Ashley A. Letter to the Judges


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Ashley A. Letter to the Judges

  1. 1. 405 Long Branch WayCanton, GA 30115April 19, 2012Judges, Senior ProjectCreekview High School1550 Owens Store RoadCanton, GA 30115Dear Judges:My name is Ashley Asbell and I am a 17 year old born and raised in Georgia. Ever since I was little,I have always been fascinated by weather and I have even been personally affected by a fewweather related disasters. This fascination has helped me in the decision to attend the University ofNorth Carolina at Charlotte this upcoming fall and work towards a degree in Meteorology. Myinterest in weather also helped me decide on what to do for my Senior Project. With this, I decidedto focus on what I ultimately hope to study in the field, major storms, or in this scenario, hurricanes.For my product, I created a video about one of my family’s close friends, the Nunez’s, and theirexperience with Hurricane Andrew. The video tied in really well with my research paper onhurricanes. I learned everything that I could about them: how they form, how they are named, howto prepare for them, what to do after one has it and much more. Many of the obstacles I had to facedealt with the software I used. The first one I encountered was that iMovie would not show myvideo clips. I then switched to Movie Maker and realized that it does not have the ability to extractthe audio from the video. After all of this, I was finally able to find a software that worked andfinished my video.The topic of my research was of course hurricanes, and as I mentioned earlier I have a deepfascination for weather and plan on studying at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Mygoal is to receive a bachelor of science in Meteorology and one-day work with a company such asthe National Weather Service or the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Unlikemany Meteorology majors, I do not plan to be a weathergirl but rather someone that is behind thescenes, more of a researcher. It is a dream of mine to be out in the field with the actual weatherphenomenon. Through this project, I realized that I in fact love studying these forces of nature and Iwant to learn more.While the Senior Project did not affect me much in the way of my future career, I do think that it isa good idea for some students. I have known for years now what I wanted to do and this projectonly strengthened that notion. Finally, I want to thank you for coming out today, I hope you canlearn something new about hurricanes and see why they are such incredible forces of nature.Sincerely,Ashley Asbell