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Step outline

  1. 1. Step Outline Intro Mannequin hand with middle finger up. 0:00 – 0:03 Notepad with text “Riley”. On desk. 0:03-0:06 Riley in dilapidated car park area, Low, wide shot of area, with him in the corner of the shot, out of focus, then walks off screen. The shot refocuses 0:07-0:10 Reverse zoom through one of the three graffiti tunnels. – Black and white, initially but use an effect to make colour come back as it comes out. Have this change going on throughout the video. – Signifies the change from black chalk to Riley. 0:10-0:14 Black titles screen with text: “Malcolm Middle”. Cut the audio when it changes to this. 4 seconds (silence) After that shots of Riley’s feet walking across the ground. Maybe with the car behind me down blue lane. Riley’s feet walking towards the camera. Slow motion effect applied“Watching steps, mind my cranium” “Guest, depressing index” Slow zoom on the X. “Directing lead fire”Riley rapping in the car park, gun motions with hands. 20:00-21:00 “From the text, And at best” Over the shoulder shot, Riley writing in room. 21:00-23:00 “Leaving you cross like Malcolm X middle men” Slow zoom on the X. Second shot with the Mannequin hand.“Stressed” “Like Malcolm X middle men stressed” string together shots of Riley’s outfit, and shots of the car. Panning shots. Left to right, or right to left. Verse 1
  2. 2. Wide shot of the car, with Riley in front of it, leaving enough space above it for text to say “Black Chalk”. “The Blackest Chalk aka white as dark horse” Shots of the car, interior of the car with Riley in front of the headlights from behind the window screen. Put a prop on the windshield. A stack of money or something inferring materialistic values.“Anthrax running course.” “Remorse like” Rapping in front of car. Blue Lane. “Skulls and bones across boards” Static shot of skull and cross bones on Hassan’s wall. “Incredible poised, on credible”mid-shot of Riley rapping. Car Park. “Readable noise, ink –effable but”extreme close up of chain notepad. “Ineffable f***s” cut out to Riley wearing it around his neck. A mid shot. In the dilapidatedcar park. “F***ing just with us, uh” – Mid/wide shot of the car, static shot and edit multiple Riley’s into the shot. One behind steering wheel, one “partying” on the side with bottles of alcohol and one rapping.Edit them in and out rapidly. Blue Lane. “Satiate my brackets you’re half substantial” – High angle, craning shots from the sunroof of the car of Riley rapping, headlights of the car lighting him up. Blue Lane. Close up, upper body, hand motionson“like crisp packet, yo f**k it” ripping motion with hand, then middle finger. Canted angle. Car Park. “cause sucking do nothing”Riley walking with camera behind him, tracking shot, slow motion effect. Down the tunnel. “But hard feelings”Sitting on a wall with Hassan near the tunnel place. Make suggestive motions with hands and arms.
  3. 3. “And circumcision causes omission of”More walking, turn around to face the camera. Slow motion. Down tunnel. “Hard feelings”same arm motions, but in front of the car instead. “Dealing with devils like role reversal” – Slow motion zoom in on the X. “Jesus, slipping my D in a demon, disguised as Venus” Canted angle; close up, Riley looking in mirror with blank expression rapping. “Who prizes my v” Leaning on car, casually. Low angle. From Riley’s left or right. V sign with fingers. “Seventeen and fiending to secrete semen within this twenty year evil genius” Reverse zoom from tunnel, signifies the change from black chalkto riley. “Incubus busting nuts” – Split screen mid-shot of an attractive female, and a vulnerable looking Riley. “Lust” The word flashes on the screen OR/WHILE they both say it simultaneously. Her with a smile, him with a fearful look. Camera cuts to a close up. “But from black dust we’re forging nebula and suns.” Low angle of Riley with hand outstretched to the camera. Bridge “Buts in the Ashtray”Rapid string of shots, a female rear, extreme close up of a butt and finally, an ashtray, all with the letters“BS” flickering on and off. “While leading you astray and” Reverse zoom through the tunnel. Miss leads Venus that that’s name” Close up of attractive female and a group of friends. “Are we on the same page?” Split shot between Riley and the female. Both miming lyrics.
  4. 4. “Ay” Shot of me walking. “Are we on the same page?” Same shot of the notepad, but now it has “Her” written under Riley. “Ink spills to spell out claims and” Riley rapping with notepad chain around my neck. “That’s terrible, but” Slow motion, Riley ripping the notepad open. “Middle men get bills paid” – HandheldShot of dashboard of car. Materialistic prop on the dashboard. Riley in front of the window again. “Spill” Raises head up from the water basin, in the mirror. Chorus 2 “Watching steps, mind my cranium” Feet walking again, but on grass, or farmland. “Guest. Depressing index.” Rapping in front of the car, trigger fingers, high angle. “Directing lead fire from the” Pen/pencil rolling across the desk in slow motion. A notepad being picked up, black and white. “Text and at best, leaving you” Low angle of Riley practicing in his room, slow motion effect still applied. Black and white. “Cross like Malcolm X Middle Man Stressed” Slow zoom in on the X. “Like Malcolm X Middle Man Stressed”. Mannequin hand with middle finger up. Verse 2 “Darker than” Sign of Fenland.Canted maybe? Black and white maybe? “The crevice in father’s white palms.” Extreme close up of Riley’s father’s palms, then a close up of his face,
  5. 5. with a black strip across his eyes. Across the strip have text: “Malcolm Middle” “And inversely in verses I’m lighter than” Crouching in a field. High angle shot, maybe from the top of the car again. Daytime. “Black lungs dispersing my word.” Riley by the car, dressed in all black. Low angle shot, contrasting the shot before it. “With focus, experiential knowledge that’s spoken” Slow zoom out of the tunnel, gradually turning to colour. “And eyes on me like a sunny side up on”Split editing. Horizontal split. Shot of Riley’s mouth rapping, extreme close up of both eyes and mouth. “Yolks Iris nervous deciding if” Zoom in on the X slowly. “Purse or my person has worth that’s internal.” Riley walking out of the house, taking money from his mother’s purse. “As 1961’s inverted, it’s real” Riley rapping in the field. Rotary motion with arms. Mid shot. “My purpose remains undisturbed” Walking backwards in the field, turning around, slow motion, arms outspread, and thencup my lower face in my hands. “You’re choosing” Point at the camera, low angle, similarly to the hand outstretched one. “To die late or die looting” Slow motion of Riley cutting his throat with his hand while walking forward. Car Park. “Solution being to soak in the notion that you ain’t” Face dripping from the water basin. Mouthing words. “Stanley Tookie I’m Kubrick” Black Chalk rapping, in front of the car. Motion to you, then to me. Backwards tracking shot.
  6. 6. “Salivating profusely” Reverse zoom through tunnel. Colour almost restored “Spitting on your grave with a loogie I’m” Black Chalk rapping the lyrics, low angle, crouching. “Sicker than truth be”Dilapidated car park,speed up the track, and apply slow motion so it’s in sync. “And heated. Like heaters” Riley rapping in front of the car, gun motions again. “Hotter than Dante’s depictions.“ Riley walking, with a lens flare effect applied, still slow motion. Field. “Of rings reflecting the 9” Tunnel, leaning on the wall, throw up 9 fingers, while it zooms out. Colour restored completely. “And the sins in hands committed illuminate” Hold my hand out to the camera, like Big L does. Overlay the picture of Riley as a baby with hand out, and Big L with it out too. “Middle men strictly.” Zoom out from the X. Cut to black: Screen with text saying “Titled/Self.”