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Shot list

  1. 1. Shot List Shot number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 Shot type Close up Extreme close up, slight low angle Wide-shot, slight low angle Long-shot Action Mannequin hand Lyric notepad and smoke Riley stands in left third of shot composition Reverse zoom through tunnel Close up, tracking shot Riley walking forward Long shot Slow zoom in on X Close-up Riley’s hands in a pistol shape Over the shoulder shot Riley writing in his room Long shot Slow zoom in on X Close up Mannequin hand Close up Riley’s feet Close up Wheel of car Close up Riley’s waist Close up Side of car Close up Riley’s back Close up Bonnet of car Close up Chest of Riley Wide-shot Riley in front of car Handheld shot, long shot Riley in front of car, shot from car interior. Low angle, mid-shot Skull and cross bones flag. Long shot Riley rapping Close up Notepad chain worn around neck Mid-shot Riley rapping Wide shot Multiple Riley’s “Trapping” High angle Riley in headlights of car Mid-shot, slight low Riley making ripping angle. motions. Tracking shot Riley walking in tunnel
  2. 2. 28 Wide shot 29 Tracking shot 30 Mid-shot 31 32 Long shot Over the shoulder shot 33 Low angle, long shot 34 Long shot 35 Mid-shot 36 37 Mid-shot Close up 38 39 Close up Low angle 40 41 Extreme close up Extreme close up 42 Extreme close up 43 Long shot 44 45 Wide shot Close up 46 Close up 47 48 Long shot Extreme close up Riley and Producer sitting on wall, suggestive arm motions Riley walking in tunnel and turns to face camera Riley rapping with car behind him, suggestive arm motions Slow zoom in on X Riley rapping with a blank expression in mirror Riley leaning on side of car, rapping, “V” sign with fingers Reverse zoom through tunnel Attractive female facing camera Riley facing camera Attractive female facing camera Riley facing camera Riley’s hand reaching out to camera Cigarette being tapped Ash tray with cigarette in background Ash tray with cigarette and female in the background Reverse zoom through tunnel Group of females Attractive female facing camera, miming lyrics Riley facing camera, miming lyrics Riley walking forward Notepad in smoke room
  3. 3. 49 50 Wide shot Long shot 51 Handheld camera, wide shot 52 Over the shoulder shot 53 Close up tracking shot 54 High angle 55 Extreme close up, tracking 56 Symmetrical wide shot 57 58 59 60 Long shot Close up mid shot Close up high angle 61 62 Close up High angle 63 64 Low angle Long shot 65 66 Extreme close up Extreme close up 67 68 Long shot Close up 69 Mid-shot Female group walking Riley rips open notepad while walking towards the camera Interior of car, Riley rapping outside front windshield Riley raises head from water basin, looks in the mirror Riley’s feet, walking on farmland Riley rapping in front of car, making trigger finger motions Pencil rolling across the table, notepad is picked up in background Riley standing in front of artwork rapping with back to camera Slow zoom in on X Mannequin hand Shot of Fenland sign Father’s wrists and palms Father’s face Riley crouched in field, stands up Riley rapping by car Reverse zoom through tunnel Riley’s eye Riley’s mouth miming lyrics Slow zoom in on X Close up handshake with money Riley making rotary motion with arms
  4. 4. 70 Tracking mid-shot 71 Low angle, long shot 72 Over the shoulder shot 73 Wide shot 74 Long shot 75 Low angle 76 77 79 Wide shot Low angle, long shot, handheld Low angle, long shot, handheld Close up, low angle 80 Long shot 78 Riley looks at camera surprised while walking backwards towards camera in field, turns around with arms outspread, then cups face in hands Riley walks towards camera, pointing, then cut throat motioning Riley’s face dripping in mirror from water basin, mouthing words Riley rapping in front of car, points at camera, then himself Reverse zoom through tunnel Riley crouched rapping to camera, in front of car Riley rapping Riley leaning on car, gun motions Riley leaning on tunnel wall, throws up fingers Riley extends hand in front of camera Static shot of X.