Sex offender tracking and community support program


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Sex offender tracking and community support program

  1. 1. Protecting Our Communitiesfrom Sex OffendersA Comprehensive Approach Chief James C. Burke, Suffolk County Police Department – January 31st, 2013
  2. 2. Suffolk County Sex Offender Policy Directive from County Executive Bellone, in consultation with Legislator Kate Browning, Chair of the Public Safety Committee: Develop a comprehensive approach toeffectively deal with all sex offenders residing in Suffolk County
  3. 3. Homeless Sex Offenders• A great deal of attention and energy has been focused on homeless sex offenders, one subset of the sex offender population. 38 Homeless Sex Offenders 1016 Total Sex Offenders
  4. 4. Homeless Sex Offenders• Homeless sex offenders make up 4% of Suffolk County’s sex offender population.• From a law enforcement perspective, we should be focusing on all one thousand sex offenders living throughout Suffolk County.
  5. 5. Homeless Sex Offenders• New York State law requires Suffolk County to pay for emergency housing for the homeless.• Since the advent of Megan’s law, Suffolk County policy on placement of homeless sex offenders has been focused on clustering:• Brook Motel• Trailers – Riverside/Bomarc• Proposed Sex Offender Mega Facility in Farmingdale• Mini-Facilities Plan
  6. 6. SCPD Recommendation• The Suffolk County Police Department’s recommendation: END CLUSTERING• Treat homeless sex offenders like all the other sex offenders in the County. End clustering and strengthen protections against all sex offenders.
  7. 7. SCPD PlanPlace homeless sex offenders throughout the county shelter systemSuffolk County will not place more than one sex offender in anyfacility - NO MORE CLUSTERINGAs a last resort, if there is a lack of shelter space, DSS will consult withSCPD regarding placement, with paramount concerns of public safetyand fostering the anti-clustering policy
  8. 8. SCPD RecommendationInstead of spending tax payer dollars on buildings andstaffing facilities for sex offenders, SCPD recommends Suffolk County devote its resources towards implementing the toughest monitoring and enforcement program in the nation
  9. 9. SCPD Plan• Strengthen address verification efforts• Electronically provide to each sector – sex offender address, photos, vehicle info• Establish permanent patrol checks• Intelligence report prepared whenever PO has contact with sex offender• Create watch list utilizing Orion Intelligence System• Performance Statistic• Establish homeless sex offender verification at shelter site
  10. 10. Strengthen address verification efforts
  11. 11. Electronically provide sex offender pedigree to each sector
  12. 12. Permanent Patrol ChecksLEVEL 3 SEX OFFENDER RESIDING ATI/L.
  13. 13. Intelligence report
  14. 14. Orion Intelligence System
  15. 15. Performance StatisticAAAAAAAAA Sex Offender Interview:____4__
  16. 16. Homeless sex offender verification U=312 Sex Offender Verification Level 1 Sex Offender, John Doe 01/01/65, reports that he is spending the night at the XXXXX Motel, Rm XX. Verify and document.
  17. 17. Homeless sex offender verification XXXXX Motor Inn XXXXX Motor Inn XXXXXX Rd, XXXXXXk XXXXX Blvd. Homeless Level 1 Sex Offender, John Doe 01/01/55, staying in XXXX for the night. Verify address and complete Sex Offender Verification Report.
  18. 18. SCPD PlanPartner with Parents for Megan’s Law, the most respected organization dedicated to the prevention of sexual abuse in the nation.
  19. 19. Residency Restriction Laws• Have Been Overturned in 5 Courts, including Nassau County• Suffolk’s Law is being challenged in Eastern District Court – by a Level 3, sexually violent offender, who served 19 years in prison after pleading guilty to Rape in the first degree and assault in Suffolk, and Rape in the first degree in Nassau. – Suffolk’s Residency Restriction Law will likely soon be overturned.• Residency Restrictions have contributed to significant clustering, especially in the Town of Southampton where the trailers are located.• In response, the legislature approved the mini-shelter plan which will close the trailers.• The trailers will be closed and Suffolk’s Residency Restriction Law will likely soon be overturned.
  20. 20. Where Do We Go From Here?CHI Mini-Shelter Plan A Comprehensive Plan•addressing less than 4% of the •Victim and community basedsex offender population •Addresses all 1000 registered (38 of 1000 offenders) sex offenders – including the 38 homeless offenders
  21. 21. As Part of the SCPD Plan, We Will be Implementing the PFML SexOffender Tracking & Community Support 8 Point Plan
  22. 22. In-Person Sex Offender Address Technology Collaboratio Verification Based n with Proactive Police, Monitoring Probation, of Parole & Registrants Community 1 2 8 Sex PFML Offender Sex OffenderRegistration Crime 3 Tracking &Tips and 24 7 Victim Hour Community Services Hotline Support Program 4 6 Sex 5 Offender Email Alert Outreach & Notifications Prevention & Website Education Enhanceme Megan’s nt Law Helpline
  23. 23. 1. In-Person Sex OffenderAddress Verification – Real Time TrackingAddress Verification Enhances Enforcement and Increases RegistrationCompliance:•Sex offenders failing to register (FTR) have higher rates of recidivismcompared to compliant offenders. FTR’s are 54% more likely to be convictedof another felony sex offense compared to non-FTR offenders.•FTR’s are 68% were more likely to be convicted of any other felonycompared to non-FTR’s.•Two Teams of two retired law enforcement staff will conduct in-personaddress verifications for all Suffolk County registered offenders.•Staff will verify home addresses for all registrants and work address for allLevel 3’s. 60% of Suffolk Level 3 offenders are failing to report their workaddresses. When they do, information is incomplete. For example,registrants report work addresses as “off Sunrise Highway.”•Updated addresses will be transmitted to a PFML real-time database.•All viable leads will be forwarded to SCPD
  24. 24. 2. Technology Based Proactive Monitoring• Technology based pro-active monitoring of sex offenders will enable us to detect potential violations that may otherwise go undetected for an extended period of time.• It is a cost efficient tool that works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year.• It will enable us to provide SCPD with data driven investigative leads allowing them to focus their resources where they will have the most impact on community safety.• The methods and tools which will be utilized are confidential, however, we will be meeting with legislators to provide specific details.
  25. 25. 3. Sex Offender Registration Tips (SORT) and 24 Hour Hotline Engaging the Community• PFML currently provides sex offender email alert notifications to registered users throughout the County.• Notifications provide community members the opportunity to report sex offenders failing to register or potentially in violation of their supervision.• To increase reporting and engage the community PFML will: – Expand its portal on the website to report sex offenders potentially in violation of registration or supervision – Develop a smartphone application to report potential violations – Create a new 24-Hour Hotline for reporting – All viable leads will be referred to the SCPD
  26. 26. 4. Sex Offender Email Alert Notifications & Website Enhancements Engaging the Community• Members of the public can register online or mail in registration forms to receive sex offender notifications by zip code.• To date, PFML has implemented 21,683,484 sex offender email alerts.• 63 Suffolk School districts participate in the program, many relying solely on the program for community notification.• Modifications will be made to the PFML website: – to disseminate homeless sex offender alerts to every Suffolk user, regardless of the zip codes users register for. – to add a new area to the site to view offenders failing to register – to add a new reporting tool to report information on offenders with “unknown” addresses• All viable leads will be forwarded to SCPD
  27. 27. 5. Megan’s Law Helpline Supporting the Community• Megan’s Law Helpline staff assist the community by educating callers about: – How to access sex offender registration information – Responsible use of information – reducing the potential for vigilantism – Sexual abuse/abduction prevention – Rape prevention – Internet Safety – Crime Victim Services for victims of sex crimes and all other victims of violent crime• The new Hotline will provide the community an opportunity to speak with a trained specialist 24 hours a day regarding any Megan’s Law, SORT, prevention or crime victim services need.
  28. 28. 6. Outreach & Prevention Education Engaging & Supporting the Community• PFML trained staff have educated over 110,000 children and their parents on sexual abuse and rape prevention and Internet Safety in schools and in community organizations.• An additional PFML Prevention Education Supervisor will: – Conduct extensive outreach to schools and community organizations – Train per-diem prevention educators to conduct sexual abuse, abduction and rape prevention workshops and Internet Safety programs.• All adult prevention education programs will encourage attendees to utilize the Comprehensive Plan new reporting tools such as the Hotline, website and smartphone application.
  29. 29. 7. Crime Victim Services Supporting the Community• Crime victim advocacy, access to support services and crime victims being informed of their rights increases the potential for crime victims to participate in the criminal justice process and decreases the potential for re-victimization.• PFML is a certified Rape Crisis Center and in collaboration with the SCPD operates the Crime Victims Center.• In two years, PFML facilitated the return of over 1.6 million dollars to Suffolk County crime victims, shifting the burden of medical expenses away from Medicare to the State crime victims fund.• Additional crime victim advocacy support will be provided to meet the increased demand resulting from expanded community outreach and the public’s reliance on the agency’s support services.
  30. 30. 8. Collaboration with Police, Probation, Parole & the Community• PFML has collaborated closely with the SCPD for nearly 15 years in our joint mission to keep the community safe.• All viable leads will be forwarded to SCPD for further investigation, allowing them to focus their resources on enforcement.• The agency also has long-standing collaborations with all Suffolk County Municipal Police Departments, the FBI, the U.S. Marshals, SC Probation, NYS Parole, U.S. Probation & Parole, the District Attorney and U.S. Attorney and other law enforcement agencies across the nation in furtherance of achieving its mission and goals.
  31. 31. Lets Stop Running In Circles
  32. 32. By Attempting To Individually AddressPieces of the Sex Offender Management PuzzleResources are continually exhausted, and a solution never found.
  33. 33. All Pieces of the Puzzle Are Addressed in This Comprehensive Plan
  34. 34. In-Person Sex Offender Address Technology Collaboratio Verification Based n with Proactive Police, Monitoring Probation, of Parole & Registrants Community 1 2 8 Sex PFML Offender Sex OffenderRegistration Crime 3 Tracking &Tips and 24 7 Victim Hour Community Services Hotline Support Program 4 6 Sex 5 Offender Email Alert Outreach & Notifications Prevention & Website Education Enhanceme Megan’s nt Law Helpline
  35. 35. The public expects sex offendermanagement laws that “get tough” but also get results.
  36. 36. When You Adopt This Plan,You Will Be Providing Suffolk County’s Most Vulnerable with theToughest Monitoring, Enforcement and Community Support Program in the Nation, Which Will Get Results.