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Hist1700 utah legislature

  1. 1. Ashley HydeAmerican Civilization 1700Christine WatersUtah Legislature Assignment! As an assignment for my American Civilization class at Salt Lake CommunityCollege, I was asked to visit the Utah Legislature while it was in session at the UtahState Capital Building. Spending at least a half hour in both the general assembly of theHouse and Senate.! I attended the floor time of the House at 10:00 am. As I walked through thedouble doors I was pointed to by one of the volunteers. I entered onto a balcony roomthat looked down onto the legislature floor room. Immediately after I sat down I beganto get intrigued about the debate the district leaders below were having. From what Ipicked up quickly they were in discussion of a bill to require federal overreach of ruraltowns, but it was still not clear to me. Ken Ivory a Salt Lake County Representativestood up and read an article on President Obama, in his closing argument he repeated“you can have the liberty to do exactly what we tell you can do.” He thanked theMadame Speaker of the House and sat down. The decision on the bill was made so fastI could not pick up on the outcome.! As I gazed down onto the floor I noticed that each male representative woreeither a red or blue tie. They spoke with soft voices but with passion about every billthat was brought to attention and read aloud. Using language that I could not follow halfof the time, and by the time I could get an idea about what was being discussed the bill
  2. 2. had been approved or opposed. They voted as a group as they stated yay or nay instronger voices then they spoke with, and some votes took longer than others.! A soft bell rang after each vote had been decided on. I noticed that the doorbelow opened and people that had been standing in the hall enter the room with theirthumbs up or down, I did not know what it meant but I did find it interesting. During ageneral assembly break representative Dixon Pitcher ask to turn attention to the OgdenElementary class that had decided to visit the Utah Capital for the day an observe thesession as well. He thanked them for attending and called for a round of applause forthe young students. Shortly after that I exited to attend the Senate general assembly.! I walked down the hall and entered another room for the Senate generalassembly session. I quickly found a seat close to the railing and gazed down upon allthe senators. The Senate general assembly seemed to run comparatively different fromthe House. The senators acted imperturbable in the way they spoke to one anotherabout the bills. All laughing and making “inside jokes” that no one appeared to get butthem. The process of bills being read out loud was a lot clearer and slower. I couldfollow along much easier with what they where actually talking about. The senate alsovoted in a completely different way about the bills. Last names where individually calledby one of the three individuals sitting round close to Michael G. Waddoups, thePresident of the senate. After the names where called it was followed by a slight silentpause, then the senator casted a yay or nay vote. The senators did not thank thepresident after discussion of the bills in the way they thanked the speaker of the house,they were much more informal in doing so.