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Weathering and Erosion Slideshow


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Hope u find this useful!!!

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Weathering and Erosion Slideshow

  1. 1. Weathering and Erosion By: Ashley
  2. 2. Exfoliation Exfoliation is when the outer layers of rock peel of like onions. Here's an example.
  3. 4. Carbonic Acid is when Carbon Dioxide and rainwater combine. Here is an example of Carbonic Acid . Carbonic Acid
  4. 6. Abrasion Abrasion is when wind wears away rocks. Here is an example of Abrasion.
  5. 8. Chemical Weathering Chemical weathering is when the rock is changed but the minerals are changed too. Here is an example of chemical weathering.
  6. 10. Physical Weathering Physical Weathering is when Wind or rain breaks down rocks. Here is an example of physical weathering.
  7. 12. Horizon A Horizon is the top layers of soil. Here is an example of a horizon.
  8. 14. Humus Humus is the layers of soil. Here is an example of Humus.
  9. 16. Weathering Weathering is the breaking down of rocks.
  10. 17. Weathering and Erosion The End!!!