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Role communitymanagerfinal


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Role communitymanagerfinal

  1. 1. Your Role as a Community Manager Ashley Goforth @ashleygoforth
  2. 2. •Always respond on brand in a timely manner •Separate accounts, separate devices Golden Rule(s)
  3. 3. The Mistake The Apology
  4. 4. A Day in the Life of the Community Manager 7AM 9AM 11AM 1PM 2PM 4PM 7PM 10PM
  5. 5. •Content •Monitoring •Strategy Community Management
  6. 6. Content
  7. 7. How would your brand sound at a dinner party?
  8. 8. • How does your brand say ―hello?‖ • How do they express positivity? • How do they refer to their friends/fans? • How do they ask people to ―like‖ something?
  9. 9. Who Tweeted It? 1. ―Dudes, you know you’ve been jonesing for it.‖ 2. ―We’re already halfway through the work week, amigos!‖ 3. ―You can’t have a #HumpDay without curves!‖ 4. ―The foil’s so bright, it’s gotta wear shades.‖
  10. 10. Creating Content Be mindful of your brand goals: • Product Love • Upcoming events/Brand Life • Solutions
  11. 11. Who’s Getting it Right
  13. 13. Building Your Voice: How would your brand sound if it were at a dinner party? Writing Content: What are your goals? How can you creatively accomplish them? Creating Graphics: Every graphic is an opportunity to share your brand Content Recap
  14. 14. Monitoring
  15. 15. The most important rule for a community manager is to always respond on brand in a timely manner. Golden Rule:
  16. 16. • You are on the front lines—your response is often the first brand voice the consumer hears • Create an issues document with FAQ and determine how to flag issues to the appropriate people • Always use legally-approved language • REMEMBER: You aren’t always going to be able to change someone’s mind, but you may change their next choice. Monitoring Channels
  17. 17. What do you do in a crisis? Measure the BANTER. You are not alone. The data will shift. Know what you are looking for (brainstorm keywords) Crisis Monitoring
  19. 19. • Set a plan for how often you are going to check the channels • Remember the golden rule • Always stay on brand • Set a plan for how to deal with issues (remember you are not alone) • Always look for current events or moments in time to insert your brand (be agile) Monitoring
  20. 20. Strategy
  21. 21. • Set up a plan for pulling insights • Use Facebook Insights • Track: – Fan Growth – Engagement (People Talking About This) – Conversation: • Likes, Comments, Shares Analytics & Insights
  22. 22. • Identify competitors to your brand • Identify aspirational brands • Follow similar brands to inspire you with content ideas Competitive Channels
  23. 23. • Mashable • AllThingsFacebook • Monday’s NY Times • Competitor Brands • Facebook Studio • Platform Blogs • Agency Websites (Digital) • Beth Kanter • NTEN Useful Resources
  24. 24. • Facebook Lists for Brands • Professional Facebook/Twitter accounts • TweetDeck/HootSuite • Serialized Content (Fan of the Month, Wow Wednesdays) • Pocket/Evernote/folders • First thing. Before you check your email. • If you’re just starting out – track how long it takes you to do something (toggl)- clear lines to signup forms (how did you hear about us) Tips & Tricks