I would also like to thank Chandini Singh for her inputs on colour according togeographical area and Pallavi Gupta for volunteering for the photo shoot.
  3. 3. Which Colour is This?
  4. 4. Psychology of colour Mood Cultural AppearanceInfluences Perceptions Occasion
  5. 5. Flattering ColourCombinations The Golden Rules
  6. 6. Single Colour Increases HeightHermes SS 2011Elie Saab SS 2011DKNY SS 2011
  7. 7. Lighter Colour Head to Toe- Increased HeightRalph Lauren SS 2009Burberry SS 2011Elie Saab SS 2010Chloe SS 2010
  8. 8. Gucci SS 2011DifferentBlocks of Colour-Reduced Height
  9. 9. Broader Upper Lighter Top TorsoFendi SS 2011Armani SS 2011Michael Kors SS 2011Nina Ricci SS 2011
  10. 10. Broader Lower Lighter Bottom TorsoTommy Hilfiger SS 2011Bottega Veneta SS 2011Moschino SS 2011Fendi SS 2011
  11. 11. Plus Size Women Should Have Fun Too!
  12. 12. Available Colours: Dark and Boring
  13. 13. What Colour Suits Your Skin?
  14. 14. Asian SkinColours that Work:Ruby Red, Emerald Green,Royal Blue,Purple, Teal,Bright YellowColours to Avoid:Nude, Pastel and Frosted Shades(Skin might look washed out)
  15. 15. African SkinColours that Work:Black, True White, Reds,Royal blue, Fuchsia, Lemon Yellow,Blue Greens.Colours to Avoid:Subdued tones like beige, orange andgold
  16. 16. BlondeColours that Work:Ivory, Apricot, Lavender, Plum,Rose, Brown and Soft BlueColours to Avoid:Black,BurgundyOrange, Gold
  17. 17. BrunetteColours that Work:Pinks, Grey, Sage Green, Camel,Beige, Orange, Gold andDark BrownColours to Avoid:Navy Blue
  18. 18. Colour And Gender• Pink was once a colour associated with masculinity,considered to be a watered down red and held thepower associated with that colour.•The change to pink for girls and blue for boyshappened in America and elsewhere only after WorldWar II.•The switch happened as twentieth-century politicalcorrectness took root and, in an effort to promotegender equality, the colours began being used with theopposite genders.• This trend was so purposeful and explicit that itended up overcompensating for the superficialconnections attached to the symbolism of each colour,not eradicating them but merely reversing theirdirection on the gender spectrum.
  19. 19. • Blue for men stands our far more than for women.• Blue is universally associated with clean water, clear skies, authority, truth, tranquillity,etc. – making it a perennial favourite among all ages groups and genders.
  20. 20. What may be simply“purple” to a man couldbe grape, plum, or anyother fruit-like variant toa woman.
  21. 21. Colour And Age • Colour preferences differ by the age of the participant. Blue and Red maintain a high preference throughout life, but colours seem to drop down the list while other colours become more preferred. •With maturity comes a greater liking for hues of shorter wave length (blue, green, purple) than for hues of longer wave length (red, orange, and yellow)
  22. 22. Colour And Geographical Area
  23. 23. West India South India North India
  24. 24. Colour Forecasting• Authoritative colour forecasting associationslike International Commission for Colour inFashion and Textiles (IC) , International ColourAuthority ,etc. analyze the colour trends bystudying all the connected factors like vogue,social lifestyle, global economy, customers’colour preferences.•Past fashion colour trends marked withmarket’s statistic survey are also considered.• The decision of the future fashion colour ismostly dependent on colour experts andforecasters intuitions.•Forecasts are done 24 months before theretail season.•Womenswear moves faster than menswear.
  25. 25. SS ‘09 SS ‘10 AW ‘09
  26. 26. AW ‘10 AW ‘11 SS ‘11
  27. 27. One colour lasts for many seasons in its tints, tones and shades.Some colours are short-lived – only for oneseason.
  28. 28. Colours and Brands
  29. 29. • “United Colours” started with the idea of no racial discrimination,whatever the skin colour, people are always living together in peace andharmony.•So they took the “united colours” concept one step further in using awhole range of colours in their garments, which would cater to people ofall skin tones and also giving them a strong brand personality.
  30. 30. S/S 11 S/S 11 A/W 11
  31. 31. Conclusion• Colour plays an important role in clothing. Every designer should keep in mind that thecolours that he/she plans to use for their collection have a huge impact on the salabilityof a garment.•Right use of colours can change a person’s appearance.•A persons age, gender and character traits reflect in the colour of clothes he/shewears.
  32. 32. Bibliography• Colour Me Confident (Hamlyn Publications) Veronique Henderson Pat Henshaw• Fashion (Laurence King Publications) Sue Jenkyn Jones•••••
  33. 33. Thank You!ashna mehta fd 1004