Internet marketing strategies


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Internet marketing strategies

  1. 1. Internet Marketing Strategies SEO & SMO Presented By Kode Kraftz Solutions Private Limited
  2. 2. SEO a common understandingThere are many that will have you believe that search engine optimization is a complicated science, which certainly can be or may be at its highest level of Relating every thing.However, that is true with just about any endeavour. Just because you are not a culinary genius doesn’t mean you cannot cook a satisfying meal – and you do so because you have to eat.So to eat, it’s relations comes with things needed and about how, when and where.
  3. 3. SEARCH ENGINES THINK LIKE REGULAR PEOPLEAs search capabilities improve, SEO will more accurately reflect the nuances of human behaviour that pertain to search.In the meantime, SEO is really a pretty simple game that you can excel at if you learn to think like regular people – the common man.
  4. 4. We have reasons for it…!  Most people respond best to simple language. They are engaged by clear headlines, descriptive subheadings, and phrases that are highlighted in bold.  People also respond favourably to images and videos that communicate a message within seconds. If you think about it, people have been conditioned to respond to specific types of information since childhood.
  5. 5. How SEO Works ?
  6. 6. How SEO Works ?The optimization plan starts withsuggestions for optimizing the overallarchitecture of the site & then drills downto on-page optimization techniques withdiscussions on their respectiveadvantages.After the initial optimization of the site,for the list of chosen variables, thechallenge remains to analyze the traffic,user feed back, SE positions, to fine tunethat optimization. Continuousincremental optimization or fine tuning ofthe web site depending on the feedback,is the way forward for SE optimization
  7. 7. The Optimization Story BoardThe plan to optimize the websites is based on themes. All the sites will be optimized for one main theme.This main theme will have sub themes beneath it.Advantage of the canonical vortal implementation strategy is the optimization of the Page Rank flow within the website.The theme & the sub themes of the web sites will be implemented & reinforced using the two most important optimization techniques discussed.
  8. 8. Search Engine Optimization ProcessAs per the story board, we will carry out the optimization for high natural Search Engine Ranking isdependent on two main factors: On Page Factors Off Page Factors 1. Website Analysis 1. Directory Submission ( 100/Month ) 2. Competition Analysis 2. Directory Submission Validation 3. Density Analysis and Placement 3. Article Creation ( 2 month ) 4. Keyword Difficulty 4. Article Submission ( 2 Article Month ) 5. Initial Ranking Check 5. Press Release Creation( 2 PR Month ) 6. Spell Check 6. Press Release Submission ( 100 Month ) 7. Site Structure Analysis 7. Classified Posting ( 25 Post/ Month ) 8. Content elopement Check 8. Linked in networking ( 10 Post/Month) 9. Brief Keyword Competition Review 9. FB Postings ( 10 Post/ Month ) 10. Keyword Research 10. Twitter Optimization ( 10 Post/ Month ) 11. Keyword Finalization 11. Competition Analysis 12. Tags 12. Traffic Analysis 13. Title Tags 13. Monthly Activity Reports 14. H1 Tags 14. Ranking and Traffic Check 15. Alt Tags 15. webmaster guidance 16. Anchor Text 16. Social media activities and sync 17. Existing Web Content Optimization 17. Video Marketing ( 10/ Month ) 18. Comment Tag Optimization 19. HTML Validation 20. Creation of XML Sitemap 21. Submission of XML Sitemap
  9. 9. The following table illustrates the main SearchEngine Factors:A website analysis, to evaluate the site content, layout, linking structure and to begin keyword selection and research – Finalization of keywords with your approvalA competitive research stage, to evaluate what competitive sites enjoy high rankings on the top three search engines, google, bing, yahoo and to focus on 3-5 of those top competitors.A benchmark positioning report that demonstrates current position and how many pages are listed in each search engine. And next month plans
  10. 10. Inbound link assessment that counts up the total sites that can be tracked back to the site.Link assessment that counts up the average and weighted inbound links to competitive websites.Evaluation of Target audience
  11. 11. “Key” Words TargetedIn the section below, we will reveal how the websites can achievehigh search engine rankings with the right balance of On Pageand Off Page Optimization Activities. Monthly Searches of Core Local Monthly SearchesKeyword Competition competitors Combined (Stemcyteindia)cord blood banking 0.23 405600 3600cord blood banking cost 0.38 29000 210cord blood banking in india 0.46 10100 880cord blood banking india 0.46 13200 880cord blood stem cell banking 0.59 350 91Cord banks 0.36 33100 2900Stem Cells Banking India 0.37 2900 170Umbilical cord Banking 0.25 1300 73Stem Cell s bank 0.3 590 46cord blood banks in india 0.46 880 720cord blood banking cost in india 0.41 110 91
  12. 12. Content DevelopmentOn Page Optimization gapsMeta Tags & Keyword Analysis•All Meta Tags (Title, Description, Keywords) need to beoptimized for specific sections of the web site with uniqueand customized Meta Tags for each section. IMAGES with no relevance to tags , key words or titles
  13. 13. Web Market Presence 12% 8% 29% StemCyte Relicord51% Cryobank others
  14. 14. Off Page Optimization GapsArticle Developmentand Submissions• We will providesubmissions of Articles toa network of sites that wehave establishedrelationships with,ensuring all articles will bepublished, which will inturn drive keywordrankings and traffic.
  15. 15. Specialized SEO Services• Create Dynamic XML Site Map Page - based on Google’s specifications.• Link Strategy is included with an objective of new links developed for the web site• Analyze rankings, with re-optimization and re-submission as needed on an ongoing basis.• Provide monthly report showing web site rankings after completion of initial 30 days.• Submitting Press Release to increase traffic and creating awareness.
  16. 16. Social Media Optimization ( SMO )1. Blogging2. Twitter Management3. Facebook Management4. Bookmarking5. Video Marketing6. Document Marketing7. Online PR8. Tracking Social Media9. Google Pages
  17. 17. Thanks for your Valuable Time !