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For Uncle Del & Auntie Carolyn; an update!

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Ashley in BC

  1. 1. Ashley in BC !! For Uncle Del & Auntie Carolyn, A few pictures of what I’m up to in BC! [ STEP TWO: INTERVIEWING THE APPLICANT ]
  2. 2. Ashley at Work! Right now, I’m just a supervisor at Starbucks while I go to school. Like I said, I was at Envision Financial but I had so much going on and so just being at Starbucks is actually working better for me!
  3. 3. Starbucks & Friends
  4. 4. Heather & Ashley : Best Friends!
  5. 5. At a Vancouver Giants game with the Giants General Manager and a friend’s dad, just last weekend! < At a friend’s grad in April with Gab; he’s in the next slide! ; ) After a friend’s Baby Dedication this year >>> Christmas Banquet In 2007
  6. 6. Gab : The Boyfriend Profile (This picture was taken at the youth campout this summer) The Short Story : I met Gab (short for Gabrielle; pronounced just like its spelt, rhymes with cab) when he Interned at our church (he goes to the bible college in Abbotsford). We became instant best friends and there were always rumors that we were dating (which we denied because we weren’t), eventually we realized that everyone was right, we were dating; if we weren’t together, we were calling or texting each other – so we decided to call it what it was and we’ve been dating (officially) since late October! Name: Gabrielle Torrealba Birth date: January 12, 1985 Home town: Ottawa, Ontario Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Religion (he doesn’t plan on being a pastor thought ) Where: Summit Pacific Bible College Graduation: April 2008 Job: Pizza Delivery Guy
  7. 7. Ashley the Youth Leader
  8. 8. We never really had a ministry for young adults. I’ve always wanted to head up one so in the summer I organized small events for all the young adults just to hang out. In September they asked me to carry on with something a little more serious and challenged me to take it deeper. And 3 RD Place was born!! I’ll get you the website once it’s up and running!
  9. 9. Ashley the Team Leader
  10. 10. The “Party Posse” : My Best Girlfriends!
  11. 11. More of Ashley and the Girls!
  12. 12. Ashley & Friends !!
  13. 14. And the most recent, my 20 th birthday dinner with a couple friends!
  14. 15. Hope you enjoyed my little picture biography!! Miss you!!! See you soon, I hope!! Lots of Love, - Ashley -