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Advanced Facebook Advertising Techniques


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Get the biggest bang for your buck with these tips to help improve your Facebook Ad campaigns.

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Advanced Facebook Advertising Techniques

  1. 1. 1 Ashley Ward @AshleyMadhatter ADVANCED FACEBOOK AD TECHNIQUES
  2. 2. 2 ASHLEY WARD CEO & Founder Madhouse Matters Social Media Manager Facebook Advertiser Content Marketer Multiple Hat Wearer IPA Drinker Explorer of Cool Places @AshleyMadhatter
  4. 4. 4 million adverti sers on Facebook @AshleyMadhatter
  5. 5. in facebook advertisers from 2015 to 2016 @AshleyMadhatter
  6. 6. @AshleyMadhatter 5 new facebook profiles are created every second
  7. 7. @AshleyMadhatter 1.13 billion daily users to reach with facebook ads
  9. 9. 9 13 DIFFERENT AD OBJECTIVES Facebook gives you 13 different ad objectives to chose from. Each with a different purpose and goal for advertisers and users. So, before you chose an ad objective that’s going to get you your biggest bang for your buck, you need to define your goals and what Facebook can help you accomplish. This may seem like a basic step, but many advertisers just point and shoot with Facebook Ads, instead of aligning their goals with the objectives Facebook offers. @AshleyMadhatter
  11. 11. 2016 2017 11 Create goals that can be achieved and measured with Facebook Ads. • Want to increase exposure to your new app? App Installs • Need more online sales? Website conversions! Facebook is constantly creating new objectives to help us advertisers accomplish our goals with from increasing video views to trying to reach potential customers that are walking past our buildings. So, brainstorm your goals, and create realistic ones. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO ACCOMPLISH Build a Community Increase fans and interactions with fans on Facebook Increase Online Sales Using Facebook Utilize Facebook Ads and organic posts to direct traffic and conversions to product pages
  13. 13. local awareness ads
  14. 14. North - East South West Mid-West 14 LOCAL AWARENESS Local awareness ads are the lowest cost ad type if you’re trying to grow local impressions. If your business has a storefront, it should be trying to increase it’s local impressions. Tips on How to Improve Your Local Awareness Ads: 1. Add a Get Directions button to make it easy for people to find your storefront from wherever they are and whatever device they’re using. This button comes in handy for mobile-targeted ads, as well as desktop because when people tap or click the button on the ad, they get directions straight to your business from where they’re located. 2. Express that you’re a local business immediately by adding the local city or region in the ad content. Example: “Get off the strip and enjoy Vegas’ best kept secret at this family-style restaurant in Henderson.” 3. Think outside the box and use Local Ads for more than just finding new customers near you. You can use Local Ads to find new employees and affiliates, not just customers. @AshleyMadhatter
  15. 15. carousel ads
  16. 16. Showcase multiple products within a single ad or tell a story that develops across each carousel card using a Carousel Ad. Ads in the carousel format are interactive and don't cost any more than single-image or video ads, and let you display multiple images and call to actions. 16 CAROUSEL ADS @AshleyMadhatter
  18. 18. 18 CAROUSEL AD TIPS Tell a story. The best thing you can do with Carousel Ads is to tell a story with the ad content through multiple scrolling images, buttons, and text. Explain how something works. Show how a product can be used over the course of multiple images. The text should reinforce what the images mean, as well as how to act with a relevant call to action button, “Shop Now”, “Learn More”.. Be creative with content. Get creative with how the images are displayed by either chopping one large horizontal image into 4 sliding images, or use multiple images that tell the same story. The first image should be the most captivating, encouraging scrolling to the next image to see what’s to come. Facebook Industry Guidelines @AshleyMadhatter
  19. 19. offer claim ads
  20. 20. OFFER CLAIM ADS Everyone loves a good deal. With Facebook offer ads, you can create and extend timely discounts and promotions to the people you want to reach and encourage them to shop. @AshleyMadhatter
  22. 22. 22 TIPS FOR OFFER CLIAM AD OBJECTIVES You don’t need to be a retailer in order to create an offer ad. Offer a complimentary service, a free trial, etc. In order to increase in-store traffic, create offers that require people to come to the business. Store offers require customers to claim an offer barcode or QR code on their mobile device in stores, instead of sending them to a website with a promo code. Create unique promo codes to track purchases made from Facebook campaigns versus other PPC campaigns you may be running. The promo code can be: FB25OFF Publish one Offer Ad targeted to your existing fans and a second Offer Ad to people who don’t already like your page using different text and content that the audience would be familiar with. Example: The first Offer can use familiar branding and language, whereas the second Offer Ad should have more background into the product or service being offered. 1 2 3 4 @AshleyMadhatter
  23. 23. lead ads
  24. 24. LEAD GEN ADS We all want a new customer base or audience to connect with, whether you’re strictly in LeadGen marketing or looking for new customers. Gather leads and lead information using a customized form that can have multiple choice questions or use contact fields to collect new lead information: First name Last name Phone Email @AshleyMadhatter
  25. 25. LEAD AD TIPS
  26. 26. LEAD AD TIPS Integrate the Lead Ad with a CRM like Infusionsoft to immediately take action on your leads and integrate them into your email marketing funnel. An example of a follow-up action is sending a welcome email. Lead Ads integrate with Constant Contact, Marketo, Infusionsoft, MailChimp, Salesforce, Zapier, etc. making it easy to add new leads to existing CRM’s. Add a Context Card. Use context cards to describe what people get for “signing up” and giving you their information. Give us a reason to hand over our email addresses to yet another business. @AshleyMadhatter
  27. 27. video ads
  28. 28. People spend more than 100 million hours watching video on Facebook everyday, some serious, some LIVE, some hilarious. Across all video ads, the CTR rate on Facebook is up 57% over last quarter and as a result, 31% of Facebook budgets have shifted to video due to higher performance. Take advantage of this action by using the Get Video Views ad objective and show your videos to people that are most likely to watch and act on them. VIDEO ADS
  29. 29. VIDEO AD TIPS
  30. 30. 30 VIDEO AD TIPS Target Mobile Users: Check the box that requires mobile users to be connected to Wifi to avoid buffering issues and being charged for views you’re not fully getting due to internet connection. Boost Posts: Promote LIVE videos after you have gone LIVE to increase video views and exposure at a low cost per engagement using the “Boosted Post” ad objective. Boost Posts Before Going LIVE: Advertise multiple promoted posts before going LIVE to inform people when, where, and why for your next LIVE video to increase views and attendees. Chewbacca Mom: Video ads don’t have to be staged with expensive equipment and a production team. Some of the most viral videos are in natural environments using “real people” demonstrating a product. 1 2 3 4 @GoPro
  32. 32. use conversion pixels.. or die
  34. 34. FACEBOOK CONVERSION PIXEL This pixel is able to track users movements in and outside of Facebook, as well as the actions they make. Facebook recently updated their pixel to make the conversion pixel easier and more effective than ever before. The new pixel helps you access: • Conversion tracking. See how successful your ad is by seeing what happened as a direct result of the ad. What engagements were made? • Optimization. Automatically bid for conversions after you set up your pixel to better optimize the ad costs. • Remarketing. Remarket to everyone who visits your site, or to people who visit specific pages or take specific actions. In order to use Facebook pixels for your website you need traffic. No traffic = no chance of conversions = high CPC
  36. 36. Target current customers by uploading their email addresses and phone numbers to Facebook. Encourage upsells and put new offers in front of familiar faces using ads targeted to Custom Audiences. If you don’t have that many customers to upload into Facebook, fewer than 1,000, try the following tips: • Choose to pay by impressions to make sure the ads are served to your small audience. • If you manually bid on ads then increase the maximum CPM bid to help reach the small audience. • Create Lookalike Audiences from the Custom Audience to help grow your ad audience size. CUSTOM AUDIENCES
  38. 38. LOOKALIKE AUDIENCES Lookalike Audiences helps you create new audiences to target on Facebook. Create your lookalike audience through: ● Existing Audiences: Upload a list of your existing customers/leads and Facebook will match the data that you upload to user login data. Then uses Lookalike Audiences to find people that have similar traits to that audience. ● Website visitors: After installing a Facebook pixel on your website, you can create Lookalike Audiences based on people who've visited specific pages on your website. ● Page fans: Use Lookalike Audiences to create an audience based on people that like your page. ● Previous ad conversions: A great strategy for finding new customers is to drive a large number of conversions over time with ads, then create a Lookalike audience based on those conversions. After your first 100 conversions, you can setup a Lookalike Audience based on your conversions, but make sure you’ve given yourself a long enough time period and have a large enough audience to duplicate from. @AshleyMadhatter
  39. 39. advanced tips // 6 key takeaways //
  40. 40. MOBILE IS LIFE
  41. 41. TIPS FOR MOBILE If the call to action button for a mobile-only ad is to “Shop Now” chose to only show the ad to users who are connected to Wi-Fi. This way their connection won’t be interrupted or the performance of the website slowed down while they shop from mobile devices. 1 2 Use a mobile-derived call to action, an objective someone can accomplish on a mobile device. 3 Create mobile-only ads to test different markets and see which type of ad placement gets you the most conversions. @AshleyMadhatter
  43. 43. Speaking of mobile, Instant Articles makes reading articles through Facebook on mobile devices a pleasant user experience. Articles are clear, concise, and quick to load on mobile when Business Pages share Instant Articles, versus linking to blog posts or websites outside of Facebook. And, you can make money off of them! 43 INSTANT ARTICLES ON FACEBOOK @AshleyMadhatter
  44. 44. 44 MAKE MONEY THROUGH ADVERTISING Display ads that relate to your audience within your Instant Article from other advertisers. Chose ad types that make sense for your audience and get paid to display them. Work with Facebook’s 4+ million advertisers using Audience Network and get paid to show relevant ads to your demographic, as well as get paid to show your ads in Instant Articles. Like to create ads? Have a good ad sales team? Sell your own video, animated, and/or banner ads to Publishers to make additional revenue. Track traffic and reporting with Instant Articles using analytic providers you’re most likely already using, like Google Analytics, Omniture or comScore. 1 2 3 @AshleyMadhatter 4
  46. 46. Most clicked on call to action button is “Learn More”, then “Shop Now”, followed by “Sign Up” Book Now Learn More 46 CALL TO ACTION BUTTONS @AshleyMadhatter
  47. 47. Avoid using call to action buttons that require specific hours. ○ For example, if the business is closed from 6pm to 9am, don’t run an ad with a “Contact Us” call to action button during closed business hours. Otherwise, you can miss out on a new potential customer. Designate what hours the ad should run. The same goes for the days of the weeks. ○ If you’re open weekends for emergencies, run advertisements Thursday-Sunday promoting your emergency hours so it’s relevant. ○ It won’t make sense to see an ad encouraging us to call and make an appointment for the weekend if it’s only Tuesday. 47 CALL TO ACTION BUTTON CHOICES @AshleyMadhatter
  48. 48. A/B TEST, A LOT
  49. 49. 1. Test objectives. Create multiple ads under the same objective to attract different types of customers, and then test them against each other, and then test them again, and then test ads with new objectives, and then test again. You’re looking for the lowest cost for the most conversions. 2. Test interests and behaviors. Does your cost per objective rise dramatically when targeting broadly or narrowly by interests/behaviors? 3. Test different creatives. Using the same text, test different images against each other. Does an image with a person perform better than an abstract image? 4. Test in multiple ad sets. Create a new ad each time you test - don’t just keep editing the same ad over and over, this way you can easily turn off the underperforming ad. 49 A/B TEST FACEBOOK ADS
  51. 51. 51 Top Five Keywords For Every Ad AdEspresso recommends always including these top 5 words for your Facebook Advertisements: YOU FREE BECAUSE INSTANTLY NEW @AshleyMadhatter
  53. 53. Track ad performance and analyze which DAYS results in the most RESULTS. Chose the best performing days to run ads on. ● According to Bitly, the highest traffic occurs mid-week between 1 to 3 pm. ● On Thursdays and Fridays, engagement is 18% higher. These results can be different and unique for your audience, but if you don’t ever track performance, you’ll never know what your niche audience responds to best. Total results 1 2 4 2 3 5 4 6 7 6 9 8 0 2 5 7 9 11 @AshleyMadHatter
  54. 54. that’s all, folks
  55. 55. 55 @AshleyMadhatter Tweet me with your Facebook Ad questions! Download the Presentation THANK YOU