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Ashley A. Speech

  1. 1. Ashley AsbellAP LiteratureMs. Tillery19 April 2012 Senior Project Speech Now I am sure you have all seen pictures just like these on the news before and ifyou are like me, you cannot believe that something as simple as some wind and raincould create this much damage. In fact, damage such as this, produced from Hurricanessimilar to Katrina and Andrew, costs an average of over a billion dollars every year, andthat is just in the United States. Hurricanes are also experienced by other countriesaround the world, and while they may have different names, they all cause immensedamage and occasional loss. I am Ashley Asbell and for my Senior Project I created a video on Hurricanes. Asan aspiring Meteorologist, choosing a topic based on a weather phenomenon was aneffortless choice to make. After hearing about how one of my close family friends hadbeen through Hurricane Andrew, I decided to create a video about their experience. To begin, I sat down with my project facilitator and we worked what all would beinvolved in the video. We decided on going in the direction of an interview with somepictures tied in. The focus of the video would be to tell Betty and Rolando Nunez’s storyand inform people on what to do if they find themselves in a similar situation. Afterfiguring out the questions I was going to ask, I set up a time and date and filmed theNunezs. When I got to their house I was pleasantly surprised when I was presented with astack of newspapers from before, during, and after Andrew hit in 1992 that Rolando had
  2. 2. collected and saved. Once I had the footage I uploaded my footage into iMovie andedited it. This involved separating the audio from some of the clips, adding in outsidepictures, trimming clips, and putting music to the video. Once I had my finished movie, Ithen created another small video with clips from the final product as a sample for you tosee. To create both my final product and the sample that you just saw I had some helpfrom my Project Facilitator, Mrs. Ashley Estapa. Mrs. Estapa is the Broadcast and VideoProduction teacher here at Creekview and she not only helped me with the productionside of my project, but also the research side. While working on this project, I found outthat she comes from a family of Hurricane “junkies” and that on the day Katrina hit, herfamily was actually moving into their new home in Biloxi. I was able to obtain somehelpful information from her that helped guide me ultimately to the final product that Icreated. While I learned a lot from this project, it did not come without some problems.One of my biggest problems had to do with software. Upon uploading the interviewfootage into iMovie, I came across an error in that I could not see the video footage, Icould only hear it. To make matters worse I came to the realization that the Maccomputer I have only supports video formats prior to true HD quality. After spendingcountless hours updating the software, I finally had all of the software, with the rightfeatures, that I needed. Another problem that I faced was a miscommunication with myproject facilitator. With her ties to so much information on hurricanes, we had worked outthat one weekend while she was in Biloxi she was going to get some of the videos andpictures her family had from the many hurricanes they had faced. I was planning to use a
  3. 3. decent amount of that footage, but instead had to change the focus of the video when shewas not able to bring back anything. Looking back, this actually ended up working outfor the better because I was able to narrow the focus of my video and once I had the rightsoftware, creating it did not take too long. For my paper, I researched everything I could about Hurricanes. How they form,how they are named, what to do if you are caught in one, and so much more. Theinformation that I found really helped me understand the sheer power and impact that wasmade once I interviewed the Nunez family. The most interesting thing I learned from myresearch was how they are named. They started out as just numbers or only female namesbut, as with most things, the media changed it to the system we use now. This systemconsists of a rotation of six generated alphabetical lists. This makes it easier to report onin the case that we are faced with a very active year. Because of the senior project, I am now certain of that I want to pursue my goal ofstudying Hurricanes and other strong storms by obtaining a Meteorology degree from theUniversity of North Carolina at Charlotte this upcoming fall. The process took a lot oftime and effort but I feel that it was well worth it. While I have known about what I wantfor my future for some time now, I think for anyone that is not sure, this project is verybeneficial. I am sure you have all heard the saying, “if plan A does not work, there are 25other letters in the alphabet”. Well from this project, I learned exactly that. Always have abackup plan because most of the time it will not go as you have planned. Thank you for taking time out of your day to listen to my presentation. I hope thatyou have learned something about hurricanes today so that if you ever find yourself in asimilar situation to the Nunez family you will know what to do.