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Online Learning


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Online Learning

  1. 1. Online Learning in the Classroom By: Ashley Sroczynski
  2. 2. Online Learning In A Classroom Setting• Blended Learning – Rotation: 25-30 minutes • Computer Instruction • Classroom Instruction
  3. 3. Curriculum Online• Teachers create the curriculum and place it online using a website such as Moodle.•
  4. 4. Blended/Balanced Curriculum• While on the computer, students will get a balance of the core subjects (language arts, math, social studies, science) as well as use their critical thinking skills
  5. 5. Teacher Decision• It is the teacher’s job to decide what each student will be doing on the computer.• This allows for individualized instruction
  6. 6. Resources on Blended Learning•••
  7. 7. References• Hargis, J & Schofield, K. (2007). Integrating Online Learning into Elementary Classrooms. In P. Adams Online Learning (pp.33-47). Eugene, OR: International Society for Technology in Education