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Digital story copy

  1. 1. Orlando, Florida By Michaela
  2. 2. Driving all day and night in the car on the way to Florida, I was as stiff as a dead cat! I couldn’t wait to get there and get out of the car. Something funny happened along the way though.
  3. 3. We had a bag of Doritos and my brother, William, took a chip and he sucked on it and put it back in the bag! My dad was driving and guess what? He got that same chip out of the bag and ate it! It was so funny and we were all laughing. My dad said, “William, boy I’m gonna get you!” William just laughed. It was pretty hilarious.
  4. 4. When we arrived in Orlando, Florida we went to the resort to get settled. Then one mistake happened. They gave us the wrong room and building at the resort, so we moved to a different room. Our room was really big and it was so pretty! PICTURE GOES HERE
  5. 5. There was a store up the road. Since we had a kitchen in our room we were going to cook breakfast the next day. So we had to go to the grocery store to go grocery shopping and buy some eggs, bacon, sausage, pancake mix, and orange juice. When we were at the store everything was making me so hungry!
  6. 6. The next day we got up and cooked breakfast. Then mom and dad said, “Guess what kids? Today we’re going to Disney World!” We all said, “Yes!”, and we were filled with joy and excitement. I could feel my heart pounding harder and harder. Mom and Dad even looked excited, so we ate our breakfast and got ready to go. Then we were on our way to Disney World.
  7. 7. When we arrived I had so much excitement built up in me. I couldn’t wait to ride roller coasters, play games and get autographs and pictures from my favorite Disney characters.
  8. 8. When we got there I was trying to wait in line patiently to ride my first roller coaster, but I couldn’t stay still. I asked myself, “Would it be scary? Would I throw up?” Me, my mom, and my sister were in line waiting and all of a sudden a lady came up and said, “Excuse me, I have 3 passes to ride any roller coaster you want that you can use once. Do you want them?” I blurted out excitedly, “Yes, please! Thank you so much.” I guess she had seen me waiting in line impatiently.
  9. 9. When I rode the first roller coaster, my heart was pounding so fast. “Here we go!”, I thought. We started out slow and then we came to a stop, one wheel moved, and then we went down faster and faster and faster! Then we all screamed “AAAAHHHH!” and we were really loud.
  10. 10. I felt my mom grabbing my shirt, and then all of a sudden it was over. My heart was pounding even faster and it felt like it was going to burst! After that my mom, and my sister went to ice cream because my brother was asleep. I asked my sister, “Did you like it?” She said yes. I said “Me, too!”
  11. 11. The rest of the day was really fun, and I was sad to leave Disney World. I was also tired though and when we got back to the resort I took a shower and fell asleep. I was exhausted, and it had been a long day.
  12. 12. The next day we went down to the resort’s lobby and we found a brochure for a place called Old Town so that’s where we went. I was excited to see what Old Town was, and when we got there I saw it was a HUGE amusement park. They had games, a picture gallery, rides, and more games.
  13. 13. The most fun thing there was the pictures they took, black and white photos. There were costumes you got to pick so me and my sister decided to dress up as gangsters and it was really fun! It was very exciting.
  14. 14. The next day, we went to a place I like to call Fun and Games. The first thing I did ride was the go-karts. Me and my dad drove together first and then I drove with my sister. We bumped into some tires that time. Then me and my sister played a water spraying game and I won.
  15. 15. The next day we had to leave. I was so devastated to leave, and when we got home it was freezing cold! I was excited to see my granny sitting there waiting for us when we got home though after she was watching the house. I told my dad we had to go back to Florida again.
  16. 16. The best part of Florida was Disney World because we rode roller coasters and got autographs from our favorite Disney characters. Old Town was really cool too because we took some cool pictures. I also missed the resort’s swimming pool because the water was really warm. I can’t wait to go back!
  17. 17. THE END