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Pharma IQ Media Kit

  1. 1. Pharma IQMedia KitOPPOrtunItIeswIth Pharma IQ -the netwOrk fOrPharma and BIOtechPrOfessIOnalsEngage with a global Pharma communityPosition yourself as a Pharma Business leaderAchieve unparalleled campaign
  2. 2. Pharma IQ – the netwOrk fOr fact summarYPharma & BIOtech PrOfessIOnals launched in spring 2010Pharma IQ is a leading network for the global pharmaand biotech community. We provide industry professionals 25,000+ active membersand decision makers with exclusive information, news andtrends through Articles, Podcasts, Videos, Webinars, Seminars ranked 7th on Googleand Conferences. for PharmaWidely respected as one of the most credible sources of 4,700+ linkedIn memberscontent in the industry, our contributors include thoughtleaders and senior figures from leading organisations, including 2,200+ followers on twitterPfizer, Roche, FDA, Eli Lilly, Merck, GSK, Novartis, Abbott andAstra Zeneca.Pharma IQ was developed by IQPC and delivers pharmaceutical Our IndustrY renOwnedprofessionals around the world with tailored conferences, events Include:large scale events, seminars and in-house training programs,keeping them up-to-date with industry trends, technological cool chain europedevelopments and the regulatory landscape. IQPC leverages clinical trial supplya global research base of best practices to produce anunrivalled portfolio of over 1,500 events annually around the elns & advancedworld, and continues to grow exponentially. Founded in 1973, laboratory solutionsIQPC has offices in major cities across six continents including: conferenceLondon, New York, Berlin, Dubai, Sao Paulo, Singapore,Stockholm, and Sydney. compound managementThis document explains the value of online activity with Pharma & IntegrityIQ and how online activity can create a seamless and long-term Global Biobanking summitroute to market.The opportunities discussed allows our partners to realisethe value in working with Pharma IQ, in order to directlycommunicate with thousands of senior members online, utilisingvarious platforms such as Webinars, White Papers, Podcastsand Advertising opportunities, ultimately engaging with a massaudience effectively and efficiently.Online activity brings media presence to a global audienceand build strong brand awareness. The interactive nature ofthe various platforms provided by Pharma IQ and the uniquequalities of the medium allow for instant responses.Utilising our platform will allow you to tie together creativeand technical aspects of the internet, including: design,development, advertising, and sales. Allow us to placeyour brand along many different stages of the customerengagement cycle through search engine marketing,search engine optimization, banner ads, e-marketing,webinars and various other effective education tools.
  3. 3. OnlIne marketInG chanGes the facts:everYthInG $4.26 billion will be spent on social media marketing globallyMarketing online allows you to track real-time results using in 2011online analytics to make a determination on how your marketingcampaign is performing. There are ways to track traditional 46% of Internet users worldwide interact with social media onmarketing efforts, but most of the time it cannot be done in a daily basisreal-time. This can mean the difference between success or 25% of social media users arefailure for your campaign. more likely to look into a brand advertising on social mediaThere are so many options when marketing online. You canuse audio, video, blogging, email, social media and ongoing 15% of these users are morenewsletters. If you were to do the same thing in traditional likely to purchase from social media advertisersmarketing, you would need to select several media outlets tocover your bases and a tremendous budget. By 2012, half of the world’s Internet users, 1 billion people,When you market online you have the ability to convert will have a facebook accounta customer instantaneously, unlike the marketing options there are 500 million activein traditional media such as magazine ads, newspapers or facebook users world wide, 70%television. Marketing online not only captures a potential of us users log in once a daycustomer’s information, but allows you to capture a sale 64% of facebook users haveinstantaneously by a few clicks of a mouse. liked a brand on facebook there are over 100m active twitter users worldwide
  4. 4. whY wIll thIs add value the facts:tO mY OrGanIsatIOn? 48% of twitter users check their account at least once a dayPharma IQ allows you educate the pharma and biotech industryon a mass scale, quickly positioning your organisation as 66% of company communitythought leaders within this area or specific industry members note the community has made them more loyal to Be seen as innovators in an age where the fastest growing a brand communication channels are social networks and various 78.6% of consumers have joined digital platforms a company’s community to get more information on the company Gain access to C-Level and VP decision makers using the wider net. 71% of community members say they are more likely to purchase Reaching decision makers globally and efficiently, using from brand various online methods as effective lead generation tools 71% of twitter users expect to receive marketing messages via Establish a long-term, seamless and consistent route to the platform market when bolstered amongst traditional off-line 63% of corporate community event activity members would recommend a brand to colleagues / peers Create the opportunity to build relationships with a qualified prospective audience throughout specific industries President Barack Obama raised over us$1 million in a single day Raise credibility, awareness and brand presence of your during his extensive democratic organisation throughout specific geographical regions and candidacy campaign, largely due to online donors or industries ford’s 2011 explorer launch Increase brand presence, leads and sales by pushing brand on facebook generated a 200% messages across various online channels whilst gating these greater return than their super channels to secure quality lead information Bowl ad Significantly reduce your sales cycle by gaining key ‘online’ time with a qualified prospective audience. Having the ability to educate multiple decision makers in a more time and cost efficient approachThere are a number of platforms on offer via the Pharma IQportal, all designed to effectively play a significant role amongstobjectives in these key areas of your business; ThoughtLeadership, Brand Awareness and Lead Generation.Pharma IQ tImelIne Lead Publish Reactive E-Shot Webinar White Paper Social & Webinar to support Media thought Push leadershipJANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY JUNE JULY AUGUST SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER Main sponsor at a Pharma Summers here Time to set New Leads IQ event and the leads are Budgets needed after – thought dried up – who are for you and Xmas lull leadership you going to call? your clients
  5. 5. weBInars – shOwcase YOurOrGanIsatIOn tO the wOrld… lIveA webinar is used to conduct live meetings, training, orpresentations via the Pharma IQ portal. In a webinar, eachparticipant sits at his or her own computer, anywhere in theworld and is connected to other participants via the portal.A hugely effective tool to further boost online credibility and toposition your organisation as thought leaders amongst a wideraudience. A webinar also creates the opportunity to educatenew industries, geographical regions and / or further bolsterexisting markets you are already operating within. It goeswithout saying that this tool is a highly effective leadgeneration tool, averaging 150+ registrants per webinar! allowing you to have freedom of topic with full editorial support from the Pharma IQ team webinar is made available ‘on-demand’ for 12 months, for both short term impact and long term reach Profiled details of registrants (qualified leads) shared with your organisation Promoted via integrated marketing activity for upto 6 weeks” and make this the first point
  6. 6. whIte PaPer – emPhasIse YOur exPertIseWhite papers, articles and press releases are used to educate readers andhelp the pharma and biotech audience make decisions, and are often usedin more technical fields.The document is a key marketing or sales tool, organically adding to yourSEO activity whilst further positioning your organisation as thought leadersand boosting credibility.BenefIts Gated: all attendees profiled for effective lead generation Reader details shared with your organisation All downloads sent directly to sponsor Whitepaper/article made available for 12 months, for both short term impact and long term reach Promoted via senior marketing activity for upto 4 weeks
  7. 7. POdcast IntevIews – the IndustrY Is lIstenInGThe benefits of podcasting and video podcasting are numerous. As with anymodern technology it has taken some time for podcasting to develop to its fullpotential when it comes to its uses in daily life.The pharma and biotech world has discovered podcasting and its many practicalapplications that can basically be applied to many products or services and witha bit of creativity, campaigns geared towards certain products can reach a wideaudience in the podcasting world.BenefIts The ability to submit your own choice of speaker Speaker interviewed by Pharma IQ Interview is freely available as a podcast for 12 months, for both short term impact and long term reach Podcast interviews enable you to increase credibility, further educate and also position your organisation as innovators across the online space
  8. 8. advertIsInG & BeYOndAll of our platforms benefit from a set period of senior level marketing activityreaching a mass audience effectively and instantly raising brand awarenessamongst a crowded market. Utilising E-Marketing opportunities via thePharma IQ will give you instant reach across thousands of senior members! BenefIts Banner adverts throughout (run of site) Banner activity across Pharma IQ’s e-newsletters, reaching 25,000+ members twice a week
  9. 9. the Pharma IQ unIverseIndustry Breakdown Pharma 55% Biotech 15% Service Provider 20% Academia 4% Not-for-Profit 6%company turnover Less than $1m 25% $1m - $5m 8% $5m - $10m 4% $10m - $25m 6% $25m - $50m 5% $50m - $100m 4% $100m - $500m 20% $500m+ 28%maturity of member’s Industry experience 0 - 1 years 10% 2 - 4 years 20% 5 - 8 years 10% 8+ years 60%
  10. 10. the Pharma IQ unIversearea of Interest Regulatory / Legal 13% Pre Clinical (Discovery 14% & Development Clinical 14% Logistics 14% Manufacturing 15% Other 15% Other 2 15%type of Organisation Large Pharma and Biotech 15% Small/Mid-size 17% Pharmaceutical and Biotech Large CRO 6% Small/Mid-size CRO 7% Academic/Research 7% Institution Industry Association 3% Solution Provider 20% Consultant 18% Not for profit/Patient Rep 2% All Other Responses 5%membership Geographics Europe 45% Americas 30% Asia 15% Oceania 5% Africa/ROW 5%
  11. 11. turn OPPOrtunItY IntO realItYNow more than ever, it is important to differentiate your companyand the value it provides in the most cost effective manner!Online sponsorships have become an integral part of the marketingmix for solution providers who want to interact with their targetaudience. Sponsors of Webinars have found that they are a cost-effectiveway to deliver their message, position themselves as thought leaders,and introduce new products, techniques and strategies to the market.Activity via Pharma IQ is a great way to access IQPC’s database of conferencedelegates and other market leaders. We use our wealth of media assets tomarket your event and ensure that you capture top-quality leads that can betracked and prospected.sPOnsOrInG Pharma IQ GIves YOu: Visibility: Association with Pharma IQ / IQPC’s well recognised event brands and its strong editorial commitment provides unparalleled credibility and positions your company as an industry leader. Staying Power: Your Webinar is viewable online for twelve months, ensuring we capture any available buying window. Lead Generation: Develop targeted leads and turn them into sales opportunities through capture and reporting of viewers’ registration information.Pharma IQ provides a full-service solution that enables you to quickly organizeand execute an online marketing campaign. Our packages include a full suite ofproduction, platform, hosting and audience development services. We providecontinuous lead and audience data capture while deliveringa highly engaging experience for viewers.For the most cost effective solution to establish credibility, differentiateyour value proposition, change your brand perception or make yourbusiness case – schedule your full service today!for more information pleasecontact our sponsorship teamat +44 207 368 9300or by