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Evaluation q1

  1. 1. Name: Ashley MasonCandidate Number: 4593 Aquinas College: 33435
  2. 2. PlanningTo begin with myself and seven other students were put into our filming groups. Before we began filming we had to research ideas and watch similar soap opera trailers such as Eastenders, Hollyoaks and 90210. Once we had conducted our background research we came together to discuss and put forward ideas for the trailer. From here we drafted up ideas, creating simple sketches and scripts.
  3. 3. PlanningEach partnership came up with differentscripts and scenarios that we could base ourtrailer on. The ideas and material wereviewed and put into discussion to decidewhich we thought worked best for the trailer.
  4. 4. Planning - Characters Tyson is the bad guy of the Craig is a sly James comes soap, he is character across as quite known for his who is nerdy and the Max and previous knowingly type of person Sophie are criminal cheating with who would stay the main conviction and his best out of trouble. But couple of is now making Jack and Charlotte are friends he seems to be the soap. his money another couple in the girlfriend. getting involved The are through soap, Jack a teenager with the wrong dressed selling drugs. who has it all going for kind of similar to For the soap him is about to get the people, this can indicate that opera we had shock of his life. only end badly. they are to dress this Charlotte seems all interested character in innocent but in reality in the same dark colours she secretly cheating kinds of such as black behind Jack’s back. things to represent making that he is bad. them seem a real couple. All the characters are dressed in casual clothing so that the audience can relate to them and it makes the soap seem realistic.
  5. 5. Q1. In what ways does yourproduct use, develop orchallenge existing codesand conventions?
  6. 6. Conventions of a magazine cover Other storylinesMasthead Realistic characters Clear pictureButtons Big, bold title Bright Attention colours to grabbing grab headlines attention
  7. 7. Conventions of an existing billboard Name of soapLarge, clear Main characterspicture Channel logo
  8. 8. Billboard Main charactersSoapopera E4 purplename tape E4 channel logo
  9. 9. Trailer A variety of shot types are used including over the shoulder, establishing and panning shots. Close-ups allow the audience to see the facial expressions and emotions of the characters The soundtrack to the trailer creates drama and suspense with the tempo increasing when emotions areVery little make-up and high.causal clothing to createrealism The locations which the The choice of clothing scenes are set in are places used by the characters Camera as 4th wall gives a realistic feeling that the audience can relate to. to the soap
  10. 10. StorylinesSeveral storylines are used throughout the trailer to keep the viewer interested.
  11. 11. The music that I decided to use for my trailer links well with the story line, ‘I Gave You All’ is a dramatic song by Mumford and Sons which contains powerful lyrics that fit well with the events that unfold in my trailer. The part of the song that goes, ‘I gave you all’, can represent a variety of events. It links well with the unplanned pregnancy of one of the characters and the cheating scene. ‘And you rip it from my hands’ stands for the murder of one of the characters boyfriends as he has been taken from her life in the worst way possible. ‘Well now you’ve won’ fits well with the unknown murderers who killed the characters boyfriend as they have done what they wanted to do. The fast paced rhythm of the song gives a panicky feeling and lets the audience know that many things are happening.