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Corporate profile of Hay Group - A global managment consulting firm which provides several advisory services to turn an organisation\'s strategy into reality. Compensation and benefits studies is one of our core services. Our core competence is our Hay methodology used for job mapping and job evaluation. We have expertise in several industries such as Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Retail, Transportation, IT, ITES etc.

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Hay Group

  1. 1. Introduction to HayGroup HayGroup Centre for Learning At Hay Group, we help organisations work …by turning their strategy into reality
  2. 2. Evolution Evolve as an Hay Group founded by Geographic organization Hay group has Edward N. Hay expansion strategy firm evolved as the 1943 - 1958 1958 - 1984 1984 onwards thought leader in all areas of complex • Ned Hay started with •Significant • Developing a broad based organizational geographic study and value offering, e.g., issues expansion, both in evaluation of India - Leadership and top team the US and other management jobs Started in 2004development with General Foods parts of the world Offices in: - Competency based talent thereafter. Corporation Delhi mapping • Developed the Hay • Broadening the Mumbai value offering to evaluation process understanding Consultants 30+ & through the Guide The Statistics The Statistics influencing Chart method 100+ Clients • With over 2000+ employees • With over 2000+ employees organization design, • 84 Offices • 84 Offices culture and change • 47 Countries • 47 Countries • 7000+ clients across the world • 7000+ clients across the world 2 © 2008 Hay Group. All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. Business Statement We help clients translate strategy into action We help clients make insightful decisions We help organizations develop and retain world-class talent and leaders We help clients mobilize people to achieve business goals We help organizations to effectively implement and sustain our recommendations Business Statement 3 © 2008 Hay Group. All Rights Reserved
  4. 4. Hay Group offers the entire range of solutions ‘to make organizations work • Strategy Decode - Align strategy and actions • Organisation Culture • Business Operating Model Understand Business Context • Leadership Model • Organizational Structure Reward Information System * Competencies • Job Analysis Understand Understand * Leadership Styles • Job Evaluation Work People • Online Access to PayNet Impact on Climate * • Grade Structure • Assessment • Compensation & Benefits Databases • Process reengineering • Executive coaching • Market Analysis & Advice Evaluate & Reporting & Analysis • Manage • Customized Survey Capability Risks • Reward Benchmarking • Talent Management & Succession Planning • Performance Management System • Rewards Strategy 4 © 2008 Hay Group. All Rights Reserved
  5. 5. Reward Information Services Reward Information Services exists to provide reward information services to clients based on high quality databases and consistent methodologies Global Mission - We deliver the best information solutions that support the daily and strategic rewards decision making processes of our clients. We do this in a manner which generates organization specific insight and value by truly integrating with a client’s business Our global databases represent more than 7 million employees from nearly 13,000 organizations in over 90 countries worldwide (over 60 on PayNet) Over 500 of the Fortune 1000 are our clients. Data available for over 100 countries and interactive (PayNet) databases in over 70. The number of companies in our global databases increased by 14% and the number of incumbents by 19% this year. In India we have a Live Database of 175+ companies with over 106,000 incumbent wise data 5 © 2008 Hay Group. All Rights Reserved
  6. 6. What differentiates us Job Mapping Comprehensive and All incumbent data customised reports Hay Group Global Benchmarking PayNet Consistent Methodology 6 © 2008 Hay Group. All Rights Reserved
  7. 7. Methodology Job Evaluation (HayGroup Method) Job Matching JobMappingSM with Clients time with job structured approach descriptions and evaluated job descriptions Job Status (HayGroup Method) (hierarchically) matching Job Title matching Value Add 7 © 2008 Hay Group. All Rights Reserved
  8. 8. Job Mapping in today’s Value Chain • Freedom to act • Magnitude • Impact Accountability Know-How Problem solving • Technical know how • Breadth of Management • Human relations skills • Thinking challenge • Thinking environment 8 © 2008 Hay Group. All Rights Reserved
  9. 9. Total Rewards Approach – Reward Elements • Life Style • Work climate • Future Perspective Emotional Rewards • Quality of work Total Intrinsic Training & Value Addition Development Internal Value Or • Phone R Motivation • Cars Active E • Clubs Benefits REWARDS • Discounts M TOTAL U • Retirement Passive • Health and Welfare N Benefits EXTRINSIC • Holidays E Long • Stock R C All components to Term TOTAL • Performance Shares O which we can A Incentives M DIRECT P assign a monetary T E • Annual Incentive value Short Term T N C I • Bonus S Variable O A A T O S T • Base Salary I A H N Guaranteed Cash O • Allowances L N 9 © 2008 Hay Group. All Rights Reserved
  10. 10. Salary Movement & Forecast – Base Salary 10 © 2008 Hay Group. All Rights Reserved
  11. 11. Salary Movement & Forecast – Guaranteed Cash 11 © 2008 Hay Group. All Rights Reserved
  12. 12. Our Industry Partners 12 © 2008 Hay Group. All Rights Reserved
  13. 13. End of Deck 13 © 2008 Hay Group. All Rights Reserved