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Pirate Metrics 2.0 - AARRR


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A riff on Dave McClure's startup metrics for Pirates redrawn as a Customer Factory Blueprint. You'll learn how to define, measure, and communicate the key levers for traction in your business.

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Pirate Metrics 2.0 - AARRR

  1. 1. AARRR METRICS 2.0
  2. 2. A Brief History Dave McClure 500 Startups
  3. 3. ACQUISITION ACTIVATION RETENTION REVENUE REFERRAL Unaware visitor Passionate Happy Customer Pirate Metrics as a Marketing Funnel
  4. 4. ACQUISITION ACTIVATION RETENTION REVENUE REFERRAL Challenge 1: Funnels lack emotion 70% 30% 3% 2% 1%
  5. 5. ACQUISITION ACTIVATION RETENTION REVENUE REFERRAL Challenge 2: Customer journeys are non-linear When does referral happen? Or Here? Here? Here?
  6. 6. ACQUISITION ACTIVATION RETENTION REVENUE REFERRAL Challenge 3: Hard to internalize complex concepts What’s my engine of growth? Where is value created? Where do I focus first?
  7. 7. So I redrew Pirate Metrics…
  8. 8. Pirate Metrics as a Customer Factory Blueprint A metaphor for your business model
  9. 9. Metrics are people first
  10. 10. Easier to visualize the job of the business model
  11. 11. The Job: Turn unaware visitors into happy customers Happy passionate customers Unaware visitors
  12. 12. How You Do This:
  13. 13. How You Do This: Acquire raw materials
  14. 14. Create customer value How You Do This:
  15. 15. Deliver customer value through your Happy Customer Loop How You Do This:
  16. 16. Capture Value through your Monetization Engine
  17. 17. Trigger the Referral Loop
  18. 18. Helps simplify complex concepts
  19. 19. Notice two hotspots Node with the most number of lines leaving Node with the most number of lines entering
  20. 20. Customer value creation is a causal step
  21. 21. It causes: People to spend more time with you
  22. 22. It causes: People to spend more money with you
  23. 23. It causes: People to refer others to you
  24. 24. The inverse is also true: People leave you negative reviews People leave and don’t come back People ask for refunds
  25. 25. Helps Unlock the 3 Ways to Grow Your Business Your Customer Factory
  26. 26. Engines of Growth PAID STICKY REFERRAL
  27. 27. PAID Engine of Growth
  28. 28. STICKY Engine of Growth
  29. 29. REFERRAL Engine of Growth
  30. 30. Can be mapped to any type of business The Lean Canvas App Customer Factory
  31. 31. Makes for the perfect metrics dashboard
  32. 32. Helps identify bottlenecks
  33. 33. And achieve breakthrough
  34. 34. IN STORES JUNE 14TH. BUY THE BOOK: “Before you can prioritize waste, you have to be able to see the factory floor.” - Ash Maurya, Scaling Lean Master the Key Metrics for Startup Growth (AKA Traction) SCALING LEAN GET MORE FROM ASH AT LEANSTACK.COM