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  1. 1.  The biggest challenge that I faced during ENC 1102 was learning how to focus & organize my thoughts for my writing projects. I would like to share with you examples that helped me with this problem, and maybe they could be useful to you.
  2. 2. Opening & Closing  One of the most important factors contributing to focus & organization of your paper is to provide an effective opening & closing.
  3. 3. Opening  When constructing your opener, it needs to attract your audience. You must include a strong attention getter to get your audience to notice and become focused on what you’re writing. Once your audience becomes interested, they will pay attention to you and anticipate further information.
  4. 4. Closing  It is vital to complete a memorable close. This can be achieved by restating the main most important points of your paper. The closing paragraph should be shorter than the opening paragraph but more effective in summarizing the main points and general theme of the paper.
  5. 5. Transitions & Logical Sequences  The next most important aspect of your paper is to provide a transitional language & maintain ideas through a logical sequence.  Transitions- words & phrases that help explain relationships between sentences. The logic of the paragraph must already exist in order for transitions to be effective.
  6. 6. Appropriate Topic  Lastly, your topic or idea should be appropriate to your audience.  Supporting points, paragraphs, statistics, arguments, ect. Should all pertain to the general theme of your paper.  “Main ideas help readers remember important information.”  “Supporting arguments explain main ideas.”
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