Current Events January 20th


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Junior Government class Current Events project

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Current Events January 20th

  1. 1. Current Events Ashley Glesinger Government January 20, 2014
  2. 2. The Constitution and Federalism • States are trying to pass legislation that would criminalize State officials who assist in the federal government’s electronic surveillance campaign. • If passed, the Supremacy Clause in the U.S. Constitution would over ride any state legislation.
  3. 3. Political Parties and Interest Groups • breaks down what interest groups are funding Louisiana Senate frontrunners Mary Landrieu and Bill Cassidy – Found that MD, Bill Cassidy’s donations coincide with his profession. (Health Profession Interest groups are highest donor)
  4. 4. Elections and Campaigns • Openly gay Republican from New Hampshire Dan Innis has decided to run for U.S. House of Representatives. – Innis is one of three openly gay Republicans active in politics. Dan Innis (Right) with husband. • Could help Republicans bridge the gap when making legislation that affects the LBGT community.
  5. 5. Institutions of Government: The Judiciary Branch • Supreme Court to hear arguments on the following: – Caregivers of elderly who receive medicare or medicaid may be forced to join a union. – Illinois legislation claims the caregivers, even if they are family members, are government employees because the patients receive taxpayer money from Medicare and Medicaid – Caregivers argue they do not receive any benefits of government employees, therefore they cannot be forced to unionize
  6. 6. Civil Liberties and Rights • Court decision that Bloggers have the same first amendment rights as journalists • Crystal Cox, a blogger for a financial company, made several defamatory remarks about clients • Court ruled in her favor because remarks were of public concern Crystal Cox, blogger and avid selfie taker?
  7. 7. Foreign Policy: Winter Olympics • The United States government fears Russia does not have adequate security for the upcoming winter Olympics. • The U.S. voiced their concerns, but Russia is not cooperating • Chechen Rebels have stated they are going to target the games.
  8. 8. Nebraska Government • Governor Dave Heineman held a press conference – Prison reform and taxes among the subjects discussed – Not many people happy with how he’s handling the situations
  9. 9. International News: Cuba and European Union • EU willing to negotiate with Cuba to reach an association agreement. • Could lead to trade liberalization. • European Union insists on Havana respecting Human Rights • Cuba has become less strict by allowing Cubans to run businesses and opening Internet Access.
  10. 10. Local News:Sigma Nu Closed • The Sigma Nu fraternity at UNL was closed down by national Sigma Nu Group after firefighters discover the current state of house inhabitable – Numerous empty alcohol containers, trash, tampere d fire alarm among the offences. – Investigating possible criminal activity
  11. 11. News of The Bizarre: Prison Kittens • 4 Kittens sneak into a Maximum Security Prison in Fort Ann, New York • Inmates and Prison Electrician are currently caring for kittens until they find homes.
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