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Hunger games power point project finished


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  • a lot of the information you have on here is wrong. for example the place where Katniss and Peeta were taken to after the reaping was the justice building and Katniss's stylist's name was Cinna and i'm not going to go on about more of your mistakes because that would be mean. but in besides the all that it was good
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  • i love this slide share show , thank you guys it really help me to do my project :)))))))))
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Hunger games power point project finished

  1. 1. By: Suzanne Collins
  2. 2. PROTAGONIST ANTAGONIST  Katniss Everdeen  Peeta Mellark •Other Characters: •Effie Trinket •Haymitch •Gale •Prim •Cato •Chinna •Portia •Tributes form other Districts.
  3. 3. SETTING CONFLICT  In District 12  The Hunger Game Arena  The Capital  Panem  Katniss winning the Hunger Games.
  4. 4.  1.) The Reaping is the first big event. Katniss and her little sister, Prim, are hoping that neither will be picked. When Effie Trinket comes up to the bowl, she pulls out a slip with Primrose Everdeen. Katniss freaks out and volunteers her self as the girl tribute for district. As Katniss walks up onto the stage, when Effie Trinket pulls out the boy tribute slip with the name Peeta Mellark printed on it.  2.) After Katniss and Peeta’s names were chosen, they were taking on to the ship that Effie Trinket came on were their families and friends could say good bye. After Gale and Prim said their good byes, Peeta’s dad came up to speak to Katniss. He told her that he would check up on Prim and would make sure that she has enough food.
  5. 5.  3.) After everyone had said good bye to Katniss and Peeta, they boarded a train that would take them to the Capital of Panem. When they reached the Capital, Katniss met her stylist Chinna, and Peeta met Portia his stylist.  4.) After they were fixed up to look presentable for the Opening Ceremony, Peeta and Katniss went up to the roof. That’s when Peeta kissed Katniss! After the kiss they talked about how things were going to change after the Games.
  6. 6.  5.) The next evening, it was the Opening Ceremony, were the tributes would have to dress in what their district job was. In district 12, were Katniss and Peeta are from, they are coal miners. So Chinna and Portia came up with a outfit instead of the uniform that the miners wear, they were going to be Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark the tributes on fire. Katniss wore a yellow and orange dress that had red, orange, and yellow stones, that when she moved it looked like she was on fire. Peeta and Katniss also had on capes that Chinna set on fire when they started to move.  6.) The following day was the first time in the arena to get their scores so that people can place bets, and so that sponsors can choose who they would like to sponsor. Before Peeta and Katniss left for the arena, Haymitch told them to stay together. So they did. They went to all 12 stations practicing for when they were going to be judged alone. Peeta saw that Katniss is good at the bow and arrow, and Katniss saw that Peeta was good at camouflage. After lunch it was time to do the private training to show the sponsors that they should choose themselves. Peeta did good. Katniss used the bow and arrow and was very good. After all of the private training it was time for the scores. Peeta scored an 8 which is pretty high. Then it was time to see how Katniss did. She had made a 11, which was the highest score!
  7. 7.  7.) After finding out the scores all of the tributes had to do a live interview. Katniss answered her questions before Peeta’s. One of Peeta’s was if he had a girlfriend and he said no. Interviewer then asked if he liked anyone. Peeta said something completely unexpected. He said that he was in love with Katniss.  8.) There Katniss and Peeta stand for 60 seconds before they can step off of the platform. Only 60 seconds before the Games would officially start. Then Katniss saw a bow and arrow set, but she was 1 second late coming off of the platform when the girl from district 1 grabbed it. Then Katniss found a backpack which she grabbed.
  8. 8.  9.) It had been a couple of days after the games begun. Katniss had just woke up from the tree that she had been sleeping in, to the sound of something humming. She looked above her and found a nest of tracker jackets, which are insects like our wasps. She looked down and found that Cato and Peeta and some others were below her. She was stuck. She decided to cut the nest from the tree and the nest fell right on Cato’s camp site. The tracker jackets started stinging Cato, Peeta, and a girl named Glimmer who was Cato’s Partner. Peeta and Cato had only a few stings, but Glimmer had all of the tracker jackets on her and died. Katniss jumped down when Peeta and Cato left to get away from the insects. Katniss took the bow and arrow set. Right when she grabbed the set, Peeta had ran back to the site, and saw Katniss, told her to run and fast. Right when she started to run when Cato ran back. He had heard Peeta telling Katniss to run. The next thing Katniss heard was a shriek coming from Peeta. Cato had hurt Peeta.  10.) 3 days after Peeta saved Katniss, Rue, the girl tribute from district 11, had died in Katniss’s arms. That night the Capital had made the decision that both tributes from the same district could win. There was only 6 tributes left. So, Katniss decided that the next morning she would go out and look for Peeta. She had been searching for him for hours, when she finally found him covered in mud and leaves. He had cataloged him self so that Cato could not find him. When Katniss got him out of the mud and cleaned him off she kissed him. She saw where Cato had cut Peeta and it was very bad. It had puss and was deeply infected. When Peeta was all cleaned up they found a cave that they would stay in until Peeta would be able to walk and was not sick. That night they Peeta got very sick and Katniss had no idea on how to help him. So she put him in the sleeping bag and slept with him in the sleeping bag.
  9. 9.  11.) That night, the Capital said that there would be a feast for the tributes, with bags that had what each tribute from each district needed. While Peeta slept Katniss went to the feast. She saw her bag and ran for it, when Cato came out and started to attack Katniss when the boy tribute from district 11 came out to save her. Katniss ran the other way while Cato ran after the boy from 11.When Katniss got back to the cave, Peeta ran out to help her, because Cato had thrown a knife that sliced Katniss’s forehead. Peeta put her to bed and she slept for 1 whole day. When she woke up, se found Peeta sitting at the opening of the cave behind the big rock. She got up and went to sit next to him. They sat there together, arms around each other, when Katniss asked Peeta when he started liking her. He said that when they were 5 and she had walked past Peeta and his father when his father said that he wanted Peeta to marry Katniss when they got older. That’s when Peeta started to notice and watch her. After telling her that they had a long kiss.  12.) After spending a week in the cave kissing and staying alive, they left because it was only them and Cato left. When they left they shared one more kiss, just in case one of them dies. They ran straight to the cornucopia where they began the games. They sat there waiting for Cato. The next thing they know Cato is running towards them.
  10. 10.  Cato runs right past Peeta and Katniss and straight to the cornucopia. Peeta and Katniss turned around and saw wolves running straight to them. Katniss and Peeta run to the cornucopia and start to climb just like Cato did and...  Will Peeta and Katniss win or will Cato destroy them?
  11. 11.  I completely recommend this book because to me it is a science fiction book, with war, and a little romance. The book is a little hard to get into at the begging but once you get to the reaping the book goes bye so quickly. My favorite part of the book is when Katniss finds Peeta in the mud, and when they are taking care of each other. My other favorite part is at the end when they pick up katniss and Peeta in the helicopter and Katniss starts freaking out because they took Peeta away from her. And then when they reunite at the interview for the winners. I think that if you do not read this book you are missing out of one of the best books in the world from my opinion. I don’t like to read and if this book or any kind of book can keep my attention, then the author knows what he or she is writing about and what he or she wants the story structure to be.
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