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  1. 1. MiscarriagesBy Ashley Stevens
  2. 2. Miscarriages• A miscarriage is the loss of a fetus before the20th week of pregnancy. The medical term for amiscarriage is spontaneous abortion, but thecondition is not an abortion in the commondefinition of the term.
  3. 3. What causes a miscarriage?• Miscarriage is caused by problems that occurduring the process of early development.• When the egg doesnt implant properly in theuterus• When the embryo has structural defects thatprevent it from developing.• Having a baby at late age• History of miscarriages
  4. 4. What causes a miscarriage?• Smoking, drinking, and using drugs.• Chronic diseases or disorders such as diabetes,blood clotting disorders, hormonal disorders,polycystic ovary syndrome and many more.• Obesity• History of birth defects or genetic problem
  5. 5. Signs of miscarriage• Vaginal spotting or bleeding can be one of thesigns in early pregnancy.• Having abdominal pain, which usually beginsafter you first have some bleeding. It may feelcrampy, mild, sharp or you may also feel lowerback pain.• Pelvic pressure.• Not being able to hear babies heart beat.
  6. 6. Story of someone who had amiscarriage•
  7. 7. Miscarriage probability 1-2 week 3-6 week 6-122ndtrimester3rdtrimesterpercentage of probability of miscarriages inweekspercentage ofprobability ofmiscarriages in weeks
  8. 8. Miscarriage: a historical perspective.• In ancient times people have been trying to avoidmiscarriages, as u can see in this example this is whatthey did:“Ancient cultures have applied a variety of fascinatingtherapies to prevent the occurrence and reoccurrence ofmiscarriage. Ceremonies of ritual purification, specialprayers, and a variety of medicinal therapies wereemployed throughout the ages to prevent this fearedevent. Rituals to memorialize and help mourn the lostpregnancy were developed in many cultures. Theserituals reinforce how deeply men and women areaffected by early pregnancy loss.”
  9. 9. pictures