Empowering Your Students to Tell Your Story - NACAC 2012


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  • Is it getting to “Social Media”? With our ambassadors, our two most popular projects are our HS visits and Shadow days…both I think relate to Marketing and students telling the college’s story.
  • Marketing is not safe anymore. Advertising has an element of safety because it is a controlled message to a selected audience. Today ’s market is going to dictate when, where, and how your message is delivered to them.
  • An overwhelming percentage of this message consumption is digital and digital is not going away - its moving faster as content is becoming more accessible through mobile devices.
  • Today - when you are delivering important messaging your content should be…
  • OK - so we understand where marketing is in 2012, but let ’s back up and talk a little about the scope of social marketing. Not social media - we’ll get there. INFLUENCERS - School counselors, Parents, Community members, Alumni, current students! - genuine, trusted, authentic communication to your market at a low cost. Today content delivered to us by influencers and the messages are less controlled, so consider press releases, citizen journalists and bloggers to be your greatest weapons. TIMELY - Time action triad, funnel, CUSTOMER SERVICE - in the public domain, COMMUNITY - two way communication, LOYALTY - engage with brand, swag, EVERYONE is an ADVOCATE
  • Before we jump into social media... Who can finish this statement?
  • Use social media tools, don ’t be a social media tool. You have to have your enrollment goals in front of you in order to be effective.
  • This presentation is about …. I think it is important to emphasize the “Interactive” and “Communication” descriptions. It sounds 101, but I think a lot of people use social media to “push” information, not foster an interactive environment.
  • In the survey of HS juniors, seniors, and parents, they rated various recruit activities influenced their enrollment decisions. All respondents rated tour as most influential activity when choosing schools to apply to .
  • Resources: Marist Letter, RIT job description, RIT interview process " As Marist continues to grow in popularity, your participation in the Ambassador Program will greatly assist us in our efforts to recruit more talented and diverse students like yourself." " Congratulations! Based on your outstanding achievements in high school and strong leadership qualities, you have been identified as a candidate for the Marist College Ambassador Program . If selected, you will act as a Marist Student Body representative. It also affords you the opportunity to enhance your networking and communication skills, become a member of our Tour Guide Program, and establish yourself as a leader within the Marist community."
  • Understand your enrollment goals, then deliver content to support them. Start with free services
  • Professional development for future jobs, but also promotion opportunities. Set up metrics, then share those metrics with students.
  • Aggregating content. Do not market out your work until you have a solid foundation of content. We often run a campaign for months before we let anyone know we are doing so. If you have engaging content, people will begin to find you. They will talk about you. They will share what they have found with other. Once that begins to happen, then start marketing and let other know about the work you are doing.
  • Empowering Your Students to Tell Your Story - NACAC 2012

    1. 1. F12: Effective Enrollment MarketingEmpowering Your Students to Tell Your StoryAshley Hennigan, Rochester Institute of Technology, NYBrian Apfel, Marist College, NY #nacac12F12
    2. 2. What does marketing look like in 2012? It’s on their terms.• The market demands access to information• They dictate when and where it is delivered #nacac12F12
    3. 3. What does marketing look like in 2012? It’s digital• With a huge increase in mobile consumption – 50.4% of Americans own a smart phone – Nielsen, May 2012 – Mobile traffic up 133% in 2011 (110% projected) – Cisco, Feb 2012 #nacac12F12
    4. 4. What does marketing look like in 2012? Your content should be…• Social• Mobile• On-demand #nacac12F12
    5. 5. Social, Mobile, On-demand Why go social?• Reach market influencers• Deliver timely information• Provide customer service• Build community• Foster loyalty• Encourage advocacy #nacac12F12
    6. 6. Goals before ____ ! #nacac12F12
    7. 7. Goals before tools! #nacac12F12
    8. 8. How do you define social media? Two definitions• Wikipedia – Social media includes web-based and mobile based technologies which are used to turn communication into interactive dialogue between organizations, communities, and individuals.• Andreas Kaplan and Michael Haenlein – “a group of Internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2.0, and that allow the creation and exchange of user-generated content.” Social media is ubiquitously accessible, and enabled by scalable communication techniques. #nacac12F12
    9. 9. Why pick on students? Admissions, in practice, has an emphasis on fit, while the market demands authenticity.• Peer reviews• Word of mouth• Predictability• Noel-Levitz: “The Communication Expectations of College-Bound High School Students” 2012 #nacac12F12
    10. 10. How do you recruit the best? These are not volunteers. #nacac12F12
    11. 11. How do you recruit the best? These are not volunteers. These are rock stars.From the Marist invite letter:Assist us in our efforts to recruit more talented students like yourself.If selected, you will act as a Marist student body representative.…an opportunity to enhance your networking and communicationskills and establish yourself as a leader within the Marist community. #nacac12F12
    12. 12. Why pick on students? You already have rock stars.• Tour Guides• Orientation Assistants• Resident Advisors• Peer Mentors• Next up are – Social Media Ambassadors #admsocial
    13. 13. Program Structures Ask these questions• Analysis – How will you calculate ROI? #nacac12F12
    14. 14. Program Structures Ask these questions• Size – Will your be highly selective? – Or the more, the merrier? #nacac12F12
    15. 15. Program Structures Ask these questions• Reporting – Who will students report to? – How often will you meet? #nacac12F12
    16. 16. Program Structures Ask these questions• Resources – What platforms will you target? – What tools are you going to use? – Will you need funding? – Will you offer incentives? #admsocial
    17. 17. Motivating Your Team Student have an impact on institutional goals.• Embrace brand and mission• Set goals that influence ROI• Hold students accountable #nacac12F12
    18. 18. Motivating Your Team Impact on student goals• Professional growth• Community #nacac12F12
    19. 19. Motivating Your Team Incentives• Pay• Competitions• Event tickets• Access to information #nacac12F12
    20. 20. Student Survey: Why volunteer? #nacac12F12
    21. 21. When to Launch“If you build it, they will come.” #nacac12F12
    22. 22. Our ExamplesVideo was the #1 trend in Higher Ed in 2011. #nacac12F12
    23. 23. #nacac12F12
    24. 24. What’s Next? Get inspired!• Resources: bit.ly/admsocial• Share! “Admissions Social” on Facebook• #admsocial on twitter• Start small, think BIG• Plan. Execute. Evaluate.• Rinse. Repeat. #nacac12F12
    25. 25. Thank you!Have questions? @ashleyhenn @brianapfel #nacac12F12