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A set of detailed instructions on how to invite a popular author/illustrator to present assemblies at your school, library or conference

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Schoolvisit Cd Output

  1. 1. Thank you for the invitation to visit your school or library. Here is a taste of what you can expect from me and what you can do to prepare your students for my visit.
  2. 2. A short biography of Ashley Wolff I grew up in the small, country town of Middlebury, Vermont at the foot of the Green Mountains. I skied and skated in the winter, and bicycled and swam in the summer. The rest of the time I read and drew pictures of horses and princesses. My family had lots of animals like dogs and guinea pigs, white mice and a foot long alligator named Lurch. I went to high school in Vermont and then went to Art School in Rhode Island. In college I drew all the time and studied printmaking and illustration. My favorite course was called “Picture and Word.” When I moved to California more than 25 years ago, my first job was as an artist at a small newspaper. In 1983 I began painting murals and illustrating books for a living. and I’ve been doing that ever since. I’ve published nearly 50 books for children. I live in San Francisco with my husband, two teenage sons and a border collie named Lucy.
  3. 3. I live in this old, blue house in the Bernal Heights neighborhood of San Francisco, CA.
  4. 4. My art studio is in an upstairs bedroom. Woof!
  5. 5. T Important Questions: wo When Can I Come? How much will it cost? The earlier you schedule a visit the better. A year ahead is not too soon, but don’t hesitate to inquire anytime. My honorarium is: $1200/school day $500/library talk Other expenses a school or library may be responsible for include: * Car travel expenses at federal mileage rate * Airfare * Hotel * Meals illustration from Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten * Rental car, if necessary
  6. 6. When I come to visit I will bring lots of gear: A Laptop A Digital projector a portable sound system with wireless mic “Magic” Crayons Books for display Autographing Pens Your school will need to supply the rest: A darkened room in which to show slides A large screen or white wall A compact projector cart An extension cord a 3’x6’ table for displaying books A large, sturdy easel equipped with plenty of white, unlined paper if I am flying to you, I will NOT bring the sound system. I will NEED a lapel mic. A hand held does not work when I am drawing. illustration from Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten
  7. 7. Since I bring a lot of equipment, I like to remain in one location like the cafeteria, library or auditorium for my assemblies and to have the students come to me. I will present THREE assemblies per day. I will also make ONE additional classroom visit. For instance, to an afternoon kindergarten or a group of serious, upper-grade writers and artists. I enjoy having lunch with the teachers and, of course, will spend time autographing any books that are purchased.
  8. 8. I have done hundreds of Author Day visits and I know what works well for me: 1. I strongly prefer that students be seated on the floor, youngest ones in front, as close to me as possible. 2. I like the front row to be short and for each row behind that to widen, so the easel, screen and I are the pivot of a fan-shaped audience. If the screen is portable this works best if I am centered on the shorter wall of a room or in a corner. 3. I like teachers to sit on chairs on the edges of the fan, close to their class.
  9. 9. You can make me feel welcome by making a banner like this...
  10. 10. or like these.
  11. 11. I have found that the more involved your students are with reading and studying my books and artwork before I arrive, the better time we have on Author Day. The many faces of Miss Bindergarten! One school made this adorable centerpiece inspired by an illustration in Stella & Roy.
  12. 12. In return, I want to personalize my visit to your school as much as possible: Before I arrive, I will send you a bookmark similar to the ones here. On it will be your school’s name and location and the date of my visit. Please print enough of these so that each child can have one. That way, even if they cannot buy a book, they will have a souvenir of the day. When I arrive I will draw your school mascot and leave it for you.
  13. 13. I am currently best known as the illustrator of the beloved Miss Bindergarten series. I chose to portray this extraordinary Kindergarten teacher as a Border Collie for 3 reasons: Like all teachers, she is highly intelligent, she is skilled at herding, and, most important, she is willing to work like a dog!
  14. 14. These are Spanish bilingual I have illustrated, and These also come in a Spanish bilingual edition sometimes also written, nearly 50 books for children. I will weave references to many of them into my talks. The ones on this and the previous page are currently in print and available.
  15. 15. Many of my favorite books are Out of Print. However, you may already own them in your school library. Please look around for any of these and share them with your students as well. I mention many of them in my talks.
  16. 16. Since I am a visual learner and teacher, the core of my assembly is a slide presentation. I begin by explaining how I have always loved to read and draw. I will show examples of the art I made as a child and how books have always been important to me for many different reasons. Illustration from A Year of Beasts illustration from Miss Bindergarten Stays Home from Kindergarten by Joseph Slate
  17. 17. I tell students that I always wanted to be an artist, but I’m not sure my teachers thought I’d succeed!
  18. 18. I show them many examples of my childhood art and compare them with the way I have learned to draw now. I emphasize the importance of practice! illustration from I love My Mommy Because by Laurel Porter Gaylord
  19. 19. My family and friends have always been the stars in my books. I show and tell stories about how I disguise and transform them. I want students to understand that they can use their own loved ones as inspiration for characters and stories. illustration from Block City by Robert Louis Stevenson
  20. 20. Next, I ask each child to think to themselves about an animal whose name begins with the same 1st letter as their name. I call on students and we begin to create a story from their ideas. I teach them basic techniques of illustration like forward momentum, changing scale and point of view and the importance of letting the text and picture each carry their own weight.
  21. 21. You will keep I will autograph all the each one. They will drawings I be done in oil pastel make, so and can be laminated on the supply me low heat setting. with the best quality paper you can find.
  22. 22. I encourage all schools to arrange to sell books both before I arrive and on the day of my visit. Students treasure a memento of an author’s visit. I frequently meet teens who bring me books I signed for them when they were in grade school. During Author Day, time must be scheduled for me to personalize and autograph each one. You may contact me for information on how to order directly from the publishers or distributors, or arrange with a local bookstore to handle sales.
  23. 23. illustration from Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the Last day of Kindergarten by Joseph Slate We can have a fun and successful Author Day if we hold hands and work together! For more information visit me on the web at:, email me at: call me at: 415 826 7345, or write me at: 98 Cortland Avenue, SF CA 94110 Brochure illustrations copyright 2006 Ashley Wolff