Professional Development Plan


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Professional Development Plan

  1. 1. Ashley Leonzio MIS Practicum: Professional Development Plan September 20, 2010 In ten years I would like to have the reputation of being a successful leader on a product management team within an Agile/Scrum environment that is able to rely on the skills and expertise built working in the areas of process improvement, customer relationship management, and business analytics. To obtain this reputation, I will need to expand my knowledge in these areas, network with colleagues and industry leaders, and practice my skills, among other things. Below, I have noted the specific actions in the areas of competence required to achieve my goals. Knowledge In order to be a successful product manager, I will strive to gain a breadth of knowledge in the areas of marketing and development methodologies as well as depth of knowledge in the areas of process improvement, customer relationship management, business analytics, and product development. To gain this knowledge, some of the actions I will take include: 1. Focusing on CRM systems, specifically the impact of social media on business development, within my MIS coursework 2. Taking a Six Sigma course in the MBA program to complement my prior training in Kaizen Facilitation and LEAN/Six Sigma 3. Enrolling in classes in the curricular tracks of Business Analytics and Product Management (e.g. Competitive Intelligence, Impact Analysis, and Product Development and Management) These courses and actions will build the knowledge foundation I need to become successful product management professional. By balancing depth of knowledge in the areas a product manager interacts with (e.g. Marketing and Development) and the expertise of business analysis and product development in the MBA/MS-MIS program I will be able to differentiate myself from others in my field. Practice Practice makes perfect, but practicing the wrong things over and over simply encourages bad habits. To ensure I practice the right things, I will focus on complementing the knowledge I gain in the MBA/MS-MIS program and in my current position as a business analyst. I will do this by: 1. Leading and/or participating in Six Sigma initiatives at McKesson 2. Engaging in on and off-campus activities to hone my professional communication and networking skills
  2. 2. 3. Taking on challenging assignments in my class work and in my professional career 4. Volunteering to work on a special project at McKesson focusing on leveraging social media and social networking to access customer feedback 5. Actively seeing to build new relationships both at work and via networking with PYP and the Pittsburgh Technology Council Continuing to assist my peers in both the academic and professional environment in building their skill set and knowledge By performing these tasks I will have a community to lean on and learn from, gain additional process improvement experience through analytical problem solving, and round out my skill set. Learning To become an expert and a strong leader, I will need to continue learning well past obtaining my MBA. To create the habit of lifelong learning, I will begin to explore opportunities to learn new skills, processes, and ways of thinking now. I will do this by: 1. Completing my MBA/MS-MIS degree 2. Focusing on a core competency each year and taking online courses provided by my employer 3. Attend seminars and workshops held by organizations I am currently aware of or involved with, such as APQC, IIBA, and Synerzip while seeking out other opportunities to learn 4. Taking advantage of the resources at my disposal at the university as well as at McKesson such as a subscription to the Wall Street Journal Being stale or stagnant, especially in the world of technology, is a very unflattering trait. By staying current and striving to learn and adapt to new thoughts, I will be able to influence those around me. Dialog Throughout my time in the MBA/MS-MIS program I will take full advantage of the cultural diversity, the variety of professional backgrounds, and the individual skill sets of my peers, professors, and administrators. I will engage these people on both a professional and personal level to learn from them and about them. In the professional world I will continue a mentor- mentee relationship with the Six Sigma Master Blackbelt at McKesson as well as focus on listening just as much as speaking. One of the best attributes I see in the experts and leaders in my organization is that they do not proclaim their expertise; rather they let the reputations they have built speak for them. Networking I plan to utilize my existing network of customers, colleagues, friends, and mentors to continue building a community for myself. I plan to:
  3. 3. 1. Utilize any opportunity to work directly with customers on projects via phone, email, and most importantly face-to-face visits 2. Keep in touch with current customers via feedback reviews for the projects I am working on 3. Attend volunteering and social events hosted by Katz 4. Continue my membership with APQC 5. Get back in touch with “Pittsburgh Young Professionals” and attend seminars and social events 6. Join the University of Pittsburgh Engineering School Alumni network to mentor current students I believe that networking shouldn’t feel like a process or a task on my to-do list. I will strive to complete my plans listed above in such a way that ‘networking’ is a byproduct of the day-to-day interactions with those around me. I will also make it a point to network both up and down – meaning that I will not always focus on who can help me, but also who I can help. Reputation If no one knows who you are or questions your credibility your expertise is much less valuable. In order to build a reputation as a proven leader in product management, I will: 1. Continue to conduct myself in a professional manner 2. Take pride in the work that I do such that I always provide the highest level of service I am capable of 3. Admit my mistakes and never take the praise of another persons work 4. Lend my skills and time to those less fortunate by performing volunteer work with Katz sponsored volunteer events while completing my MBA/MS-MIS 5. Network with peers though joining appropriate clubs at Katz and with professionals though professional societies Representing myself as a reputable professional in the area of product development will assist me in my efforts to move upward in the profession. I have already built an invaluable reputation at McKesson by following the above guidelines so I know the impact these efforts can have.