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  1. 1. Age Marital Status Gender Party
  2. 2. Ethnicity Religion
  3. 3. occupational backgrounds There are 538 members in congress.
  4. 4. Congress members from Texas. Kay Bailey Hutchison John Cornyn Elected in June 5, 1993 Elected in November 5, 2002 Served 6 terms Served 7 terms 3 years until she is up for re-election. 5 years until he is up for re-election Home state is Texas Home state is Texas Previous political work : Texas state treasurer & Texas House of Representatives. Previous political work : Texas Supreme Court & District Court Judge.
  5. 5. President of the Senate: Joseph R. Biden Delaware Elected in 1972 Served 18.5 terms Previous Political Work: Former chairman of the foreign relations committee. & served as senate judiciary committee.
  6. 6. President Pro Tempore Robert C. Byrd West Virginia Served 3 terms Previous Political Work: Member of the West Virginia delegates from 1947-1950, member of West Virginia senate 1951-1952 Elected in 1989-1995
  7. 7. Majority Leader Harry Reid Nevada Served 4 terms Elected in 2005 Previous Political Work: Nevada state assembly, lieutenant governor, chairman of the Nevada gaming commission.
  8. 8. Assistant Majority Leader Richard Durbin Served 4 terms Previous Political Work: School of foreign service. Elected in 1996
  9. 9. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell Kentucky Elected in 1984 Previous Political Work: student bar association, chief legislative assistant, judge executive of Jefferson county Served 12.5 terms
  10. 10. Minority Assistant Leader Jon Kyl Arizona Served 7.5 terms Elected in 1994 Previous Political Work: policy committee chariman, conference chairman, senate minority whip,