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Relationships and Facebook

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  • Film 260 flipbook ai

    1. 1. .
    2. 2. Facebook has “ruined” numerous aspectsof relationships and dating.
    3. 3. “How we portray our relationships on Facebook is tellingand shouldn’t be dismissed or seen as trivial.”
    4. 4. “At each stage of a relationship, even before it really beginsand when it needs to end, Facebook has created a whole newslew of obstacles and awkward conversations that previouslydidn’t exist for people in the dreadful world of dating.”
    5. 5. This begins with “Facebook stalk[ing] ‘to reduce some of theuncertainty in relationships.’”
    6. 6. “But the uncertainty can sometimes be the most exciting part, and ifsaid person-of-affection manages to pass a thorough stalking, you canprobably forget any of that pre-date giddiness.”“Goodbye butterflies and excitement, I already know everything aboutyou.”
    7. 7. “For couples that get passed this weird knowing someone onFacebook before knowing them in real life, Facebook hascreated new hurdles for those just getting started.”
    8. 8. These hurdles include that “there’s less structure for peopletoday as relationships develop.”
    9. 9. For example, “kinds of social courtship scripts don’t existon Facebook.”
    10. 10. Additionally, “Couples [are]struggling with theiridentity on Facebook.”
    11. 11. “On Facebook,relationships haveto fit into a pulldown menu of afew options –it’s one of the onlyplaces on Facebookwhere you can’t fillin the blank.”
    12. 12. “These check-a-box decisionsweren’t things couples, or anyone forthat matter, had to worry aboutbefore Facebook.”
    13. 13. Every aspect of a relationship is public on Facebook…..including breakups!
    14. 14. Facebook “made it more difficult to end relationshipsand move on.”
    15. 15. “People feel more pressure from friends and family to staytogether when they have their partner in profile picture andrelationship status.”
    16. 16. “Seem[s] like the decision to display thosePDFAs in the first place –the ones that demonstrate howcommitted couples are –might not always be the best choice.”
    17. 17. “Once you finally manage to sever offline ties, there’s really noway to avoid virtual run-ins with your ex unless you’re off ofFacebook entirely.”“Your online social lives are so entangled.”
    18. 18. “Before Facebook, ending a relationship actually meant the endof communication, for the most part.Not Anymore.”
    19. 19. “Facebook gives them automatic window into an ex’srelationship” – Rhoades
    20. 20. There are many negative effects that transpire subsequent toa breakup,these effects are exaggerated with Facebook.
    21. 21. “Sustained contact is detrimental, in terms of ones own functioning.”
    22. 22. “Remaining Facebook friends with an ex delayed emotionalrecovery and led to greater distress over the breakup, negativefeelings, sexual desire and longing for the ex-partner.”
    23. 23. “People who remainedFacebook friends and thosewho engaged in moreFacebook stalking werestuck on the pastrelationship.”
    24. 24. Relationships on Facebook and other digital media in thefuture?Facebook and other digital media are real life now.
    25. 25. Source List• How Facebook Ruined Dating (And Breaking Up Too). By Allison McCann.BuzzFeed. October 2012.••••••••
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