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February 12th Slideshow


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February 12th Slideshow

  1. 1. Today: Stress Words Punctuation Vowel Revision
  2. 2. Word Stress:  The manner in which stresses are distributed on the syllables of a word  Emphasis on a syllable of a word in result of a special effort of utterance (the way it is said)  Also known as word accentation
  3. 3. How to determine the stressed syllable  The majority of the time the long vowel sound is the stressed word  In words that have suffixes or prefixes, the stress is usually on the first syllable or word root  Ex. Childish= Child-ish  Two vowels together in the end of a word often indicates that the stress is on that vowel syllable  Ex. Complain= Com-plain  In words of more than three syllables, the first or second is always stressed  Ex. Determine= De-ter-min
  4. 4. What kinds of punctuation are there:  ?  .  ,  !  These are your four basic and common punctuation symbols  There are more however we will cover them another day
  5. 5. When and where to use them:  ? = question mark  A question mark is placed at the end of a sentance to state that the sentance is a question  ! = exclamation point  An exclamation point is used at the end of a sentance to state and exciting, thrilling, or dramatic part of a story  . = period  A period is used to mark the end of a sentance  , = comma  A comma is used in the middle of a sentance to give the reader a pause in the sentance. It is often used for dramatic effect
  6. 6. Vowel Revision  What are our vowels?  AEIOU  And sometimes……..  Y  Why are they in that specific order  They are alphabetically ordered  What are our vowels?