"My Childhood" by Ashley M. Voss (age 8)


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A slideshow adaptation of my third grade autobiography.

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"My Childhood" by Ashley M. Voss (age 8)

  1. 1. Before BETWEEN THE SLEEVES Told through the pages of ‘MY CHILDHOOD’ by Ashley M. Voss, child author
  2. 2. “On a cold day at 12:20 p.m., a new person came into theworld. Guess what? It was me! I was born on November 13,1984. My mom was in labor for 21 hours. I weighed 7 lbs and5 oz and was 21 inches long.Shortly after I was born, my dad called my grandparents tosay that they had a new granddaughter and that her namewas Ashley Marie Voss. ”
  3. 3. on being A shley in Novembers‘o8s4SIDENOTEkS fun of my parents’ lack of originality for a few re ma e a n:I often like to I was born on November 13 (a birthday I share with 5 other friends from high school & college). So, if you do the math, it means I was a Valentine’s Day miracle! Ashley is the 3rd most popular name of 1984 (my parents saw it on a Lamaze class list, but apparently my mom’s friends always asked if I was named after a character on “The Young and the Restless.” Ugh.) My first job out of college was in the sport of rugby. This led to interacting with our pals in England and occasionally Australia, which meant via email I was “Mr. Voss” … a lot.
  4. 4. MORE ng an Ashley... S I D E N OT E S o n h at i n g b e i According to the “Freakonomics” documentary, these days the former middle class name Ashley has trickled down to the “Wal-Mart set” and become “low-rent Trashley.” Gee thanks, Morgan Spurlock (FYI: You have a girl name...but my dad has the same name, so it’s cool.) Speaking of my parents, here are some bonus photos of them sporting fashion forward tees...
  5. 5. But, I digress...(Let’s get back to MY CHILDHOOD by Ashley M. Voss)
  6. 6. “ When I was about one year old, my dad gave me the nickname Goober. Do you want to know why? Because I used to slobber all over everybody. When I turned one, I dove into my birthday cake. “
  7. 7. “ My parents say that I used to talk to the animals that my dad mounted and hung on the wall and that every time they “ tried to move them somewhere else I got mad and they always had to move the animals back. Ashley Voss, dead animal whisperer.
  8. 8. r n. I was very J ustin was bo o not being two, my li ttle brother y to adjust t“When I wasjea lous of him at first. It w . as hard for m one day she couldn’t My mo m says that ild anymore ooked everywhere and fi nally found the only ch t she l M y mom also find me. She said tha R uxspin doll. to my Teddy h en counter, me in a cl oset talking n g on the kitc the Pilsbury d ay she fo und me sitti e nding I was s aid that one in flour pret head to toe “ corated from de Doughboy.
  9. 9. “When I was three, I learned to ride my first bicycle with trainingwheels. I also started tap dancing when I was three. When I was four,I started fishing. (Now I love fishing!) I also started dancing at JudyStillman’s. I danced there for four years. I started preschool when I “was four. I went to Jack and Jill preschool. My teacher’s names wereMiss Peachy and Miss Fuzzy (those weren’t their real names.)
  10. 10. “At my fifth birthday party, I pretended to be Vanna White.When I was five and a half, I started kindergarten. Myteacher’s name was Miss Purtell (now it is Mrs. Miller). Our “class had two class clowns, but I’m not going to mention anynames. I liked kindergarten. Clearly telling my party guests that we’re about to play a game of “pin the ponytail on Barbie.”
  11. 11. To be continued... (In both childhood book & t-shirt form)
  12. 12. UNTIL N EXT TIMEHE..A.UTHOR section. And some sweet early ‘90s BOUT T eA utout. Enjoy this awesom eck... AN D a Beverly Cleary sho mall hair... And one sick floral turtlen
  13. 13. O H, AND ONE M ORE THING...iography, I’m actually i autob ffered through my min Now that you’ve su Here is a quick prev iew: t story. going to post my first shir Beware, my upcoming post will briefly mention rat tails...