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Final presentation

  1. 1. FINAL PRESENTATION Educational Technology By: Ashley Allison
  2. 2. VOICETHREAD Voicethread is a program that can take a PowerPointpresentation, an image, a video, etc. and turn it into a presentation foryou using all the information that you select. This service also allowsthe audience to leave comments in five different ways, making itinteractive with the viewers. Voicethread can be turned into amovie, as well, that can be downloaded and played on an MP3/MP4player. This technology can also be shared on different websites veryeasily.
  3. 3. VOICETHREAD Acquiring this program is simple.You go to the website for thetechnology which is and registerfor the free service by filling in yourbasic information. This service is free.However, there is also upgrades that docost money that have more features.Although, you are not required to at any time. voice%2F
  4. 4. VOICETHREAD This can be very beneficial because I, as ateacher, can use it, as well as my students canuse it. After someone creates a Voicethread,it can be opened up so that the whole class orother classes can comment on thepresentation. This allows for students tohave to take up less class time, still allowingfor feedback on presentations. It also allowsthe teacher to review the presentation overand over again at home for grading purposes.
  5. 5. VOICETHREAD Blooms Taxonomy Cognitive • Analyzing • Voicethead allows students to “analyze” their work and put it in a cohesive order. • Evaluating • Voicethread allows students’ peers to evaluate their work and critique it. • Creating • Voicethread allows students to create their presentation using their knowledge base and their work that they have done and brings it together into one project.
  6. 6. PBL CHECKLISTS PBL Checklists are used by teachers to make a list of guidelinesfor class projects. Instead of coming up with guidelines by yourselfas a teacher and taking up a lot of your valued time, you can use thisfree technology to create a checklist for any school project in a few http://pblchecklist.4teac steps. This technology allows you to come up with guidelinesin a checklist form for a certain project. By answering a fewquestions using their online service, with the answers to thosequestions that were answered, the program generates a checklist thatcan be handed out to your class that is appropriate for the upcomingproject.
  7. 7. PBL CHECKLISTS “The use of these checklistskeeps students on track and allowsthem to take responsibility fortheir own learning through peer-and self-evaluation.”(
  8. 8. PBL CHECKLISTS Acquiring this technology is simple and free. All you have to do is go to thewebsite,, and select the age group andtype of class of children that you teach. After selecting the specifics, you will answer a few questions and choosedifferent categories that you wish to be included. Then, the website willautomatically generate a checklist for your specific project. You can also customizethe checklist with specific information that the website might not have included sothat it is personalized for your individual classroom.
  9. 9. PBL CHECKLISTS Blooms Taxonomy Cognitive • Evaluating • This checklist will allow students to evaluate their work according to what the teacher expects out of a certain project. • Create • This checklist will also allow students to create a project that is individualized for each student while still following the same set of guidelines that is given.