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Anytime Fitness Strategy


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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Anytime Fitness Strategy

  1. 1. Strategy Ashley Steinhoff NMDL Spring 2012
  2. 2. AboutOver 1,800 Fitness CentersOpen 24/7Personal TrainingTanningYouTube Channel, Twitter, Facebook, blog
  3. 3. Goals Increase social media traffic Improve customer relations Increase brand awareness Mobile app downloads Improve membership loyalty
  4. 4. ChallengesLimited reach Do we want to reach everyone, or only people in cities with Anytime Fitness Centers?Motivation How do we motivate people who currently don’t use a gym or belong to another gym to join ours?Differentiation How does our online presence make us unique from our competitors?
  5. 5. Social MediaTwitter Engage followers with fitness tips and quotes, as well as holding contests Incorporate YouTube by letting followers upload homemade workouts- best workouts win a prize and are taught in Fitness CentersFacebook Publish best entries from YouTube/Twitter contests and let users comment and “like” them Give away freebies for “liking” the page, such as a free one-time meeting with a trainer, or free one month tanning package at any fitness center Let users upload testimonials of their experiences with Anytime Fitness, and form groups at their local Anytime Fitness center to meet workout partners and other gym membersBlog The blog is already strong, so link the blog more often to Twitter and Facebook to engage more potential customers
  6. 6. Internet AdvertisingGoogle AdWords Link to blog, which is less pushy and more helpful than regular site. Possible keywords/phrases: “24/7 Gym”, “personal trainers”, “affordable gym”, “gym membership”, “weight loss”Advertise Twitter and YouTube contests on blog, and encourage other bloggers to share them
  7. 7. MobileAnytime Fitness Mobile App Lets users track diet and exercise on their smartphones Users could be able to upload customized workouts from Anytime Fitness personal trainers Provide limited features to non-members, allow members to use all features of the app for free Promote this as an advantage of being a member of Anytime Fitness
  8. 8. EvaluationHow can we evaluate success? Increase in Twitter followers, mentions, retweets, favorites Increase in YouTube views and subscriptions AdWords results Mobile app downloads and usage Increase in membership
  9. 9. TimelineStrategy will begin May 2012AdWords and social media contests will be steady monthly, with an increase in spending in the months of December and January
  10. 10. Budget$500,000: $250,000 toward mobile app improvements and maintenance $100,000 toward two employees to keep with Twitter, Facebook and Blog $50,000 toward an employee to run contests $100,000 toward Google AdWords and other advertising expenses